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Blackmail in Belrand

OOC Date: October 8, 2022
Location: Belrand, Adarlon
Participants: Pilha Aino (GM), Domino Graystorm, Jundani Meru

_..< Hotel Tower - Belrand, Adarlon >_..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__ Each of the eight towers of the grand Natalar are circular in shape with a central lift to each from the great honeycombed dome. The rooms are arranged in pie like wedges off the lift and provide great views and larger portion of the room all in glass. _..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__..__.

Several days ago, a dingy bar in the Ko Hentota sector of Nar Shaddaa. Word has been put out. Discreet word. Discreet types are needed for a discreet type of operation on the rich sentients playground of Adarlon. Contact Pilha Aino, come for the briefing. So, here Pilha sits in a booth in a dingy bar with a band that plays loudly enough to cover conversation but not tooo loud to drown it out.

Jundani Meru was a, mostly, unknown face on the moon. Whether by design or by happenstance. But word reached her when it was required, and the slim figure made her way into the bar, moving with practiced ease through the patrons on the way to the appointed booth. "I was told that drinks would be provided." There was no sense of expectation in the words, simply the code words given to her when the arrangement had been made. Time enough to slip into a free space at the booth to await the denouement to begin.

Domino has an immsense closet with outfits for every occasion and cultivated impression. Today she forgoes the Trashy/slinky riot of garrish color that cultivates the 'peaches' look and instead is smooth and polished, hair chemically relaged and in a carefully cultured curl down her back via a high ponytail and a simple but elegant gown with a off shoulder cape in muted color. She belongs and fades into the background, unremarkable and forgetable. she settles into the booth primly, her whole mein different than the usual Peaches sashay. Motions are prim, proper, and ladylike down to the way her hands neatly fold in her lap once she's settled.

Pilha Aino, wearing typical spacers clothes and the dirt and grime of Ko Hentota on her calf-high boots, leans back in her booth. She glances Jundani up and down and says in a conversational tone, to complete the code phrase, "I've ordered us Naboo wine." Her accent - a strange mix of Corellian and Nar Shaddaa. Pilha nods at Domino, raising a dark eyebrow wryly. They just keep bumping into one another, don't they?

Pilha Aino, wearing typical spacers clothes and the dirt and grime of Ko Hentota on her calf-high boots, leans back in her booth. She glances Jundani up and down and says in a conversational tone, to complete the code phrase, "I've ordered us Naboo wine." Her accent - a strange mix of Corellian and Nar Shaddaa. Pilha nods at Domino, raising a dark eyebrow wryly. They just keep bumping into one another, don't they?

She talks lowly: "My patron wants a small group to infiltrate a luxury hotel in Adarlon and the target's room to load some incriminating information on his personal datapad. Target is Isazan Laccraw, industrialist, apparently actually good at his job which has ruffled some feathers somewhere..." Pilha pulls her datapad out and shows it to Jundani and Domino. Isazan is shown in a picture: aquiline nose, brown hair and brown eyes with an intense stare. "He's attending an awards dinner being held at the hotel. The place will be packed. We need to get in and out without being seen. 2k upfront, 3k on successfully completing the mission."

Domino's eyebrows loft upwards, "More than one?" there's a bit of incredulousness and perhaps some judgement for their faceless employer, "How do we know he has it with him and not in the Bank's corporate vault? No one uses safes small enough to be carried off.

"That is well." Jundani settled, her demeanour utterly relaxed as the group gathered. Casual, the gaze as she looked away from the booth and into the rest of the room. Domino's arrival was noted, only a brief glance given to the woman in her entirety, as if to determine if this was someone she had met before. Whatever the final determination, it did not affect the result, which was a nod, as attention returned to Pilha Aino. "A standard operation then? Entry from multiple points, coalescing in the room to plant the information. A distraction and a strike team?" It was always difficult to work out the proper way in which a new team worked together.

Domino's eyebrows loft upwards, "More than one?" there's a bit of incredulousness and perhaps some judgement for their faceless employer, "How do we know he has it with him and not in the Bank's corporate vault? No one uses safes small enough to be carried off." She ahhhs, "Not literally in-yes that'd make most sense. Well. I defer to you two." She leans back, scanning the room attentively.

"Hopefully standard enough." Pilha taps her datapad, showing a schematic of the hotel. Public access to each floor, as well as service lifts for staff and serving droids to use. "I'm hoping one person provides a distraction, one person slices comms and security to hide what we're doing and get us access to the room, and one person plants the data."

Jundani looked away from the other two in the trio, eyes scanning the information that was being passed over on the datapad, "If we must determine roles, I would have preference for the infiltration. Using the service elevators, or possibly infiltrating as a member of security, of which there will be many would be more to my tastes." It was a suggestion only, and she was not the person orchestrating the mission.

Domino shrugs, "Just tell me where you want me, I can easily do any of it. Just don't ask me to be charming." she flashes a bright, sunshine smile like she's pleased to be a terrible human being.

Pilha glances at Jundani, "By infiltrator you mean placing the data?" She confirms with the other woman. Pilha then turns her attention to Domino, looking her up and down. "Maybe you should be running the security systems, then?" Pilha pauses to show them both on the datapad where the target is staying. Then she hands out two items to the others "Skeleton keys and comlinks. If either of your are good are encrypting the comlinks, nows the time to say."

"I meant making entry into the building unnoticed so that we can make our way up to the designated suite. No amount of skill in uploading information to the datapad will be useful unless we can make our way in there undetected. Assuming the datapad is indeed in the suite and not on the intended target." The key ad the comlink were accepted, and Jundani reached into one of the pockets on her armor to retrieve a small mobile toolkit, "Encryption will not be a problem." She began to make minor, but necessary adjustments to her own comm unit, before she held out a hand for the other two.

