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History Repeats Itself

Location: Kamino
Participants: Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Endir O'Dora, Natalya Jansen


"History repeats itself."

In an attempt to not only try to pursuade the princess Natalya and at the same time possibly do away with two potential threats, the leader of the crime syndicate known as the Bando Gora, Marduk Rune falsified an E-mail from Boba Fett that he had sent to Luke Skywalker. The E-mail relayed the coordinates of a planet known as Kamino, where Fett was in hiding, it asked Luke to come to Kamino to hold a face to face meeting with the Bounty Hunter. Princess Natalya knew the real meaning behind this falsified E-mail was to get the two old enemies to dispose of at least one or the other. In a mad rush the princess had to find her way to Kamino to stop the impending disaster!

-- PCs involved --
Natalya Jansen - Republic Senator
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Master
Endir O'dora --- Bounty Hunter
Boba Fett ------ Reknowned Bounty Hunter / Vacuum Repairman

Opening Setup
Outside on the Kamino landing pad, Boba and Endir packing the Slave I for their departure while Natalya tries to reason with the hunters after telling Boba that she accidently let Skywalker know of Fett's homeworld and that Skywalker was just behind her on approach to the rain soaked world. --

__The storms of Kamino were ever-present outside the city and they continously beat rain down upon the duracrete landing pad that the Slave I rested upon in a shroud of darkness under the looming sky above. The landing pad's lights were on, as were the few lights spread across the exterior of the Firespray-Attack Ship's hull. __Movement was happening at the foot of the ship's ramp as Boba Fett was now in full armor, having had suited up in a fit of haste inside his apartment. He had lead Natalya and Endir (who was craddling the baby Dailo in her arms) to the Slave I with the few belongings that they'd managed to pack up into small bags. Now, descending back down the ramp he stepped onto the soaking landing field and turned towards the princess. "You have done your damage, -princess-. Take whatever price you recieved for selling me out and begone from my sight!" He shouts at her through the vocalizer of his helmet and over the sound of the heavy down pouring rain.

__The pounding of the rain beats down on Natalya unforgivingly, turning the the brim of her cloak into a miniature waterfall. She has been pacing back and forth about the Hunter while he prepared for departure, trying desparately to get him to stop and listen to reason. She stands now at the foot of the boarding ramp, too frightend to set foot on his ship. She screams at him now over the sound of the rain and his own stubborn stupidity, hoping by shear volume he will finally hear what she has been saying. "Boba, would you just listen to me!!!" Her voice is harsh from shouting, and she sounds close to tears, "It isn't what you think! I didn't sell you out! Luke Skywalker can be reasoned with!"

__Dailo was fussing horribly in the chill, the infants wail almost being heard over the roar of the storm. The armored Twi'lek pulled the waterproof blanket closer around the child as she glanced over her shoulder to the princess and hunter. Her dark armor was slickened and glimmering with rainwater, droplets curving down the helm and causing her linen-wrapped lekku. Dailo shrieked almost forbodingly as the lightning tore through the alien skies. Endir bounced the girl mildly before she shouted to the Fett. __"Boba! We've -got- to keep going!"

__The glass doors parted as Luke paused only a moment and darted through them, watching the trio of people moving in a hurried fashion, the hood falling as his blue eyes looked between them. Natalya was most notable to the group, Luke's eyes giving a confused blink as he looked to the others -- The Hunter, and an armored Twi'Lek with something cuddled into her arms. "Fett," Luke called out, voice straining against the torrential rain as he tried to make his motives known. "I've come to talk!" He exclaimed, before stricken with a cognitive sight that warned him. __A flash of the Hunter's hands, the quick drawn reflexes of the man allowing him to bring the weapons up in a smooth and fluid fashion ... He could sense it all happening before it did, and Luke's hands immediately called the saber to them, the green blade snapping to as a hiss of electrical energy squealed through the landing pad, etching a green glow along the form of the Jedi master as he prepared for the onslaught. This wasn't how he had wanted it to happen, but the Hunter's anger for him was readily apparent ... And the Darkside clouded the sight of the Jedi, Fett had asked him to come. __"Don't do this, Fett! You asked me here!" He demanded again, voice straining as the rain and electricla humm of the jade Lightsaber within his fingers. "I'm here to talk, I don't want to fight you."

