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Amaza Wahl

Title: Officer
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Security Officer
Profession: Law Officer
Homeworld: Coruscant
Organization: Civilians
Ship: Silver Star - Owner

Amaza Wahl was a corrupt Coruscanti law enforcement officer who took a plunge into the outer-rim. She has become a seasoned security officer employed by NSec on the smuggler's moon and unlike many of her colleagues, she's survived walking the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

Life Of A Crooked Official

Nar Shaddaa's wild west environment proved to be an excellent breeding ground for folk in Wahl's profession. The lack of regulation has resulted in massive security corporations dominating the planet as the sole form of law enforcement. Although these corporations provide bare protection to those who they are 'contracted' by, these business are no better than the gangs they keep out. It's a credit generating nightmare. Corporations like CorSec and NSec give their employees free reign to complete their work. They just want their bottom line to be met. The issue is that these collection schemes often conflict with each other, which can result in territorial wars with smuggling organizations, pirate gangs, and other corporations.

  "I'm not sure if NSec is protecting us from criminals, or surrounding us with them."
      - Nar Shaddaa Citizen (See NSec)

With all that in mind, Wahl has only survived as a seasoned security officer because she is an opportunist. At first, it was primarily luck not being scheduled to work on some of the harsher levels of the moon, but as she stayed with the company for a couple of years, she began to reap the liberty of seniority based assignments. Since then, she's been primarily picking to work in the trade regions. Starport and trade areas tend to be the safest areas to work because they exist deep within patrolled territory and even the most competitive organizations realize that damaging the peace in these havens results in losses down the road.

Wahl occassionally uses these heavily transited areas to abuse the 'status' of her employment. Alongside working collections for her firm, she takes bribes, plunders valuables, harasses travelers, and pressures vendors. She'll often be found complaining about the weather, how the corporation no longer pays for her equipment, and how she suffers from consistent body pain. But...but...maybe she is just misunderstood? She's clearly not entirely evil because she has yet to actually kill anyone, has previously given food to the hungry, has donated the parka off her back to the injured, and has helped the unemployed find work.

Private Life

Outside of working as a security officer in a dangerous place, Wahl is a heavy drinker and gambler. She's always looking for a new fix to toss some credits at, just for the sport of it. Regardless how she acts with her day job, she has used her line of hobby to create a few working friendships...well as far as friends go for you on the smuggler's moon. Her purchase of the Silver Star can be used as an example of her spending habits. Even though she has fairly dominant fear of space travel, she bought the ship with the ambition of turning a profit by acting as its owner and hiring out aspiring ship captains.

Whether it be the vast amount of people she works with each day or the alcohol drilling holes in her brain, she has been known to consistently forget interactions with even some rather important figures. She often errors on the side of caution with new people, intentionally avoiding introductions and evading personal questions. Those that know the woman a bit better are well aware that she tries her best to avoid lingering in areas dominated by other security corporations. She has had a couple of incidents where she has been harassed by officers of other employers. It's part of the territory war at the corporate level, but it extends as a barrier to her private interactions.