Felel Nondrin

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Felel Nondrin

Title: Trainer
Race: Echani
Sex: Female
Occupation: Mercenary
Profession: Soldier
Homeworld: Eshan
Organization: CoreSec


At 6'0", Felel cuts a striking figure among humanoid populations. She is a lithe creature, given to an athletic build with wiry strength and graceful movements speaking of an abundance of confidence. Movement is not wasted, but each motion is chosen for a specific outcome. Like all Echani, she has white hair, with hers tumbling down almost to her waist. As part of her signature look, there's always a half-curled set of locks curling against the right side of her face, giving it a partial outline. Under arcing brows more gray than white shine two silver eyes with microscopic branching white lines in the almost metallic irises. Her lips are a cute dusky pink. A trio of holes in her ear lobes are set with simple silver studs while worked metal cuffs curl along the tops of the ears on both sides. Into pale-white skin is set the mixture of youth and experience that is a mid-thirties human.



  • Echani is the race she belongs to. Pale skin, white hair, silver eyes, looks a whole lot like every one of her cousins you've ever met?
  • Fighting is always a good way to get her attention. As one of the Echani, Felel is very interested in displays of martial prowess. She might snub her nose up at the idea of using a blaster, but start talking about bare hands or using melee weapons, and she'll be all ears.
  • Strategist is something she won't claim to be, but wants to be. Can you help her learn strategy and tactics? She'll be in your debt.
  • Training is what she does for CoreSec but could offer the same to you in martial arts, melee weapons, or acrobatics.
  • Acrobatics is one of her favorite hobbies, right next to...
  • Dancing is the other favorite hobby.
  • Food is more than a hobby, it's how she tries to understand alien cultures. She tries to cook various cuisines but... yeah, just order some takeout if you're smart.
  • Looking for work Felel's contract with CoreSec is up soon and she's looking for work that will challenge her to be better than she is today.

Code of Honor

Felel keeps to a strict code of personal honor. Here are some items from her code.