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Vasani is a short blue Twi'lek. She has a round face with freckled cheeks, plump lips, and bright blue eyes with dark make up around them. The tops of her lekku are tattooed with spots, almost like they are freckled also. Her body is small but with healthy curves. She wears a headwrap covering her cone-ears and tight but comfortable clothing consisting of a dark cropped shirt with short sleeves, pants, and a belt with many pockets and a holster. Around her neck she has a black choker and a necklace with a large tooth of some creature on it. For those who might recognize it, the tooth seems to have some kind of Mandalorian symbols carved into it. She has on fingerless gloves and knee height boots. Vasani generally has a very cheerful and peppy personality and is happy to liven up any conversation.




Darius Wildes - Partner
The most important thing in Vasani's life is her relationship with Darius and her freedom. Although they always seem to be working, they have a happy life together and Vasani would much rather spend the rest of her days traveling around with him than settled down in a house somewhere. Darius and Vasani are now engaged and have recently acquired a much larger ship that Vasani sees as their home for life.

Slasst - Pet
Vasani found a lizard mixed in with an order of cooking ingredients and decided to keep it as her pet. The lizard seems to be growing at an almost alarmingly fast rate. Thanks to some help from Rheisa, Slasst has now been identified as an adolescent Varactyl. Slasst's size is currently comparable to that of a small bear (just like, longer and shorter).

Trillian Taim - A PURE ANGEL THAT MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS! Trillian is Vasani's best friend and fiance and she would bring Trillian around everywhere with her if she could. The dynamic between the two of them is almost impressive to watch at times as Trillian is so quiet and stuttery and Vasani is so loud and outgoing. Somehow this does not effect their relationship badly at all and Vasani can still perfectly understand what Trillian is trying to say through her nerves.

Hex - Twi’lek buddies! Vasani really trusts Hex. She would both look to him for guidance and for laughs. It is mainly because of Hex that Vasani was inspired to go back to Ryloth and rediscover her family. She really likes talking to him about Twi'lek things that they both can relate to. Talking with Hex, Vasani has become even more inspired to help with Defiance's cause and wants even more to fight against slavery than she already did.

Kasia Ashkuri - The mom friend, Vasani looks up to her. Vasani sees Kasia as a very admirable and level-headed person. She likes when Kasia shows her around and enjoys spending time with her. Vasani will probably keep thanking Kasia forever after she worked herself up about asking to join Defiance. Kasia is a huge comfort to Vasani in stressful situations and she is always so thankful to have her around.

Qadira Suuryet - Girl talk buddies!

Sajin - Story buddies! Sajin sometimes seems to be missing something... maybe he's just a little stupid. No problem to Vasani though! She's confused about what is going on between Sajin and Siha though.


Rheisa Dirleel - Sooooo Vasani MAY have accidentally broke into a hospital to get her lizard identified by Rheisa. It's okay though because she made her soup to get better as thanks! She wants to eat food made by Rheisa sometime.

Zhu Yan - Yan has been there with Vasani through some tough times dealing with her family, though she was a bit suspicious at how into her sister Yan was... Also YAN LOST HIS ARM WHILE HELPING VASANI AND SHE WILL NEVER BE OVER IT!??!?

Thea Valenti - Thea was an old friend of Vasani's that she met back on her time being a dancer on Rishi. The two worked well together as Vasani would seduce men to rob them and Thea would just straight up threaten them. Over time the two of them went their separate ways. More recently, Vasani and Darius had found a bounty out for Thea. The two of them ended up paying the bounty off and took Thea into their own crew where they are helping her figure things out.


Vasani is able to be serious when it is needed, but for the most part she is pretty loud and rough around the edges. She has a contagious laugh and is one to chew loudly or joke around when she is comfortable and with friends. Seeing Vasani at work on a mission and at "home" is almost like seeing two different people sometimes.

Vasani values individuality, in herself and others. As much as she likes meeting people with different traits though she is still able to use it to her advantage in some ways by really understanding people’s personalities, flaws, and interests. She shows the value through herself by adopting a different sort of personality when she is working and letting loose with her real self when she isn't.


Vasani was born on the planet Ryloth into a Sesk’osima (artist caste) family. As a child she loved spending time with her mother, learning to dance and cook from her. They were not very well off, but as a kid she was pretty happy.

Vasani never had a bad relationship with her family, however because of their status it was expected that she would eventually be sold into slavery. She always loved watching the ships come and go from Ryloth, but dreaded what she knew was happening on most of them. In order to escape her inevitable fate, around the age of ten Vasani found her way onto a ship as a stowaway and left the planet before she could be sold.

Although she was free, life wasn’t easy. Vasani came to age on the streets where crime was prevalent, hiding away and traveling between planets of the outer rim. She learned to trick things into being in her favor. When she got a little older she learned to use stereotypes about Twi'leks to her advantage. Who would expect the sexy dancer to be paying attention to their conversations?

Vasani spent the majority of her time as a dancer and thief on the planet Rishi. While on Rishi, she became close to the workers in one specific club where worked, forming some close bonds with all of them. She also met Thea Valenti during this time and the two became good friends.

While on a mission, Vasani met her now partner Darius Wildes. She was trying to trick a gang and protect a group of people who they had been targeting. As skilled as Vasani is, this particular mission didn't seem to be turning out in her favor. Just when it looked like things would get bad, Darius showed up with a smuggled shipment of weapons. The targeted group, Vasani, and Darius all teamed up to take down the gang. Vasani and Darius fought well together and both felt a bond starting. After everything was over, Darius asked her to join him on his ship and the two left and have been together ever since.


"You can do more than cook and leave behind really uncomfortable souvenirs? Huh!" -Zhu Yan

-(OOC)- Vasani about to be hit by crashing speeders and pod racers: "Great googly moogly"


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