Vhe Tenara

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Vhe Tenara

Title: Initiate
Race: Ysanna
Sex: Female
Occupation: Student
Profession: Jedi
Homeworld: Ossus
Organization: Jedi


A New Path

Now among the Jedi, Vhe has known the Force for the entirety of her life, in small ways, in illusions and visions. Things that come and go with no full breadth of understanding until the moment her life changed forever.

Now she trains and works with those like her, those who can feel the Force and call upon it as an ally. Who see it as a way of life and a part of all that surrounds them.

Its definitely a new path to traverse and not always the most safe one to choose.


Vhe has seen worlds and moons beyond measure, creating a wanderlust within her that never quite leaves her. She is a free spirit that laughs easily and opens her home to many, making her a warm soul. The idealism with which she lives by has been dented and broken a few times over but it still manages to remain intact with the renewal of hope. An adventurer at heart, she does not shy away from the dark places or the unknown, seeking it instead of turning away.


Tall, lithe and fluid of limb, the wild appearance of the woman is oft times softened by a bright smile and mischievous gaze. Skin tends to a tanned hue and strong features are set off by deep amber colored eyes. A stark brow contrasts full lips and small chin which is surrounded by a leonine mane of auburn brown hair that falls in thick waves to the mid of her back. Her narrow nose is set to either side by high cheekbones and her countenance rests upon a long neck. Her form as a whole is ready and nimble, quick and lean as if meant to move like the wind and bend to it as well. Her attention when given is clear and focused with an edge of keen knowledge gleaned from somewhere else.

Several feathers are threaded in behind her left ear. A beautiful cerulean blue speckled in an offset teal color. A golden russet colored feather and finally a white one that is banded and woven into place beside a few beats. Yet another, slender and dove grey to contrast the brighter colors. Throughout the twists of hair are beads and bronze bands of metal that give life and sound to its movement. At her side rests a bronze etched and hammered cylindrical item with leather banding and a large beast tooth hung from its end by braided cord. It sways and moves with the woman it is attached to.

Known Souls

Name Thoughts
Self Contemplation It's for this you were born

Hold your breath, don't let go, I feel it coming

Zelo Parrai You say I'm your hero, but you are the one that saved me
Aryn Cole It's only up we go, up we go
Yuun Just give me trust and watch what'll happen
Kasia Ashkuri
Qutha Buvu Pah
Zandra naMuriel
Jax Greystorm Cold in the violence after the war, Hope is a fire to keep us warm
Nerys Greystorm
Rey Were we chosen to be the new beginning...