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  • +10 Constitution


  • Keen Hearing
  • Keen Smell
  • Claws (Max. Damage: Strength + 10)
  • Poor Sight
  • Addiction: Salt


  • Language (Arcona)


Arcona are scaleless, bipedal reptiles with triangular shaped heads and large, marble-like eyes. Between their eyes is a tiny bulbous knob that is used as a heat sensor and supplement to their eyesight. Their skin ranges in color from dark mahogany and gray to deep black, and bears a resemblance to fibrous wood. Arcona have sharp talons on their hands that enable them to dig through soil or other substances quickly. The Arcona do not dig or burrow very often, if ever. Scholars tend to believe that during the Arcona's evolution, that they possibly made nests for their young by digging in the soil. Although this is just speculation, the fact remains that these talons can also be used in combat if necessary. The most peculiar thing about the Arcona is their susceptibility to becoming addicted to salt.

Arcona society is a very communal society based upon the precept that the rights of the whole group outweigh the rights of the individual. Primarily the group is the Arcona’s family; also call a Grand Nest, although this can include any group that follows the rules of the society. The Arcona are farmers by nature, tilling Cona's rich tropical soil. They have also incorporated themselves in all sorts of galactic affairs and activities, although many prefer the comforts of spaceports, if they are not living on Cona.

Height and Weight

5'2" 120lbs

5'3" 130lbs

5'4" 130lbs

5'5" 135lbs

5'6" 135lbs

5'7" 140lbs

5'8" 145lbs

5'9" 150lbs

5'10" 155lbs

5'11" 160lbs

6'0" 165lbs

6'1" 170lbs

6'2" 180lbs

6'3" 190lbs

For each inch over the height of 6’3", add 10 pounds to the average weight.