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Keomeash and Azur gathering intel, discussing tactics, and waiting for a new officer to arrive.

OOC Date: Oct. 14th, 2018
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Keomeash, Azur, Riduawa

---< Open Desert - Tatooine >-----------------------------------------
The open desert lands of Tatooine vary in content but basically it boils down to being mostly all just sand and more sand. Here and there one will find spatterings of rocks and small cliff faces, and if you're lucky, even a cave or crevice to hide in to avoid the sunlight, or perhaps to avoid a caravan of Tusken Raiders. But what you will find in the open desert is a whole lot of nothing. The suns literally boil everything in the open desert during the daytime hours and it gets down to near freezing at night. The occassional mesa rises up in the sky as one nears the canyon areas.

It's a sunny day, it's always sunny here it feels like, and hot, there are clouds sometimes, but it's so rare, so painfully rare. The desert robes everyone wears is with good reason, Keom has a set that is made up of various shades but today he's wearing a particular, sand-colored shade. He may have brought Azur with him or maybe she was going out to bring him something. He's on a dune not right at the crest but to one side of it and he's got a thin tan sheet over him and spread to either side so from a distance he looks less like a person and more like a part where the sand arcs up a little.. He lifts his binocs to observe the occasional ship going here and there, trying to get a read on their identity and in which part of the 'city' they are landing.

Crouching next to him, squinting in the bright sun, Azur lowers her binocs after having swept them over the terrain opposite the 'city'. The captain's example of camoflage and desert wear has been gladly adopted by the woman; the ample sand colored robes and head cover protect and are airy compared to the heavy black uniform that is their habitual military garb. Together under the tarp they yet another dune in the monotony of the cresting sand hills they are stationed on.

"There's one of the medical transports." Remarks the captain in a comfortable volume, the only noise is the echo of distant speeders and ships, and the wind, the drone of a distant dust storm that fortunately is going a different direction. The ship he points out is a relatively small vessel, in good condition compared to some of the junkers flying around, but it's clear the cargo must be small, unless it's a special delivery of some kind. "I assume they get a shipment in from a main spaceport, divide it all up and send it across the planet from there, I think to aquire supplies in the mean time, we would be better off hitting one of the small criminal groups here and taking their supply." Apparently he remembers the talk lastnight about getting supplies. His attention briefly departs the ships and he looks over toward her, his crimson gaze meeting her own if she should do the same.

"Ah, so it is." There is a subtle nod of relief from her, and she lowers her binocs to look at him. "Do you have some targets in mind, sir?" she asks raising them to look back at the port again, easier than facing his gaze. "We need a new tank. More bacta. Some surgical supplies."

Keomeash watches the younger Chiss woman for just a moment as she speaks, before he shakes his head. "Not yet, I'm still getting a feel for the place, there are a few groups working out of this settlement, small time thugs they get into fights from time to time but they are more interested in proving something than actually ruling anything, it seems that the security that is still in place, if that's what we can call it, dont care about those groups as long as they dont get big enough to cause real trouble.. when we start making any of our moves, it will be something to keep in mind, as we may attract attention weither we are subtle or not.. but considering our meager equipment I'd say, we could target one of those smaller groups first.. perhaps we could find a way to set the others against them, and step in when they are weak to take what we want.. do you have any suggestions, Doctor?"

The woman settles on her heels, holding her binocs in her lap while she listens. She holds his gaze now, nodding on occasion, biting her her lower lip thoughtfully. "Sir. I would hit a small group by hiring their rivals and start some in-fighting or..." she taps her chin, eyes lidded as she essays another idea. "Putit out that X group hit Y group while we do it ourselves. They won't know what hit them."

She'd note that he dug into the sand a bit to plant his knees so he could lay in the sand in a sortof almost crouching position, apparently for comfort. He now rolls to his side a little bit and faces her, mostly laying down under the 'tent' that provides camo and cover from the sun. He listens to her intently, eyes drifting down to her lip when she bites it, and nods a little once she's done speaking. "Good." He says in approval. "I'd like to begin wtih rumors, getting them against each other, perhaps some vandalization. They each have their own signs they like to scratch on the walls or paint in their territory, they put them in the back alleys for the most part, we could easily cause a little destruction and play them against each other, if we are lucky we may end up with supplies in the process, considering the gangs do not directly fight currently, we'll have to be mindful that they catch on."

