LE-VO Law Enforcement Droid

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LE-VO enforcement droids were tall, lumbering security droids, developed by the Rseikharhls and were a major component of Rseikharhl's sector-wide law enforcement. Despite a decade of law-enforcement activities, LE-VOs were responsible for over 20,000 arrests with no fatalities. This was due partly due to the droids' size and their demeanor, as they were programmed to always choose to stun targets rather than kill. The Galactic Empire allowed the Rseikharhls to continue using these droids due to the non-lethal programming. They often served as both security and law enforcement droids.


LE-VO droids were humanoid, but lacked installed weaponry. Instead, they were programmed to use a wide variety of weaponry, both melee and ranged, with a heavy preference for stun and non-lethal weaponry. There were capable of being programmed for any number of legal systems and could easily determine current jurisdiction for crimes committed. There were capable of investigators, with installed forensic sensors that could allow them to track criminals for apprehension.