__Boba took a lunging step towards the princess, the rain falling hard upon his armor was splashing off in little beeds. "No Jedi can be reasoned with!!" He yells in a pitch of voice that rarely ever escapes from him at sound defeaning levels. "They're heartless murderers!!" Now he was little more than on the verge of pure anger-infused insanity... __And then the tugs of motion out of the corner of his eyes and the sound of Skywalker's voice entered his helmet's sensors and shot to his ears. Boba Fett's attention flung up, his eyes fully away from Natalya now. In a flurry of movement, the Master Bounty Hunter reached out with his left hand and shoved the Princess hard enough to likely topple her over. "Endir!" He shouted through his helmet. "Get onboard!" __His right hand flew to his side and in an instant it wielded the silvery metalic form of one of his father's blaster pistols. He ignored Skywalker's pleas and the darkness of the Kamino outdoors was filled with the sound of squealing blaster fire and the blinding bright illumination of the resulting energy bolts that were now being sent towards the Jedi! __

__Natalya had no time to make her reply, not that anything was likely to penetrate the bounty hunter's wall of anger and hate at this point. Natalya could hear the jedi shout something, had turned to shout her own warning when Fett's rough shove sent her firmly to the rain-slicked landing pad, sliding across its silver surface. She covered her head instinctivly, balling into a roll. She heard blaster fire, and in the distance a lightsaber engaging, and without looking she rolled herself further in the direction of her fall. "No!" she shouts with all her might, her abused vocal cords straining to be heard, "Stop it! Stop your fire!"

__There was suddenly the sound of heavy bootfalls as the Twi'lek flung toward the Slave I. She was hunched low against the babe, making sure to act as a shield from any blaster bolts that may be shot their way. The violet-armored female halted at the security panel of the boarding ramp, jamming in the code. Her visored eyes shot over her shoulder, the energy bolts of Fett's pistol and the hot blade of the lightsaber giving light to the pad. Once the ramp lowered fully, she swiftly moved aboard. Hugging the baby against her chest, she began to climb up the ladder, using one hand to heave her upward. The small bundle of the baby was rushed into the bunk room and settled in a small basket at the bunkside. Then she pivoted to dash for the cockpit to warm up the ship's systems.

__Each of the hunter's bolts were felt as Luke had readied previously, the green lightsaber movingly languidly as he brought it around. One shot, two shots -- The red bolts of energy deflected to the tarmac between the two warriors. The laser blasts were managable at first, but the growing speed of each shot quickly began to take it's toll on the Jedi. He took a step forward before he leapt into the air a moment, landing a good distance away from where he had started as he used the Force to propell him. __For probably the first time in the history of the Force, Luke was pleased with the words Natalya had said. He didn't have much time to act as he lunged, the blaster bolts likely following as he again rose to his feet, his body and lightsaber being brought around as he focused his attention on Natalya a moment -- A costly mistake. The blaster had only grazed his arm, none of the mechanical functions of the prosthetic hand damaged, but the green saber quickly fell from luke's grasp as it deactivated, clattering to the rain soaked ground as Luke tore his attention from it, knowing the blasters would be on him again soon enough.

__Boba saw the Jedi make his Force-aided leap and he wasn't about to let the freakish wizard land directly in front of him and be anywhere NEAR range enough to use that blasted lightsaber on him. As such, in a burst of smoke and fire the Mitronomin Jetpack, strapped to the silvery armor plates on Boba's back, errupted and it began to catapult the bounty hunter straight up into the dark, rain-filled, skies. __In mid-flight, Boba continued to unleash shot after shot and even managed to ready his -second- metalic blaster pistol allowing his relentless rain of blaster bolts to quicken in their deliverence as they pummeled the ground around Skywalker as well as deflected off of the man's saber beam. __Boba's rocketing form disappeared around the tall sensor station that stretched up into the sky from the landing field and the assaulting blaster fire momentarily ceased...

__Natalya had gotten slowly to her hands and knees as the barage of blaster fire continued, watching as Skywalker deftly deflected each deadly bolt with unnatural skill. She winced internally each time, waiting for a relfected bolt to return to the bounty hunter and strike him. As Fett fires off his jetpack, Natalya rises quickly to her feet. "Don't hurt him!" she shouts to Luke, wiping a rain-soaked lock of hair out of her eyes. "He's confused! Things aren't as either of you think!"

