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πŸ”³ Star Wars - Age of Alliances MUSH πŸ”³
Age of Alliances was created in 2000 and launched in 2001. Its been over 19 years of text-based-role-playing in the Star Wars galaxy.

The MUSH is now set 32 years after the events of Return of the Jedi and has now moved past the events of The Rise of Skywalker.

The events of the Sequel Trilogy have already occured on the MUSH, and now the game has set off on its own path in to the future, crafting its own stories based on all 9 saga films. All 9 saga films are canon, and a lot of the EU (both Legends and Canon) are being worked in where appropriate to help shape the future of what will unfold within the galaxy far far away...

Do you want to join an RP game with a ton of opportunities right now? You can craft a unique and fun Star Wars character and develop them into a galactic legend! Join up now and help grow a friendly and excited community.

The 9 Saga Films are canon on Star Wars: Age of Alliances. The expended universe is used to add flavor, but is not guaranteed to be theme.

The game was started in 2000, launched in 2001 and has a wealth of history. Its got a solid code base foundation and many unique features. This includes a space system with a cargo hauling game mode, a +Professions system that lets you choose from a large list of popular IC Jobs that allow you to earn a growing paycheck based on your character's skills and many others.

☻ Org System for Player Run Groups
☻ GEAR - Hundreds of Weapons / Armor / Tools / Vehicles / DROIDS!
☻ SHIPS - Hundreds of classes of Star Wars ships with unique stats.
☻ Item Randomization: The vendors where gear and items are sold are always changing with a massive variety of blasters / armors / devices / droids and more. Exploring the Star Wars galaxy on AoA means you'll never know what you'll find.
☻ FUNCTIONAL SPACE SYSTEM - You are forced to fly between worlds on SW:AoA and explore the Galaxy. There is no +invite/+summon commands on SW:AoA and there never will be.
☻ Star Wars Galaxy: Over 30 planets traversable with many more that are hidden and have to be discovered through other means.
☻ A massive grid: Coruscant alone is larger than most games. Star Wars is an expansive playfield, so is SW:AoA.
☻ Robust Skill System: The Skills available on AoA are deep and allow you to craft a very specific kind of character.
☻ Professions System: You can have your character be employeed and receive a weekly paycheck based on your chosen Skills to give you spending cash, themed to your desired career.
☻ History: SW:AoA is over 16 years old now and it has maintained a majority of its history even with the slight advancement to the Episode 7 era. This means you're traversing a galaxy where tons of events have shaped its landscape.
☻ And More! Because SW:AoA is almost TWO DECADES old, it has accumulated a ton of features and depth in its design. Come and check it out!

πŸ”³ FAQ: πŸ”³
Question: "Can I be in the First Order or the Resistance?"
Answer: "Yes, you can! Now that the film is out, these military factions are opening and will only grow more broad in spectrum over time as more information about their goals and aspirations come out. But they are available now to join!"

Question: "Can I be a civilian?"
Answer: Absolutely, you can! There are a plethora of Organizations looking for new members to help participate in their plot-lines too, all civilian themed! SW:AoA's galaxy is huge and it offers a plethora of civilian-themed locales for RP and TPs.

Question: "I want to be a Force User with a lightsaber."
THEY ARE RARE -- But not impossible to achieve. FS characters have to remain limited because a game with "too many" is a game where its no longer fun to meet them, see them, fight them or save them. How do you do it? Well, you have to be on the game and you have to be a stellar source of RP Creation and helping make the game IC / OOC a better place to be.

Question: "Why should I make a character?"
Answer: "Because the sooner you make a character the quicker the game gets even healthier. And the faster you start earning Experience Points to build your character's skills up and earn more toward making the character YOU want.

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Telnet client: port 5500

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