Yoska Lash

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Yoska is terrible and wants to sell you drugs. He's the baby brother of Maireni and Fennix Lash. Someday, Corr Waldin will shoot him.


Go home and rethink your life, Yoska.

Extra Pictures

Property damage
Crotch fleas


<Combat> Corr Waldin's attack hits Yoska Lash at a 100 difficulty! (19)
Damage: 0 wound and 20 stun.
-(OOC)- Corr Waldin says, "Quit bein a puss"
-(OOC)- Yoska Lash says, "Waahhhhh"
- Yoska Lash has taken 20 points of stun damage. He is currently Dazed.
-(OOC)- Yoska Lash says, "Don't you feel bad now"
-(OOC)- Corr Waldin says, "No, that actually feels pretty good"

-(OOC)- Leia Skywalker says, "Help me Lash siblings, you're my only hope."
-(OOC)- Maireni Lash says, "you're boned"

You paged Siha Archer with 'I'm outside your ship with a boombox'
(SOOC) Siha Archer@Sy'dartha slowly rolls forwards to creep up and run over Yoska

Usha (U) pages: It would've been great to get a Houk or something but if a Ryn is all we have enough for in the budget I'll make it work.