Domino nods, "I am proficient at both but sounds like Jundani has it." She hands over her own comm to the other woman, "So basically you just need me to create the blindspots?"

Pilha doesn't hand over the device to Jundani, she has another go and after a few seconds, manages to encrypt it. "Yeah, you access the security room, monitor coms, create blind spots and help Jundani move around undetected. I'll create a distraction to help you get in there in the first place."

Jundani was not bothered by the others doing their own work. So long as the comms were made to work on the same channel, that was well. "When do we depart for the mission? The more prep time I have the easier it will be for me to get in and get myself established in the system before I make my way up." The comm unit was tucked away, as was the skeleton key. "I am ready for departure at your order."

Domino indicates her readiness, tugging out a datapad and tucking her goggles into her designer satchel as she rises from the booth. A few days pass. The others are given the time slot and date for the job. All are to arrive and depart separtely and reconvene at the bar in Ko Hentota. The hotel is heaving as the great and the good for the sector (and their retenues) arrive for the awards dinner. Droids, staffers, major domos rush about. Ball attendees sashay around, eating amuse bouches and drinking champagne.

Pilha, having tried and failed to slice the hotel's systems to fake a delivery, decides frak it and arrives anyway in a truck filled with droids, equipment, supplies bought for cash. A few more credits persuades a couple of likely-looking types to have a drunken brawl in the foyer.

Security was...never a problem and hardly an unusual sight, in an event such as this. And given the sheer number of notables in attendance, it was nearly a warren, a hive, if you will, of personnel bought and paid for, whose only function was to ensure that nothing untoward happened. So, easy enough, to find a way inside through one of the entrances for the rabble, rather than the well to do.

Domino rolls a suitcase with her as she makes her way down the hall from the reception desk where some of the administrative offices are-just a lost guest here nothing nefarious. She finds the security to room and then a small alcove where maintence and auxillery power are located. She sets the suitcase upright with her sweater draped over the handle and settles behind it to deftly remove the panel and gain access to the security system including video feeds. In comes the live feed to her computer interface, out goes the last ten minutes played on a continuous loop-anything happening after that overlooked via the cameras-the sensors are in mantainence mode report nothing if they're triggered.

A contingent of security guards head to the foyer to deal with the brawl, talking quietly into their comlinks as they head where the four-party brwl is noisily taking place. Pilha drives the truck to the underground loading bay. Or at least, she tries to. She slams it into the side of the entrance and scrapes it down the wall as she goes down, leaving gouges and paint in her wake. Arriving at the loading bay, Pilha hops out wearing a nondescript jumpsuit and heads for the back of the speeder truck. She opens the doors, and begins to unload boxes. She pauses to pull out her encryped comlink. "Distractions are ongoing," she tells the other two.

Once she was inside, the process of becoming one with the security was easy enough. The helmet was kept on, as often as possible, and each time it was taken off, the woman looked slightly different, face shape, eye colour, hair, style, even minor variations in height and weight, all allowing, of course, for movement through gaps in surveillance as the changes were made. Best to ensure that no single face would stand out as Jundani moved through the hotel, slowing working her way towards the suite level. The armor she had chosen was non-descript enough not to be noticed, but not so low class as to raise eyebrows amongst those who could pay for the best in protective services.

Domino reports via comms, <<Security bypassed. You are invisible to security feed and sensors just act like you belong there if staff see you>> her tone low. She remains hunkered down behind the innocently placed suitcase by the tiny auxillery alcolve, not in the middle of the hall but still not nearly as private or concealed as she'd like. The brawl outside escalates as a few actual patrons are embroiled in it now. More security head over, rushing past Jundani without penetrating her disguise. Pilha continues unloading her boxes, carefully spreading them where they'd create the most annoying - road, pavement, in front of the loading bay doors. Movement through the building proved easy enough, with the other two members of the team handling security and keeping an eye on potential trouble and heading that off at the pass. The skeleton key was put to good use, along with a cart of supplies pulled down along the hall, to give the impression that housekeeping was moving through the floors in a time when most guests would be out of their rooms and thus not inconvenienced by such things as the need to redo bedding and change towels. Jundani slipped into the door, closing the door behind her as she began a neat and logical search of the room to locate the datapad, a hand patting a pocket to ensure that the spike was where it was meant to be for upload to the system.

A security guard on patrol comes across the devastation in the loading bay. "What's going on?" He asks as Pilha hops out of the truck. "OH, uh, just deliveries," the dark=haired woman says. "Got the delivery order right here," she says, pulling out her datapad. Out front, the brawlers tear off, security hot on their heels.

On the corridor with Jundani, a cleaning droid comes out of the room next to the target's room and begins to head for Jundani's room... Having located, with some dedicated searching, the datapad required, Jundani settled in, retrieving the data spike as she prepped the area. She did not touch the datapad with bare hands, nor did she move it from where it had been set. Not as easy as one would think, but she was determined not to leave any trace that anyone had been in or out. The data, once it was uploaded, had the spike replaced in her armor. The message from Domino was acknowledged with a click of her comms, a series of sounds that were low enough that the sound would not carry, as her voice might, and Jundani moved. Deciding, it seemed that leaving the suite was preferable to the adjusting the status in which the suite has been left by its current resident, rather than moving towards the door, Jundani moved for the sliding doors to the balcony, slipping in and out, closing the door behind her. Once she was outside of the room, her voice came, low and controlled. "I am going to be exiting the hotel along the exterior wall. I will let you know when I am on the ground."