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Voidwing is a Helix-class light interceptor, an armed freighter registered to the Array Consortium original built by Araykd Industries after the fall of the Galactic Empire. It replaced the Star Wing gunship Blackguard as Captain Adhar Gann's personal vessel. The ship is painted a rich blue color with gold edging and other ornamentation. The insignia of the Array Consortium is emblazoned upon the wings.

Voidwing was once the private ship of Asath Beelang, Imperial noble of Chandrila. Painstakingly decorated and carefully modified, the ship was then named Thorn, and served as Beelang's private transport during the Civil War. While the stock Helix was a bit more industrial inside, Beelang had the Arakyd shipwrights rework Thorn's interior with all luxury materials, transforming it into more of a heavily armed luxury transport than the freighter that Arakyd claimed it to be. Well-appointed with wood panels, heavily padded furniture, luxfoam bunks, and other top-class accommodations, the ship also had life support extended into the cargo bay, which could double as additional living space - Beelang's private bedroom - when cargo was not to be hauled. Though its name has been changed, Voidwing's purpose and decor has not; Adhar Gann uses it as his personal transport as well as a multi-role craft capable of exploration and heavy support in combat as well as touring and travel.


As a Model B Helix-series, the Voidhawk retains its standard Incom Class 1 GBp-629 hyperdrive, along with the LBE flight control computer, 4 H-L Block ion drives, a Class 12 backup hyperdrive, 80 fuel cells, and an atmospheric capability of 750 kilometers per hour.


The craft boasted the original pair of fire-linked Plasburst laser cannons in belly turrets, 2 forward fire-linked ion cannons, and 1 forward dorsal proton torpedo launcher upgraded to carry Type 9-rated torpedoes.


  • Adhar Gann - Captain and leader of the Array Consortium