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Ship Capsule

Voidhome is a Mon Calamari Simiyar-class light freighter, fresh from the Calamari yards. It is a new ship, fresh from the yards around Dac, and thus completely stock from stem to stern. Its internals are nonetheless possessed of the common features of the independent Mon Calamari design teams: comfortable, heavily protected, and unique from all other ships of its series. Though new, Voidhome is already seeing regular use at the hands of its captain, Adhar Gann.

Crew Roster

  • Adhar Gann: Captain of the ship. Ambitious, freedom-loving smuggler and occasionally legitimate trader. Known for his hatred of the slave trade.
  • R5-DT, (AKA 'DeeTee') R5 Astromech Droid. Irritable and capricious R5 droid. Said to be rather old and left without memory wipes for decades.
  • Mara Jade: Second mate. No stranger to criminal trade, a smuggler and general mystery woman.
  • Sion: General Spacer. Former swoop racer with a new career in space.
  • Si Olorar: General Spacer. Young smuggler from Ryloth seeking a crew and opportunities.
  • Xuut: General Spacer. Homeless Chiss youth brought on to be educated as a spacehand and - likely - smuggler.
  • Meep: Acquisitions/DAHIGI. Friendly Teek 'scavenger' responsible for gathering useful scrap and mascot duty.
  • Draxth: Engineer. Sluissi engineer, wild about ships and slightly rotten eggs. A good fellow and valuable technician.
  • R2-WZ (AKA 'The Wiz'): R2 Astromech Droid. New from the factory, sweet and eager. R5 will likely corrupt him.

Ship Sightings

Currently, Voidhome has been seen operating between Nar Shaddaa and Taanab, along a segment of the Perlemian Trade Route, and inside the territory of the Corporate Sector Authority around Bonadan. Its status is currently legally owned and licensed, and clear of any New Republic warrants.