A slight breeze lifts their cover bringing a little relief from the stifling heat. Her eyes search the city a moment imagining the alleys he refers to; she blinks once at his approval, lips nearly softening into a smile but not at ease enough with him to frankly let that show. "Rumors, then. Not so hard to do if we are hanging in the bars and talking to the right people I imagine. You'd be good at it, sir, but you might scare the locals, too. I can try but I don't do..."she gestures vaguely grasping for the right words. "Someone like that woman last night would be more believable than me, sir. Or Tiahn."

"Someone like her, would be better at it." Agrees the Chiss man in a thoughtful manner, his eyes drift away for a moment. "But your idea of hiring locals to do our work for us, would be the best option. The rarity of our species makes us suspect here." The edge of his lips curl upward for just a moment, a faint smirk but it doesnt seem to be judgemental or condemning, more like something briefly amused him. "There are three that I've been looking at, the Makobites are lead by a being known as, interestingly enough, Mak'o. He has a.. generous opinion of himself, but he's good in a fight, leads his people well. There's another called the Dune breakers, these are more of a secretive type but they mainly deal in drugs, I've been considering them specifically, as their labs could be of use to us for the creation of chemicals, medicine, explosives, that sort of thing."

Not unaware of his amusement, Azur snorts wryly without trying to call attention to it. "Good, that that's a viable suggestion. There is no honor in these people how will we hold them to it? Or do we cut off the head and lead them ourselvse?" She raises her eyebrows waiting for his response.

Briefly, the male Chiss' gaze is drawn to a ship flying away, but his gaze returns to Azur, meeting her own he seems fairly relaxed there on the sand. The tent flutters occasionally above them, held up by a couple short posts with curved 'tees' at the top in a way that makes it slope in the shape of a dune. It could easily could contain supplies around the edges but right now it's empty as he hadnt intended to be out here long term. "That would work well, if we could take over one of them." Admits the man with a slow, considerate nod. "It would require impressing or intimidating them enough to accept our guidance.. it would be best if we could install a puppet, find a discordant commander to take over, with our assistance. We could be more discrete in this way."

"Money talks." She takes a deep breath considering his words, ruby gaze riveted on his while she nods. "Who will ferret out the one greedy enough to betray his own?" Her words do carry the weight of judgement for someone willing to stoop that low. She digs her knees in deeper, loosening her upright posture somewhat as she loses herself in the puzzle they are building together. "I wonder how much money it would take."

"All good questions." Says the man in consideration, adjusting a bit to sit up more so he can refresh himself with his canteen. "We'll have to snoop around, listen. I'd like to know more about the money those groups bring in, we'll have to feel things out." He shrugs and then his eyes close as he lifts his canteen for a few swallows. His robes have become a bit disheveled making them askew on his form, mostly this just stands out due to how neat and tidy he keeps himself, and after he's had his drink he does tug those robes straight again.

"I think we will be drinking a lot of Gomba juice," she looks at him sideways as her face lights up at the memory of the server's error last night, "if they get the order right. Or will we simply find informants." She speculates and speaks with the voice of the innocent in these matters, waiting for him to finish drinking then reaches for her own canteen to uncap it. "And what will keep the informants from informing? I studied medicine, sir. Ground tactics, space tactics but not espionage. I have a lot to learn." She nods wryly and takes a long drink herself before delicately wiping her mouth with a finger and recapping the canteen.

The man's lips curl upward a bit as she mentions the glass of juice. "At first I had thought they had the wrong impression and were about to bring two straws." He says with a bit of mirth. "Though in truth such a cover would work out, less suspicion that we are military, at the least." His eyes turn to the opening of the 'blind' in which they sit, watching a trio of light freighters come in from atmo to land at the main spaceport. "Well that is what this mission is about, partially, learning to do things in a new way." Replies the male Chiss in a casual manner. "In any case, if all goes well we will have our ships and supplies for the next part of this, in which case most of us will be serving on the same ship. It's good that we can work alongside one another and become familiar."

An abrupt laugh escapes her after the words 'two straws' and she involuntarily drops her eyes as she shakes her head. "I had never considered undercover opts though there was a moment where I think there was some discussion among my superior officers about that. My looks." She does wag her head in frank dismissal of that notion. "I'm ready for it, I mean to learn to do things in a new way. I look forward to serving under you, sir."