__There was the hum of boosters as the Firespray began to ready for depature. The air about the ship began to haze with bursts of heat. Slowly, the turrets on the ship began to round on the Jedi. Within the guts of the cockpit, the armored Endir narrowed her eyes on Luke. The trigger on the mounts were drawn back, hot bolts firing toward the enemy with fury. She didn't even mind if the princess got in the way ...

__Although the man dissapeered shortly after the blasts had began to riddle the ground around him, he didn't have enough time to really act. His hand's rose to call towards the saber, but the sudden danger sense caught up with him as he ducked aside, almost completely dodging the barrage of rapid fire from the Slave I as he was thrown. __Reacting as quickly as his Jedi reflexes would allow him, Luke was up on his feet again and moving quickly as he tried to find a place safe from the blaster fire of the guns. The Master's hands rose as he focused on a near pole of somrt sort, likely a sensor relay. Pulling on it with his mind, he tried to send it towards the blasters of the Slave I ... Before his mind raced back to Fett a moment, and a coming danger.

__To the Jedi's continued unfortune, the Mandalorian clad bounty hunter reappears atop the large sensoer station structure's top that he'd flown behind in a haze of trailing somke... and, now atop the station, he's proud to see Endir using the Slave I's weapons in a fashion that suddenly sends a wave of.. distant memory into his mind. But, he has no time to dwell on thoughts of any sort other than defeating this corrupted power-monger of a wizard. __ Boba Fett lowers his helmeted head and with the proper angling of a skilled attention.. another gush of smoke and fire give way from the hunter's back, but this time, to a scream of rocket-propelled furry! The projectile warhea sizzled through the rain filled air and roars towards Skywalker's location. It slams into the ground not but a few feet off course and it bursts into an expanding ball of orange-yellow flames, a shockwave rattles the landing field and sends a powerful force of its own in all directions. __Boba wasted no time. He leapt off of the sensor station and his jetpack fired again, taking him down towards the landing pad at an extreme velocity.

__Natalya scrambled out of the way of the incoming turret fire, or at least tried to, slipping several times, and falling to her hands. She looks over her shoulder in time to see Fett reappear above the sensor array....and then a puff of smoke and a squeal of the rocket's ignition. She shoves herself forward, digging the heels of her boots into the tarmac of the landing pad, making a leap to propell herself further from the rocket's intended point of impact. She hits the ground, and enfolds herself within the protective confines of her reinforced cloak.

__The Slave I's firing ceased as she witnessed the hunter make a hawk-dive to the pad. The purple alien grasped onto her helmet, she ripping it from her skull to release the sweat that soaked her brow. She set it aside before she began to adjust the frequencies on the ship's communications system to become in sync with Boba's helmet communicators in case it was needed. She placed the freehanded headset on her skull, her lekku loose about her throat and calmly twitching. Endir returned her attention to the turrets, waiting the moment to let out another explosion of energy bolts.

__Luke clinched his teeth and could see it coming, but didn't react fast enough. Just as he focused, the explosion rattled behind him as he leapt in a wide arc, aiming to take down the Hunter in a personal conflict. He needed to get him stunned a moment ... The saber, he needed to get a moment to get his saber. He angled his leap to the likely position Fett would be in when they would meet. The explosion did manage to daze the Jedi, though ... a numb feeling racing through the Master's legs. This was getting out of hand. __He never connected with the Hunter, landing only a short bit away from him. Luke thenmanaged to get to his feet. With a quick check of his surroundings he noted the Princess, the Hunter, and the lightsaber across from him ... But Fett was above Luke, and coming down between him and his precious sword. "Blast it ..." The Jedi Master Muttered as he sprinted, hoping Fett would fly away from them as Luke closed the distance ... he'd lose without the saber, it was only a matter of how long.

__Oh Fett didn't fly away. He would not fly away until this Jedi was either dead or properly incapacited... And as such, the man's legs swung out in front of him as his descent was altered and his jetpack turned to slow him. He hit the landing pad with great speed but his skill with the pack and his history of using it enabled him to stay on his booted feet even in the slickened rain soaked ground. __Now, between the Jedi and the Jedi's discarded 'crutch', the lightsaber. Boba swung around and lifted his leg in a haze of action that would deliver his right foot directly across the side of Luke's face!

