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Planetary Background and History

JAKKU was an isolated desert world in the Western Reaches, with Wheel Races in the north and mining operations dotting the planet, along with buttes in the south in which lichen could be scraped off of to create the alcoholic beverage Knockback Nectar. One could become an anchorite if certain vows were taken, while scavengers often used luggabeasts to carry supplies across the desert.

Tuanul, Reestkii and Cratertown were settlements on the planet, while the trading post Niima Outpost was considered the only major settlement on the planet, and was guarded by the humorless Constable Zuvio and his Niima Outpost Militia. Lacking a communications grid, spacers seeking to escape debts, create a new life or simply see the galaxy often wound up at Niima Outpost, owing to it having the only navigational beacon. Not all residents were scavengers however, with the isolated villagers of Tuanul worshiping the Church of the Force, an underground faith of Jedi worshipers hiding from first the Old Empire and then the growing First Order.

Owing to the planet's distance from populated space, it served as a jumping-off point for warships heading into the Unknown Regions in the final years of the Galactic Civil War. Nearby worlds to Jakku included Ponemah Terminal and Ogem.

Unkar Plutt's Roadhouse and Niima Outpost

This dive of an establishment is where the unsavory loyalists to Unkar Plutt like to hang out and pretend that its a public cantina for everyone at Niima Outpost, when in actuality is a place where if you're deemed a non-loyalist to Plutt, you are likely to get roughed up and made a fool of.

It also serves as Unkar's personal office and where he hands out his daily portions to scavengers that bring in supplies taken from around the massive wreckage fields of the old Rebel vs. Imperial battle that happened almost thirty years ago near where Niima Outpost is now today.

Niima Outpost itself is one of the few places where denizens of the entire world of Jakku can go to for supplies and trade. It sits to the south of the Goazann Badlands and not far away from the infamous Sinking Sands. Niima is a fairly bustling settlement of scavengers and tradesmen, and even sees the highest volume of off-world starship travel, as ships come and go here and there to pick up supplies during their own trade routes in the stars above.


Ship Graveyard: Battle of Jakku

One year after the infamous Battle of Endor, the planet of Jakku became the sight of the next great Galactic Empire versus Rebel Alliance warzone.

On this once bland stretch of the Jakku dust fields, there now lies a massive amount of derelect and destroyed starships. From as massive as an Imperial Star Destroyer or Mon Calamari Cruiser, to as small as a broken and forgotten X-Wing starfighter resting half-burried beneath the Jakku dry dust.

This is a wasteland of once proud military power, and is now just a reminder of the death and destruction of war. Creatures and scavengers have taken to residing within this wreckage, finding refuge from the planet's relentless day-time heat. These massive dead starships have become man-made caverns of untold discoveries and potentially dangerous discarded junk.