Woz Wrenx

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Woz was born in the year 1076, in the beautiful Mid Rim planet Naboo in the city of Theed. His parents, Henri and Oyuna Wrenx, both raised little Woz to achieve his full potential although a childhood accident left Woz profoundly deaf. Woz was bullied and shamed by his classmates due to having to use hearing tech and because of the way he vocalizes when speaking. This caused young Woz to not want to use the tech and to isolate himself from others. The lack of hearing aids caused the young Woz’s brain to develop without real hearing sensory which caused the proper neurological pathways in his brain to be stantted leading to difficulty in making sense of what he hears. His parents encouraged Woz to undergo an ear implant when he was a teenager but he refused on the bases that the idea of having tech in his head made him feel less human. His parents urged him to reconsider citing that Ebenn Q3 Baobab, the scholar and polymath from the Mid Rim planet Manda, had undergone the surgery but the young boy remained headstrong.

Woz showed great aptitude when working with machines. He would sit for hours on end taking apart and resembling droid parts his father would bring home. His parents noticed their son’s talent and encouraged the boy to pursue a career in engineering. Unfortunately his nasty attitude and short patience with people closed many doors that otherwise would have been opened to him. Woz’s inability to follow orders, his poor social skills, and the fact that the Military Disarmament Act downsized the military by ninety percent removed Woz’s ability to work for the New Republic military as a starfighter mechanic thus Woz remained a civilian mechanic. His favorite pastime continues to study mechanical engineering and other related topics. His inability to be sociable has lead him to fill his time studying and tinkering with machines. This has caused him to have a love for learning all things mechanical and electronic. He also finds fulfilment in being a mechanic people seek out, although most people find him to be a real pain in the neck to deal with.

Wox poor social skills has left a romantic void in his life. Although his relationship with others is usually strained he does have a good heart. His goal in life is to find love, marry, and raise a family. After a lot of self analyzing Woz came to the conclusion that he needs a change of scenery. He decided to leave Naboo and start a new life in Coruscant. There, he has decided, he will make an effort to be social to better his relationship with others and perhaps find love. Due to being robbed while on his way to Coruscant, Wox had to stop at Nar Shaddaa in order to work and save enough credits to reach Coruscant.