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Vivi Casseren

Title: Baroness
Race: Pantoran
Sex: Female
Occupation: Rocketeer
Profession: Explorer
Homeworld: Pantora
Organization: Array Consortium
Ship: Vaxis


Baroness Vivi Casseren was born on Pantora to Baron Ruma Casseren and Baroness Mila Casseren. Her parents left her to have a pretty normal childhood. One that was filled with exploring the Marshes of Pantora and learning eventually to take over for her families rule. She was loved by her parents and didn't want for anything. That changed when she was sixteen and her parents were murdered. She doesn't know who murdered them, but she has a good idea. Vivi was taken to Nar Shaddaa and kept safe until it was her time to return to Pantora. That was until she started to go on trips on her own. She ran into a few rough patches that generally ended in blaster fire. Resulting in the nickname the Bloody Baroness.

Current Situation

Vivi is currently returning back to Nar Shaddaa from Pantora. She's been gone for a few months due to having to deal with things back home. Paperwork, decrees, all that fancy junk. She's not really going to talk about it. She's happy to be back on the Smuggler's Moon and to see what she can help out with and what she can get into.


On the surface, the pink haired Pantoran appears to be a very calm creature. Her skin is a light blue that has a few nicks and scrapes from her exploring, but nothing that is outright an eyesore. Her golden eyes generally hold a wary cast to them. Other times there is a rare warmth to them. There are gold symbols on each of her cheeks denoting her status. Her lithe frame, suggesting the toned and graceful physique of a runner or swimmer, is clad in well-worn traveling pants that are a drab olive.. A threadbare shirt the color of charcoal is underneath an olive vest. Well broken in boots are on her feet.


Adhar Gann - Captain Gann. He's young, but he's got a very good record.
Samaya - A Togorian. She'll be good to work with.