Her laugh causes his smile to grow somewhat more at the sound, watching her when her eyes drop, his gaze takes a moment to explore her features, before he nods somewhat. "Your looks?" He asks. "Yes, you are very attractive, such a gift can be used to your advantage, not always a reliable tactic, but there are many men who let their guard down for a beautiful woman." His eyes are on her own as he says the last. "I look forward to serving over you." He replies before his head turns toward the exit of the blind again, as a speeder flies over, just a small personal transport craft, not even armed.

In uncomfortable territory, she blinks holding his gaze, saying in a low voice "Sir. Yes, sir. It's not what I wanted." When he turns his gaze away she releases a soft breath and looks out at the spaceport, the noise of a departing shuttle catching her attention. "When do you think, sir?"

Keomeash just nods a little when she states it's not what she wanted. "It wasn't my intention to suggest you should be forced to do anything you do not wish to do, Doctor, only that you should know your strengths and how to use them /if/ you must." He says this in a somewhat softer tone, this as he looks back toward her, to ensure she understands him. "I require obedience amongst my crew, but that doesnt mean I would ask you to do something with which you are uncomfortable without a damned good reason."

Slightly abashed at what might be construed as a slight, she nods stiffly, "I know, sir. I didn't mean to infer that you would do that. Ever. You have the reputation of being one of the fairest captains in the Fleet." She recovers herself and adds firmly, "Beside being one of the wiliest and deadliest." She holds out her hand in acquiescence, "You are right to point it out. It is a strength, too, even if I have been always wary of using it."

Keomeash nods. "I understand, you dont want to be known just for that, I'd not want to be known only for one thing about me, either." He says, and he smiles at her a little. "Flattery will get you nowhere, Doctor." He offers with a faint hint of mischief in his crimson gaze, before he looks toward the lowered sun, one of them at least, back to her once again. "I didn't realize my reputation had grown that much, though." His lips curl up in a faint sort of smile. "In any case, a new officer should be joining us soon."

  • Just to the south of the town, Keom has set up a blind, just behind one of the dunes, it goes up to the top rising just over the tip of the dune so people inside can look out, but it goes down the back of that dune a short ways, there are T-shaped posts inside that droop slightly to make the tan cloth look more rounded and dune-like, and it's big enough for four or five when stretched out totally, enough room to put supplies around the edges of it, though it's mostly empty right now. Keom and Azure have been here with binocs watching the ships fly in and out, and the speeders and hovercraft as well, keeping tabs on the in-and-out of the settlement.

Well it was quiet for the most part, at least until a transport ship seemed to just come out of nowhere near the pair. It was almost silent but there was that hum of the ship none the less and the engines kicking up the sand before it slowly settles down. There's no movement at first before the ramp lowers and there stands taller human looking man holding a large duffle....with a smaller figure wrapped up in brow robes. Red eyes can be seen peering from the hood before the figure turns, standing on her toes to plant a kiss on the mans cheek and taking that duffle. "Thanks!" Grinning a bit, Riduawa just wiggles her fingers before turning and making her way down the ramp. That hood still up, she would just wave as she makes her way over to the pair but not speaking up just yet.

After shading her eyes from the dust that the transport kicked up, Azur turns to watch the hooded figure come down the ramp. From this distance it is hard to know if the man she takes leave of is Chiss but as the woman approaches, she is unmistakably one of her own. "I didn't realize we were expecting company, sir. More crew?" She watches with an air of expectancy. More crew is better for the admiral and for the Ascendancy.

Keomeash is lounging comfortably in the blind, as the ship arrives he slides up toward the opening just a little more but slides back down a little when he spots the human exiting. "Yes." He replies, and turns his crimson gaze to Azur, his expression comfortable, even just a little friendly, it's just a faint hint on his expression, probably because they've been getting to know each other better. "I've been expecting our comms officer." He informs her. He doesnt say it but it was one of the reasons he was out here anyway.

