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Ubese. Smuggler. Slicer. Hutt Cartel Acquisitions Specialist, or Logistics from a certain point of view.


A tall figure encased in distinctive Ubese armor, mostly due to the amount of customization and thought gone into this particular set of armor. The most unique feature first is the helmet, its shape similar to that of an Arcona's head. Triangular with two wide tinted eye shields equipped enhanced vision system. Also prominent is the maw-like air filter of the Ubese, and speech-scrambler vocoder. There are many armored studs along the base, along with micro-transmitter arrays.

Like all Ubese armors, the body of the armor appears more like a survival garment than functional body armor. Yet there is clearly layers of impact armor, and leather common to the Ubese. The primary difference is presence of hard shell armor, including a gorget and duraplast plating. Segmented durasteel plates cover the limbs, all studded with dulled Bronzium and Manganese brass. Attached to the hardshell of both wrists are modified PAC-20's. Thick traditional Ubese boots cover the feet.

Across all of this is a durable Ogydian cloak of Ubese origin often left open until it is needed otherwise. Along the left thigh, a gunslingers drop holster. Across his chest is a pilot's survival quick-draw rig canted a 45 degree angle to his right.

Species: Ubese Gender: Male Age: 31
Height: 7'0" Weight: 229.9lbs Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Nonexistent Skin Color: Tanned Handedness: Ambidextrous


Life for a Hutt Lord is not without challenges. However, not all challenges are unpleasant. Borgol this far has made good use mixing up which particular skills are required for a job. Smuggling runs makes for new destinations all over the galaxy. Enabling Vorcassh to gain new information everywhere he goes. Not to mention useful credits. Equally so is being utilized for his slicing skills and abilities. From gaining armor manifests, to a war of attrition through annoying rival Hutts.

RP Hooks

Ubese: Not many of them around in the galaxy.

Smuggler: The credits must flow.

Slicer: Information is critical.


OOC/IC Amusements

Long distance to Borgol the Hutt: Vorcassh walks about holding his arms out like he's huge and fat. "Look at me, I'm a Hutt, I think I run the galaxy. Ho Ho Hurr Durr Ho."
From afar, Borgol the Hutt (B) rofls. Okay, that got me.
From afar, Borgol the Hutt (B) rancor pits.