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Title: That Guy
Race: Rdoain
Sex: Male
Occupation: Elite Drunkard
Profession: Armorer
Homeworld: Rodia
Organization: Rangers
Ship: Whichever one he stumbles onto


Galaxy-class drinker and flirter.


This is a purple Rodian, wearing an orange industrial jumpsuit. He's got a pair of working boots on, a pair of work gloves on his hip, and a tool harness that goes over both shoulders and belted around his waist. As a Rodian, he has the normal reptilian humanoid, with skin that is the normal rough, pebbly texture, two ears that swivel, a tuft on his scalp similar to the usual 'mohawk' style, and long, dexterous fingers.

People and Contracts

Name Thoughts
Person 1 [Quotey McQuoterson]
Person 2 [Quote]