Violet Spectra

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Violet Spectra

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Profession: Private Investigator
Homeworld: Kuat



To sum up Violet, daughter of Kuati aristocracy and KDY sales reps. former rich girl, ended up alone and poor in the lower levels of Coruscant. Parlayed what would have been training for a corporate sales negotiator's career into training to become an investigator of questionable competance.

After finding her folks, she's now currently on Nar Shadaa as long as it takes to make enough money to get back to Corsuscant or at least see if she even wants to return home and not just start anew.


Violet Shesh by birth, was one of the many distant relatives floating around the Kuati aristocracy. Her parents had originally been sales reps for Kuat Drive Yards selling ships and fleets of them to corporations. Well off enough that the high life on Coruscant was the norm, Violet wanted for nothing except maybe to not get stuck with family expectations.

Being raised to follow her family into the same life, Violet railed against the eductation of a lady with a tomboyish streak. While she was learning how to become a negotiator and business woman with a few extra skills to give a her an edge, such as how to charm her opponents with the right words or tone or how to even move her body, Violet snuck in plenty of athletics via Grav-Ball and a knack for Shock Boxing to make up for the lessons in how to bat her eyes at someone she spent more time rolling said eyes during.

It took her parents being taken and sold into slavery on Nar Shadaa after one less than scrupulous deal in their favor too many came back to bite them. Violet had snuck out to play Grav-Ball when it happened and when she got back and wasn't even allowed to the apartment complex that she found out she was on her own, not even knowing what happened beyond it was violent and left a few bodies between family security and her parents assailents. Wanting to know what happened she made nice with local law enforcement and use some of those people skills to use to get training on how to find people.

Taking the last name Spectra to better lay low, she learned the ins and outs of being an investigator. Even trained as a Shock Boxer she wasn't the greatest fighter but she could disentangle herself out of a fight and run away.

Eventually she started taking smaller jobs eking her living out in the undercity of Coruscant. Insisting she was not a bounty hunter. Not too much money since she was taking smaller jobs but enough she could at least eat and maybe maintain some of her gear.

At least finally after years of tracking she was able to find that her parents. On Nar Shadaa, they'd both been living the better part of a decade as enslaved house servants. Treated well enough but far from the lap of luxury, they seemed content. Violet at least let them know she was okay if not without making direct contact. Safer lest it gets them all in deep poodoo.

Of course for now it means Violet is stuck on Nar Shadaa there's always an undercity.

At length but not lengthy.


  • Investigator: She finds things, it's how she makes her money. This is not bounty hunting. Though there is some overlap with that trade.
  • Former rich kid: Comes with being disgraced Kuati aristocracy. She never could shake the upper class accent. As much a source if frustration as it has it is usefull some times. She adjusted to being perennially broke.
  • Former Athlete: Was competitiive in amature grav-ball and shockboxing in her teens. Still trains where she can but misses her gear.


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