__Natalya could feel the tremor of the rocket as it impacted on the landing pad, could feel the protections of her cloak engage as it absorbed some of the energy. When the strike had passed, Natalya threw the cloak back, and rose stumblingly to her feet again, her gaze darting wildly about for Fett or the jedi. She spots them in time to see Boba coming down on top of Luke, his foot aimed for a savage kick. "Boba, stop!" she cries, but she no longer has much hope of being heeded. The situation is desparately out of Natalya's control, and she doesn't like where it's heading in the least.

__Endir remained at the cockpit console, she narrowing her eyes as she watched the scene play out before her. "Cm'on, cm'on," she said under her breath, "Boba, cm'on." She initiated life support, the fans hissing to life as they started to blow artificial air through the ship. She was getting ready.

__Luke grunted as he neared the Hunter, hands rising to defend the glass jaw of the Jedi -- The Hunter's boot slamming into his arm before Luke brought his own fist around as he tried to attack around the plating of the Mandalorian armor in a feigned attempt at catching the bounty hunter off guard. __Natalya's voice rang across the pad and in the ears of the jedi as Fett and he now stood in a bitter melee battle, rain pounding around them. Knowing the futility of smacking around the armored menace, Luke worked to try and get the hunter incapacitated long enough that he could get to the lightsaber. "Fett!" He demanded with a growl as he again brought up an attempt to get through the other's defenses. "I don't wish to fight you!"

__Boba's kick was blocked and his mind immediately moved on to the following counter strike. He brought his leg decisively back down to the landing field to support his perfectly stabled weight. As Luke's swing whirled in towards the bounty hunter's neck, Boba countered with a blurred glare of his countering hand being swept up to slap Skywalker's away in a blaze, disregarding any very likely damage that such a fast block wound cause to the Jedi's wrist from his own metal covered arm. __His other hand came up to knock away the next attempt of Luke's to try to immobilize the hunter and now, in close quarters, Boba swung his right leg up and delivered a massive knee to Luke's groin, then his Mandalorian-helmeted head flung forward in a savage head-butt to Skywalker's forehead at a velocity so great it would surely send the Jedi tumbling!

__Natalya can only watch in stunned silence as the bounty hunter and the jedi come together in hand to hand combat. Technically, she probably could have done a lot to help Luke retreive his saber, but she isn't interested in either man getting hurt, and least of all Boba Fett. She stands with hands clenched, the rain rolling off of her cloak in sheets, frozen with helpless indecision.

__Endir obviously winced as she saw the groin hit. She held her brow a moment before she tapped on the communicator. "That was low, Fett. Keep your gloves up."

__The melee battle waged quickly as each member tried to best the enemy opposite them. Although he had the Force as his ally, the Jedi was mostly untrained in the arts of unarmed combat. It showed, easily, as eventually the Hunter overcame the Master in the battle. __The first blow found it's place well enough, Luke's knees buckling with a grunt before the helmet slammed into his face and Luke was propelled backwards, landing square on his back with another grunt. He rolled over as quickly as he could, trying to keep the fight up as Luke stayed low and brought his hands up. he was sore, and this fight was going no where and getting out of hand. Using the Force, Luke reached out and tried to call the lightsaber to his hand as he focused hard on the distant cylinder.

__Boba delivered the head-butt and helped the Jedi to the ground with a forceful PUSH of his own, but with his own two hands and not some wuss-out wizard powerz. He heard the communication through his helmet from Endir but ignored it as he was pretty sure he had his prey where he wanted him and he didn't care how 'low' he had to go in his methods to get a Jedi there... __But then Fett saw the Master stand and he remember their wretched ability to draw things to them with their minds. His eyes saw the silvery glitter of the lightsaber as it twirled up into the rain soaked air and began to fly towards its owner. Boba had to react and react fast. His right arm shot up and the little cross-bow-like appendages of his whipcord launcher extended and with a gust of released steam the whipcord zipped through the air and with precise aim it twirled around Skywalker's wrist. __Fett yanked his own arm back hard and Luke's hand was pulled to the side, the lightsaber flew past the Jedi aimlessly now... and Fett's jetpack fired again. He rocketed, once more, into the dark skies, but this time, he had a straggler attached to him. Without much choice, the Jedi found himself in-tow of a crazily insanely angry flying bounty hunter. __Boba flew past the princess, his pack leaving a trail of smoke behind him as it roared louwdly, and he began to angle his flight around the landing field. He wanted to drag Luke to his death it would seem...

