Vhe Tenara

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A New Path


Vhe has seen worlds and moons beyond measure. She can be sarcastic and joyful but at her core she loves to live life. She reaches for more than she can handle and at times when she falls and fails her frustration can slip through but beneath it all is a focused determination.


Tall, lithe and fluid of limb, the wild appearance of the woman is oft times softened by a ready fool smile and mischievous gaze. Skin tends to a tanned hue and strong features are set off by deep anger colored eyes. A stark brow contrasts full lips and small chin surrounded by a leonine mane of dark russet brown hair that falls in thick curls to the mid of her back. Her narrow nose is set to either side by high cheekbones and her countenance is set upon a long neck.

A strength of form is hidden beneath a patchwork jacket that reaches just past her hips. A simple off white shirt beneath and dark brown fitted hide pants. Worn boots finish off the look and stop high near her knee.

Known Souls

Name Opinions
Grom "He's got a squire. That said squire is my brother. He could not be safer than with King Grom."
Elrych Cometburn "The world doesn't tilt so quickly out of control with you to help me."
Rey Skywalker "Its a little tough to follow you. It feels like the path opens up where you step and I feel the ground giving way when I try to follow. But I won't give up."
Aryn Cole "So earnest and sweet, her focus on the knowledge we all seek. Its in the heart of her. But she is hardly delicate."