WED Treadwell Repair Droid

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WED Treadwell repair droids were class 2 repair droids manufactured by Cybot Galactica that came in a range of models with slightly different tools depending on what they were intended to repair - ships, machinery, and other droids. However, their relatively fragile manipulators and motive systems required frequent maintenance, or they risked being bogged down or talled. Despite this, they were dutiful workers, and tended to keep working at optimal capacity until they were completely disabled or destroyed, even in hostile environments.


WED Treadwells stood at around a meter tall. While their model and tools varied, they all had a flat, wide treaded base and a spindly, central telescopic stalk, upon which was mounted binocular visual sensors capable of zooming in close enough to spot microfractures in need of repair. Around this central stalk was a cluster of arms tipped with various tools, which could be purchased separately, as could their specific programming for different types of repair work. All Treadwells were effective repair droids with even their standard programming, however.