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Vega Celchu

Title: Padawan
Race: Echani
Sex: Female
Occupation: Jedi Gremlin
Profession: Mechanic
Homeworld: Eshan
Organization: Jedi Order
Ship: Charybdis



VegaSaber.jpg VegaNew2.jpg Veganew1.jpg SPRT.jpg


RP Hooks
  • Echani - She is also one!
  • Jedi - Vega's been a member of the Jedi Order since she was 15. So over ten years now.
  • Skywalker Academy - She trained here for many years.
  • Devaron Academy - She moved there post Arisnar.
  • Master Mechanic - Do you have a mechanical issue? She can fix it.
  • Saber Crafting - Vega is very adept when it comes to lightsaber crafting.

Vega Kae grew up on Eshan in the shadow of her twin brother, Saga Kae. Saga was healthy and had a lot going for him. His sister however did not start life off some grandly. Spending most of her early childhood on deaths door. The found out a way to heal her though and that went on to bring her some modicum of joy in her life. She exceled in school where she mainly took to conversing with the robots and other mechanical things. Her father figured out early on in life that Saga would be the outgoing one and Vega was going to be the one that stayed to the shadows and tinkered with things. By fourteen she was exhibiting signs of an aptitude with mechanical wiring and working on her fathers freighters and an old star fighter that they had around. She loved that thing. Often dreaming of one day becoming a pilot, but, when you were THIS short your pilot dreams were sorely unreachable (mainly because you can't get that high).

When she was fifteen something else started to come through, even though she was born Force Sensitive she didn't know it. Her finding out all happened in a freak sort of accident as well. One that ended in her brother being injured and her mother blamed her for it. Even if she saved him from death. When she was 16 she left home in search of answers...and a teacher of sorts.

Vega Kae is not a recent addition to the Jedi Order, but she's not a stand out student either. She was training at the Skywalker Academy on Arisnar before she joined Rey and the others at the training facility on Devaron. She does what she needs to do and does her best to keep the ships and other electronics of the Jedi functioning and in shape. She's fairly easy going and doesn't mind talking to people, but she's more prone to talking to a damaged ship or droid sometimes.

  • Saga Kae - Twin. Polar opposite. Heir to our House.
  • Ejnar Celchu - Husband. Sometimes things work in the most mysterious ways.
  • Jax Greystorm - I'm his wing man...woman...gremlin?
  • Rey Skywalker - Our Paragon.
  • Yuun - One of our Knights that tries to help out.
  • Nora Frayus - An Initiate that has lost a lot.

10 Years - Luna

AFI - Girl's Not Grey