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This pistol is a collectors item, auctioned in pristine condition at around 5 million credits. They have unlimited ammo and never require maintenance. The 'Westar' company was shut down due to under-handed business activities from their competitors that were angry at the idea of selling blasters that needed no maintenance/ammo. It has made the Westar-34 one of the most sought after weapons in the galaxy.

Skill: Ranged: Blaster Pistols vs Dodge Ranged
Settings: Kill
Damage: 40 wound points & 3 stun points.
Charge: 10000000 shots left of 10000000 max. (Unlimited)
Accuracy: 72%
Range: 4 meters optimal/12 meters max.
Legality: B2 - Restricted
Modifications: 0
Modification Slots: 2 Total Mod Slot
Firing Modes: Single shot per-combat-round unless user has 60+ in adjusted attack skill. If user has 60+ then the scene judge may grant 2 shots. If user has 90+ then the scene judge may grant 3 shots.