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History and Background

What started out as a smuggler with a ship in need of a co-pilot and gunner, the Waywards quickly grew, both in numbers and influence. Based out of [Nar Shaddaa]'s Parmac's Spaceport, they are a loosely organized group of traders, smugglers, mercenaries, and engineers with the goal of keeping each other safe in a galaxy full of peril, and make a few credits along the way.

The guild has delved into exploration and excavation of sites of antiquity, thwarting the First Order and Kylo Ren, protecting residents of Nar Shaddaa, and in busting up slaver gangs when they can. Their flagship is the Lost Soul, a heavily modified Carrack-Class Light Cruiser and the guild owns a handful of smaller vessels and fighters, and many members have their own vessels or have had one purchased for them by the guild.

The Crew

What We've Been Involved In

Typical Wayward Armor/Attire

Wayward armor.jpg

The guild gives each member who desires a set of light armor. Each set starts identical, though is easily customized to fit each individual's style. The armor is a combination of spacers leather and nanomesh fiber blast plating to cover vital areas. Only the finest of materials are used in the armor's construction.

Waywards Heavy Scout Armor


The guild gives more combat oriented members a set of heavy scout armor for use in the field. This set of heavy armor consists of durasteel-alloy chest plating, shoulder guards, gauntlets, knee and elbow coverings as well as coverings for the forearms, upper arms, upper thighs and the shins. It also includes a full sized helmet with holo-imaging viewplate and a poison filtration system. Also included in the set is a fiber jumpsuit and fiber 'cloak' that help mitigate some forms of damage such as radiation and and other harmful airborne toxins.

Included with the armor: Full Helmet that provides full Nightvision (superior to Low-light) and weapon fire locator (Can designate origins of weapon fire within vision range). The helmet also includes smoke/toxin filtration and can allow a wearer to survive for up to 3 hours in space. Its a low-grade EVA-suit.

Plating for the chest, shoulders, hands, elbows, knees, arms and legs.

Protective fiber undersuit and hooded cloak that offers additional protection to the wearer against radiation, as well as severe weather conditions.