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Ibrahim Terah

Title: Director of R&D for Terah Metals Industries
Race: Zabrak
Sex: Male
Occupation: Armor Designer
Profession: Armorer
Homeworld: Iridonia
Ship: KMG Starforged


With multiple tours under his belt for his planet's defense force, as the armorer of an armored mobile unit in Iridonia and a degree in an applicable engineering field; Ibrahim left the comforts of his home to venture out and make a name for himself as an armor designer with the intention of heralding his family's business entrance into the armor manufacturing business.

The Manda'o vibe

No one said it was easy; he got caught up in a scam and ended up a slave. His bunkmate none other than the Mandalorian, Osogg Chaut. Years in the making but the two made a great team, learning from each other, and together they defeated their captors, taking over the labor camp for their own. Their luck ran out though when Osogg Chaut exploded in a rocketeering accident. Ibrahim left shortly after that, leaving the camp to fend for itself. He stayed with what he knew and made a habit of working with other Manda'o, going as far as picking up a few words and habits here and there.


1. Armorer: Are you a Mandalorian whose armor is in need of repairs? Ibrahim specializes in working with your kind and your gear. Do you need your small arms and vibro blades modded and repair too? He does that also. He works out of his ship, a M12-L Kimogila heavy fighter christen the Starforged.