Doka Vrut

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Screenshot (110).png

Doka Vrut

Title: Captain
Race: Anzellan
Sex: Male
Occupation: Underworld...
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Anzell
Organization: ...
Ship: Thundering Krayt

Trader in illicit goods? Grim whereas most of his kind are bright and welcoming? Untrusting of most if not all? That sounds about right. Doka Vrut has a name for being blunt. He has a goal and that goal is apparently creds and it matters not what he trades in to obtain those very creds. There seems to be a reason for it, something that drives him, but he hasn't confided in anyone, or at least there's no one alive that knows. He plies the trade routes of ill-repute, he is certainly known upon the planet of Ylesia, and his droid guards are wary of all those who approach.

There's a rumour he might well lend creds, but also a rumour that he doesn't For every rumour stating one thing, another seems to contradict that first rumour.

One thing is for certain... he might be small, he might be angry...

And that's about it.

Small and angry.