LE-series Repair Droid

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The LE-series repair droid, manufactured by Cybot Galactica, was an amalgamation of qualities from protocol droids and astromech droids. Although LE-series droids were about four times more expensive than simple repair droids such as the WED Treadwell repair droid, they were much more universal and easier to communicate with than other models of repair droid. The LE-series droid is very popular among spaceport crew members (as a part of staff) and with pilots (as co-pilots and counterparts).


LE repair droids can not only repair starships and devices, but also modify these and are an ideal walking tool for starship or stardock maintenance. The LE-series is also able to stow cargo in cargo holds, help with docking operation or pilot swoop bikes, landspeeders, or airspeeders. With the proper programming, they are even capable of skillfully controlling even a medium-sized starship. Their protocol abilities allowed LE-series droids to establish contact with spaceport personnel and find the best way to avoid any unnecessary bureaucracy.

The droid itself has specialized sensors and scopes, a broadband antenna, and a hologram recorder and projector. It is skilled in the use of a large variety of tools, starships and other vehicle types, and huge amount of parts suitable for them. The skeletal body composition allows LE-series droids to squeeze inside even the tightest places in almost every type of machinery.