__Natalya has had enough. With the near-recovery of Luke's lightsaber, and now Fett dragging the snared jedi headlong around the landing field, she knows this situation is going to get worse before it gets better, unless she intervenes. __As nothing more than an observer until now, Natalya faces no resistance when she reaches under her cloak, releases the safety strap securing her blaster in it's holster, and draws the weapon smoothly to bare on the two combatants. She flips it to stun, then checks twice more to make sure she has done so properly before she levels the barrel at Fett, tracing his movements down the weapons sight. She grits her teeth, "I'm doing you a favor..." she says, but not loudly enough for anyone to hear but herself. She takes careful aim, and then fires.

__"Oh, no you -don't-," Endir hissed through the daggers of her smile before she began to focus the turrets on Natalya. She wrenched back the trigger, sending a rush of hot bolts above her head as a warning shot. Her black eyes narrowed sharply upon the princess.

__Not one that hasn't been at the mercy of Fett's whipcord before, Luke felt the familiar touch of the tense line wrap around his wrist. Then it dawned on Luke what was going to happen as Fett's rocket pack came to life with a roar of defiance. The Lightsaber grazed his fingertips ... flying onward as he grunted and eyed the area quickly. __Rain-soaked and being pulled by his arms, Luke took in the sight of the area and found a sensor tower, not yet realizing Natalya just yet. Luke grunted, leaping towards the sensor tower nearest the very edge of the landing platform. Luke tried to get around it quickly, utilizing the Force to bolster his strength and used the sensor tower to pull Fett back to earth as he yanked hard on the chord. __ With any luck, the Hunter would be thrown right back down to earth near them. Although he hated the idea of another melee ... getting him grounded was the best option, and meant less of a hassle as far as getting Fett taken care of. Luke groaned a moment, before speaking. "I stay out of Solo's business, from now on."

__The daring move by the Jedi was really the only option he had. Boba was fully prepared to take Luke over the edge of the landing platform and drag him out to sea to cut the whipcord line and let the meddling wizard fall to his demise in the turbulent oceans below. But then, WHAM! the cord went taught and Fett was suddenly sent careening towards the landing platform head first to its edge. He slammed into the edge and his jetpack was literally ripped off of his back. It flew wildly off towards the city and disappeared around the edge of the building. A flash of light and a loud 'boom' followed it moments later. __Boba hugged the landing platform as that harsh way of being pulled down had knocked the wind out of him. But. he. had. to. go. on. And as such, he placed his gloved hands beneat him and stood up, turned around and began to charge at Skywalker. As he ran, splashing water under his heavy foofalls, he yanked his left blaster pistol out of its holster and aimed it directly at the Jedi Master's skull... __His sensors flared in his helmet and he knew a stun beam had just been fired at him. He dropped his charging approach towards Skywalker and hit the water-covered floor of the landing pad with a small splash, and the stun blast flew over him... at Luke's chest...

__Skywalker had all of his attention attuned to the Hunter before him as he rose his hands and focused on the Force, ready to dissipate the oncoming blasts as he lowered his eyes a moment and readied for the shots to come ... Before his concentration was broken and he had barely the time to react as he ducked low and leapt, taking the stun blast in his shoulder causing him to fly wildly backward... The tinsile wire tightening as Luke was kept at a short distance from them ... his body falling back to the ground now and he went right over the edge ... slamming into the building's slick, downward sloped, wall unrealizing. The stun damage had landed easily enough but it luckly only skimmed his shouder leaving it a little dull and numbed.

__Natalya jumps back a pace as the burning red glard of turret fire streaks over her head and impacts behind her. Her head whips around and she levels the cockpit of the Slave I, and the female Hunter inside it, with an angry glare. Natalya was trying to save him! If they'd only just stopped to listen to her, none of this would be happening! None-the-less, she's not interested in a head-to-head with ship's weapons and an angry twi'lek, so she flips the blaster upward in a non-threatening position and holds her arms to the side surrenderingly. __As such, Natalya doesn't see Fett dodge her blast, nor does she see Luke take part of it in the arm. She does hear a metallic scream, and then the concusive explosion of the detonating jet pack, and it causes her to tear her eyes away from Endir's and the ship, which is also in time to see Skywalker take a header over the edge. She sees Fett on the ground, and assumes her stun bolt hit its target. She tosses her blaster away from her, hoping that will be enough to placate the angered twi'lek, and makes at a sprint towards where Fett lays on the ground. "Boba!" she shouts with surprise, seeing that the Hunter is still attached by cable to the falling jedi. If he has been stunned unconcious, he will be pulled over the edge!

