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Zuhj is a Nikto trying to make his way in the galaxy. After having worked for a Hutt crime lord for his entire life he found a conscience after a person he cared deeply about was fed to the Hutt's giant pet monster. Unable to work for his long time employer any more he's learning to get by and trying to figure out what it means to be a good man.


Zuhj was born into a large family. His father, Ziln, was a smuggler, and his mother, Katris, was a bodyguard. Both of them worked for a Hutt crime lord (intentionally unnamed in case a player decides to play one and we can work out backstory). Zuhj grew up in a rather spartan environment on Nal Hutta and had to learn to make his own fun with his siblings and the other children of Hutt employees that lived around the crime lords swamp palace. Often they'd play simple games like hide and seek and tag and would spend as much time exploring the environment as they could, despite the dangers it could hold.

Zuhj, as a smuggler for the crime lord, was often invited into the palace and rewarded for his excellent service with time with one of the slave courtesans. His favorite of these women was a Twilek named Zarrissa. Zuhj ended up in love with the young lady and found himself doing anything he could to try to save up to purchase her freedom, from taking on the most dangerous assignments to moonlighting as a fighter pilot. While in the presence of the crime lord, however, Zuhj witnessed Zarrissa drop a tray of drinks when she was bumped into by someone walking past her. The falling tray startled the Hutt who promptly fed Zarrissa to his pet giant monster. Zuhj ended up leaving his master's service after that.

Shortly after leaving Nal Hutta Zuhj moved to Nar Shaddaa where he was recruited by Captain Danigo of the Array Consortium. Now with a job to look forward to things are looking brighter for the Nikto.


The being before you is a male Kajain'sa'Nikto of average height and weight. Skin that is a scaly and coarse texture, brownish red in color, covers his body. His face has a total of ten short, light brown horns coming out from it. Two on his forehead point almost straight down while others come out from the sides of his head and extend outwards at slightly varying angles. Where his skin is visible outside of his clothes more spikes are visible protruding through it. The most colorful part of this man is the piercing blue eyes that look out from under the forehead horns.

This man is currently dressed like he's a spacer of some sort. Over most of his body is a jumpsuit with cargo pockets on the chest, arms and legs and lots of places to attach extra equipment. Around his waist is a thick, black leather gunbelt that sports a DL-18 blaster pistol in a quickdraw rig on his right hip. Black gloves are worn, slight bulges on the back of the hands where more Nikto spikes protrude through the man's skin are evident. On his feet are a pair of ankle high boots that match the belt and gloves. They're scuffed and look like they've been worn often.

The People

Pash Danigo - Seems like a really stand up guy, especially for a smuggler. Zuhj is his first mate.

RP Hooks

  • Smuggler - Zuhj is a pretty experienced smuggler. If you need something moved from point A to point B and you don't want it getting messed with then he's your man. If he can find a ship to move it in, that is.
  • Former Hutt Employee - If you work for the Hutts or did so in the past then there's a chance you know Zuhj! Hit me up about it and we can work something out!