Ailyn Sienn

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Ailyn Sienn

Title: Slave
Race: Twi'lek
Sex: Female
Occupation: Model/Courtesan
Homeworld: Colossus, Castilon
Organization: Civilians


Slender, lissome, and feminine, the lovely creature before you appears bred for sensuality. From her powder-soft pinkish lavender skin and supple curves to her graceful, almost feline movements, it's often hard to miss the years she's spent training her perfect posture and fluid grace. She stands at an elegant 5'7" tall, and her lithe frame bears little sign of any brute strength. On the contrary, she seems only toned enough to maintain her soft, sensuous curves, without the harsh lines of muscle marring her otherwise perfect canvas. Her eyes are silvery blue, crowned by dark, crescent-shaped eyebrows and peering through long, thick lashes. Her nose is small and pert, and her full lips are pouting, glistening the deep red of a freshly dew-kissed rose. Instead of hair on top of her head, two long head tails (lekku) of the same powdery color as her skin drape down to the middle of her back, their thick bases tapering down their length to smaller points that occasionally twitch or swish slightly, perhaps with her mood. Her shoulders and arms are narrow, especially at her dainty wrists and hands, though her bosom seems well proportioned if just slightly large on her dancer's frame. Her hourglass waist curves dramatically, flaring out to generous hips, and her long, graceful legs seem to create the majority of her height.


With her powdery, pinkish lavender skin and perfect figure, Ailyn Sienn is quickly gaining in popularity as a model for Kernac's Outfitters on Rodia. A slave that has recently come under the ownership of a Gand named Oozlevort, she was sold to him as payment to settle the debt created by a lost spice shipment. She sometimes serves as his personal assistant or sales girl, though she can also be found on occasion working in the Meltdown Cafe.

Less known about her is that Ailyn has a voice like an angel, though she's rarely employed specifically for that purpose. Her history before becoming the Gand's property is harder to come by, though it's largely accepted that slavery is the only life she's ever known.