__"Frill," Endir hissed under her breath as she watched the Fett. She was torn between leaving her post and going out into the rain again. However, that would make their escape a few moments too slow.

__Boba looked up just in time to see the stun blast take the Jedi in the shoulder, and although he normally would've supported such a thing, but when he saw Luke's form disappear over the edge of the landing pad he thought to himself. 'Not... good..'. __Then, Natalya ran to his side and without thinking, with very little time to spare as the cord was not -that- long. Boba leapt up to his knees and grabbed Natalya's right arm. Before she could know what happened he suddenly had removed his right gauntlet. He looked up to Natalya's eyes from inside his helmet. "Take your Jedi and get out of here." He said as the gauntlet was jammed onto the princess' hand and auto-refitted to her, locking it onto her appendage. And then the whipcord went tight as Luke had reached the end of its line...

__Natalya had skidded to a stop next to the prone body of Fett, but then he had begun to move. Natalya frowned, confused...stunned bodies didn't move. "Bo..." she begun to speak his name again, questioningly, when with lighting speed the Hunter rose to his knees and seized her arm in a savage grip, thrusting the gauntlet upon her. Her eyes meet the blank stare of Boba Fett's faceplat with confusion, and then a sudden horror at his words, as realization dawns on her. There is no time for anything, not even a plea before Natalya is jerked forward by the weight of Luke's dangling body. Stumbling to the floor, she falls, dragged towards the edge. She hits the low barrier that separates the landing pad from the nothingness below with an *ooof*, and then she feels herself tugged over the edge. She suddenly finds herself suspended, weightless....but then with a sickening jerk she begins to slide ina freefall . She screams, a sharp peel of sound that cuts through the wind and the rain as she goes, her stomach taking a sickening lurch.

__The durasteel beneath Luke was cold, slick with rain and as smooth as anything Luke had ever felt before. His hands grasped at the smooth building frantically, trying to create enough friction that he would slow. he pulled on the chord gently, trying to use it to pull himself back up a moment -- With little avail. __That's when Natalya came over the edge - And Luke realized it was her attached to the other side. Luke took a moment to reel slightly before he lunged, trying to get close to Natalya so he would have the time to loosen his bonds, hoping maybe he could get the barb around something ... But Luke missed her as the scream echoed into his ears, and suddenly his feet were no longer firmly against the building, and he was being dragged down. __Seconds passed by before the chord caught onto something, Luke swinging by Natalya in a dizzying display as he hung, wrists held above his head as he relaxed, eyes closed. the sting of the tightening chord almost ripping into the skin of his wrists.

__Boba watched the princess' eyes as they realized what he'd put her irreversably into and part of him, somwhere deep down inside, suddenly did feel a sting of remorse. He'd trusted her, he'd attached himself to her, and she'd turned out to be a Jedi just like Skywalker, just like all of the Jedi. The remorse vanished, replaced by anger. Anger towards Natalya and anger towards himself. And as the princess was yanked away from him at an ungodly speed, he watched her fly over the edge of the platform and he hoped both of the Jedi perished. __The bounty hunter, in one fluid motion, rose to his feet and spun about, like some kind of programmed android, he rose and moved on. He moved towards the Slave I. On his way.. he noted Luke's lightsaber and he gave it a well aimed kick that sent the blade twirling through the air, it too flew off over the edge of the landing field... With that last bit of satisfaction Boba spoke into his comm. __"Swing it around, Endir. Lets get the frell out of here..."

__"Roger that, Boba," Endir said in her crackling voice. The ship, hovering a foot from the ground began to pivot to offer him the easiest way into the vessel. She glanced over her shoulder to the open door of the bunkroom, noting the wriggling basket which contained the squalling Dailo. The twi'lek turned her eyes forward the concentrate on the point where both the Jedi had tumbled over the side of the platform. Shaking her head, she flipped her attention back to the comlink. "Lemme know when you're in and we'll start ascent."

