Void Blur

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The Void Blur is a Mon Calamari Shipyards produced Clearwater-class Transport.

Owned by Khalim Nim, the Void Blur is the latest name under which this storied vessel has operated. She's seen a lot, having been owned by a menagerie of interesting personalities, from the underworld to Concorde Dawn.



  • <Classified>

Modifications and Upgrades

  • 1x Hyperdrive
  • T3 Sublight Drive (110/70 MGLT)
  • 25 Ton Cargo Pod (200 Ton Cargo Mission Access)
  • T1 Navigation Computer Upgrade
  • A Space Dojo. Yup.


  • Turret: (3) x Dual Laser Cannons
  • Turret: (1) x Ion Cannon