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  • +10 Strength
  • +20 Constitution
  • -10 Intelligence


  • Enhanced Movement (+20 Acrobatics)
  • Infravision
  • Regeneration
  • Reduced Movement (-5 Run)


  • Language (Amanin)
  • Brawling at Dexterity
  • Survival at Intelligence


The Amanin are a race of tall, flat-bodied planarians that inhabit the forests and plains of the planet Maridun. The Amanin skin is wrinkly, moist and sensitive to drying. The front of their bodies have deep yellow coloration, while the rear hood, which runs from the neck to the feet, is green. They also have a striped camouflage pattern along the sides of the body that enable them to both hide from predators in their environment, and hunt more effectively.

The Amanin have small mouths, which function as both a way to eat, and a way to expel undigested material from their bodies. This process is very unsettling to the majority of other sentient species. Their mouth is also the location of their reproductive organs, and this makes it very difficult for other species to tell the difference between male and female Amanin. The Amanin's bulbous eyes are a deep, dark red color, and they can easily see in dark conditions.

They have extremely long arms that enable them to easily swing in the branches in the jungles of Maridun, and have enormous hands that are roughly half a meter long. Each hand sports long claws, which, combined with the hand's size, enable them to grasp and ensnare struggling prey. They have short legs, which hinder their walking movement severely, but their unusual body shape enables them to roll along the ground at great speeds (50 kilometers per hour), making them swift in their natural environment. They have the ability to regenerate lost limbs and organs, and their brains are actually a network of small bundles of nerves that, along with other vital organs, are distributed throughout their bodies. This combination makes the Amanin very difficult to kill.

The Amanin are forest dwelling creatures. They establish their homes in the high treetops of the forests on their planets. The majority of Amanin are slow to anger, but once their tempers rise, the result is bloody. They tend to have a good sense of humor, but most species tend to think it slightly morbid.

The leaders of the Amanin are shamans and lorekeepers, and these leaders are charged with remembering the oral history of the past. The Amanin have a different perception of time than the rest of the galaxy.They only see time as having two parts, a beginning and an ending. When an Amanin tries to convey time to other beings, they do it by relating it to past events. This can be incredibly aggravating to companions of an Amani(Singular form of Amanin).

The Amanin society is set up in social groups that control small forests on Maridun. The forests are usually surrounded by vast grasslands. When a social group grows to large for the forest to support the Amanin society, the extra young adults travel into the grasslands, which are called gruntak, to find another suitable forest to live in. An uninhabited forest is rare, and the group usually attempts to seize the forest from the other Amanin holding it. The bloody battles are called takitals, and they make up a large portion of the lorekeepers tales.

They are a tribal people with a very primitive level of technology, and while most Amani are skeptical and fearful of high tech devices, their society is changing rapidly. When the Empire first discovered Maridun, the Amanin reacted well to their first contact with the offworlders. They were both curious and interested with the visitors. The Empire established a small mining facility on the planet, and stationed a small force of Imperial Troopers on the planet, to protect the Empires resources. The Amanin soon found themselves tricked by the Empire into selling their own people into slavery, and the once peaceful groups of Amanin became distrustful and fearful. During the Galactic Civil war, the Empire shifted its resources to other places, and soon the planet became inhabited by smugglers and other small groups of criminals, who took over the abandoned Imperial facilities.