__Natalya could feel the slick metal slide beneath her at a sickening rate, her rain slicked cloak only lessening the friction and making her descent all the faster. Her hands scrabble desparately for a hold, but there is nothing to be had. When she runs out of air for the first scream, she draws a quick breath and begins screaming again. She isn't even aware of Luke as he grabs for her, or as they are falling...When the sensation of solidity beneath her suddenly disappears, her scream is caught in her throat. A heartbeat passes, and then she is in freefall, and another ear-splitting scream rends the air. Natalya's eyes are wide open, and as she plummets she is captivated by the fact that the rain seems to be falling almost as fast as she is...The wind is rushing by her so fast now it steals the air from her lungs, and her scream along with it. Her eyes shut in miserey as the helplessness of her situation overwhelms her, and she waits for her inevitable end in the stormy water's below.... __And then suddenly Natalya is not falling downwards, but sidewards, or the wind has changed directions, for the rain is now stinging her directly in the face. But no...she had felt a distinct jerk on her arm and hope surges within her. She has caught on something! The glove pulls painfully at her wrist as she is suspended by the weight of her body. The smooth arch carries her past the similarly suspended form of Skywalker, and she gasps in relief and amazement at her fortune.

__Teetering there, suspended above the ocean waters of Kamino, Skywalker seemed to hold an odd calm about him as he took in a deep breath and swallowed harshly before he opened his ease, eventually coming to a rest only inches from the princess. Charming. He could sense something within her, a kind of anger and emotion building within her. __he exhaled finally and looked to the woman, his mind whirring as he tried to come up with some sort of plan. "Relax your mind." He said in a calm voice, wondering curiously as he paused a moment, sighing again. "There's a communicator in a pouch on my belt. Activate it for me." Luke said quickly as he tried to loosen the binds around his wrist for a few moments, being sure not to let go and kill them both.

__Boba Fett approached the Slave I's boarding ramp now and he made the small leap up to it. He then started up the ship's ramp, the injuries he'd sustained in the fight were suddenly becoming apparent to him and he felt the soarness as he trudged up the slippery ramp towards the ship's opening hatch. He didn't pay very close attention and he actually hit the dome top of his head on the door as he ducked under it. He gave a grunt of annoyance, ducked and then slipped into the ship and disappeared within it. "I'm in." He said into his comm. "Get us out of here." He punched the panel beside the hatch and it started to close behind him again.

__The Firespray suddenly took a quick upward climb. Endir glanced one last time to the storm-ridden world before she took a deep breath and concentrated on the skies above. The ship rocked with turbulence as they broke through the thick storm clouds. Once the ship shot through the atmosphere of the planet, the Twi'lek began to plot a course to the gravity well. She yanked herself out of the chair and make quick steps toward the bunk room to fetch Dailo before she popped a lung or blood vein.

__Natalya's heart is thudding so loudly in her own ears she is surprised Skywalker cannot hear it is as well. But then, he is a jedi, perhaps he can. Swinging on the ends of the cord like a pendulum, their momentum becomes steadily less, until they are hanging still, next to one another. Suspended by one arm, Natalya's shoulder feels likely to release the offending limb from the comfort of it's socket any minute, and she is grimacing in pain when the jedi speaks to her. "Relax my mind?" she asks in exasperation. "There isn't a lot about this situation that makes me feel like relaxing," she quips, but struggles to turn herself in a direction that will give her access to the belt pouch. She leans towards it, wincing as the ligaments in her arm protest painfully. She fumbles around until she get's her hand in the pouch, and her fingers fold tightly around the communicator. She flicks it on. "Done," she informs him.

__"You're Focusing on the negative, Natalya. Be mindful of your thoughts. We're still alive." He nodded as she flicked the communicator on and he spoke up, hoping the bucket of bolts would hear him. "R2! Bring the X-Wing around beneath the Western portion of the habitat." He demanded, focusing on the environment around them as he looked about, no longer sensing the Slave I. "We're along. They've left the planet." He said idly to Natalya, focusing on a plan to get them to safety. __He rocked slightly as the wind picked up around them. "I'll have R2 bring my X-Wing around, you should be able to fit into the cockpit and R2 will take you to safety." Luke was already formulating a plan to get away himself, and he noticed the ledge just a distance away. Force willing, he'd probably be able to swing and leap towards the ledge and get a grasp onto it. If they could detach the gauntlet from her arm he could climb the rope ... Grapple it away and even swing towards the doors. He pondered this all he he narrowed his eyes to peer through the rain. "Your father's going to kill me."

- End of Log -