Ammara de'Jannarc

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Ammara de'Jannarc

Title: Overwatch/Fern/Depends on whom you ask.
Race: Zelosian
Sex: Female
Occupation: Snoop/Sniper/Bar Keep
Profession: Law Officer
Homeworld: Zelos II
Organization: Bounty Hunters Guild
Ship: Shadows Hunter

Ammara de'Jannarc on the lamb from her former friends and coworkers at CorSec. Formerly a detective and SAR Unit sniper on Coruscant, someone set it up so that she looks to be dirty. And you know how it is once down that rabbit hole. How far will Ammara fall? Tune in next week for the conclusion of this stunning cliff-hanger.


Really this depends on her mood or what role she is fulfilling at the moment. Ask her sometime to see the closet?


My how the mighty have fallen is a not uncommon story for those founds hanging about Hutt Space. But in some cases it has interesting connotations. Ammara was once one of the youngest detectives in the Corruscant section of CorSec. These days they think her associated with the assassination of a key witness against Black Sun.

So what is a girl to do when framed for something that they were not even on planet for, well... Seeking someplace away from it comes to mind.

RP Hooks

  • Sniper - Ammara is a bit of a long range specialist when it comes to delivering charged particle packages
  • Hunted - There may or may not be a small bounty out for her from CorSec or Black Suns
  • Rootless - This girl is on the lamb.
  • Clear that name - She's still seeking to clear her name of the assassination of a witness to Black Sun activities.
  • Former Cop - Some think she still is one. But she claims they took her badge and gun.
  • Satellite Hunter - Now a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, She is more of a Auxiliary member at the moment.

Connected Vessels

  • Tempest Warden
  • Shadows Hunter
  • Stormcrow

Connected Organizations

  • Bounty Hunters' Guild
  • NR Commandos - Through her partners.

Additional Images

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