Kothri Irys'ala

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Kothri Irys'ala

Title: The only lawyer on Nar Shadda
Race: Bothan
Sex: Female
Occupation: Slumming it
Profession: Lawyer
Homeworld: Bothuwai
Organization: N/A
Ship: N/A

Kothri was born on Bothuwai at the tail end of the Galactic Civil War. Had she been born a generation or two earlier, she might have had a long career in politics or risen in the ranks to become a top senatorial aide. That was, of course, not to be. Her childhood was fairly typical, with a loving mother, El Irys'ala and father, Husc Irys'ala. Like many Bothan parents, pushed her to do well in school and expected much of her in the future. She went to some of the better private schools (though not THE best, as her family despite having a degree of money were not the best connected). She has a younger brother, Ructar, who she had a close relationship with despite a sort of typical sibling rivalry. As a child she had a keen interest in writing and styled herself as a bit of a writer, something her parents frowned upon (not a practical career at all) and by the time she left secondary school, she had dropped the hobby under the oppressive, if well-meaning, pressure of her parents. She was a keen member of student goverment, though she tended towards more supporting roles as treasurer or recordskeeper rather than more glamorous leading positions.

After secondary school, she went into higher education, originally into history and then law. She spent some time in practice on Bothuwai as a junior member of a larger law firm until the destruction of Hosnian Prime. The event was a supreme shock to her--the Galactic Civil War was something that happened practically before she was born. Shaken and wanting to find some other way of perhaps aiding the galaxy aside from taking on tax cases for the wealthy of Bothuwai, she gave her notice and without warning departed Bothuwai for Nar Shadda, hoping to find some direction or at least to put her law talents to better use.