As that human ducks back in the ship, the ramp raises and simply raises back up and takes off. Exhaling she just sighs as she looks around then shrugs as she watches the transport take off. After that she lets her hood down, squinting slightly as she pushes a stray hair back into place of that messy bun at the base of her head. "...hrm." Ri adjusts that large bag on her shoulder before moving towards them. [Language: Cheunh]

Keomeash reaches a hand up out of the blind's 'window' and gestures to the side of the dune as if Riduawa should walk around to get within. or at least move behind it. "We can probably pack this up for now, I think we've got a lot accomplished today here." He looks to Azur directly and sort of bobs his head to her slowly. "I've found your input quite valuable, Doctor." He says. "I think we'll get Riduawa in on these things too, she has a way with people, but as we discussed, we'll have to work through proxies as much as we can, we'll need funding as well, so perhaps a few subtle strikes on particular targets will kill two birds with one stone." Then he slides back along the dune a bit, the side that is not facing the settlment to the north, on the south side he flips up the bottom to make an opening that still conceals whoever would be hiding inside, no point making the blind visible to whoever flies over after all. "Well." Says the man and he smiles, much moreso than Azur or the others would have seen so far. "You're late officer, everyone has already checked in." His tone is warm as he says this, however. Dispite sand colored robes he's wearing, which seem more sand shaded as if he's swapped out some layers to specifically blend in with the dunes he stands straight upright in a habitually military fashion. [Language: Cheunh]

Azur stands to greet the newcomer as well. She shakes the sand that has stuck to her dune colored robes out and extends a hand in welcome, smiling warmly, "Sabosen'azur'nuruodo, pleasure to meet you. We have been discussing plans for operations here on Tatooine but I will leave our Captain to fill you in. Welcome aboard." [Language: Cheunh]

Sighing a bit she just smles as she makes her way around to where she was directed. Ri's red eyes squint in the sun before she finally hears a voice. Looking up, she grins a bit as she just stands up even straighter if possible and gives him a salute. "Some of us like to be fashionably late...but I had some last minute duties sir before they let me go...." At that she shrugs before looking over to Azur. Taking that hand, her grasps is firm but she nods. "A pleasure I'm sure. I'm Wrer'iduawa'zuossuma." [Language: Cheunh]

Keomeash makes a sort of salute in return. "From here on out, Riduawa, no more salutes, and no use of ranks even if we are speaking our language. We cannot assume anything. One of our goals here is to be discrete." He informs her in a more serious manner, even if he smiles a little after. he must be glad to see her. "I suspect you wont be the last to join us, it's easier to have one or two of our group join at a time instead of all at once just showing up in town." [Language: Cheunh]

"We have been garnering a lot of attention as it is. Last night in a Cantina some of the locals were having trouble with seeing so much blue skin. I wouldn't be surprised if we are told not to congregate in public in more than twos." She glances at Keo for confirmation, "There was someone at the bar who understood Cheunh. I've never heard of anyone able to do that." [Language: Cheunh]

Riduawa simply nods then as she relaxes. "Of course." Smiling a bit as she adjusts that heavy bag before just dropping it down. "Ugh..." Blowing some of her hair on her face she just nods then. "Well it makes sense. We certainly shouldn't go alone either....not without some sort of tracking." A slight shrug is given then. "And I have heard in whsipers a few that have. How they managed to do so? Well some aren't as pleasant as other ways however its best stick to basic perhaps to unnerve people less...." Looking over to her cousin then she nods. "Are we allowed to go in plain clothes too? I mean mom made sure I was prepared...and my dad did too in his own way." [Language: Cheunh]

Keomeash's head turns toward Azur as she speaks, a single blink and he nods to her in agreement. "It may be a good idea, but never alone." He tuns his red eyes to ri as she mentions that. He pauses, looks around for a moment. "Let's head into town." He says before he turns and moves to pull the steaks from under the tan canvas. He kicks sand over the edges of it a bit and nods, should be fine. "You dropped something, Lieutenant." He mentions as he draws closer to Ri but he smiles at her and moves off north, toward the settlement, reaching to pull his robes up over his head. "Best to stick to Robes Riduawa, sorry, and basic is preffered, to blend in. The rest of your clothing, we'll see." [Language: Cheunh]

"Back tomorrow, sir? It was an interesting day watching the incoming and outgoing transports." She says addressing Riduawa, "They have a lot of traffic for such a barren place. More than meets the eyes. The Captain has been showing me more of the reconnaisance ropes than I normally get in the med bay." That last said with self-depreciating humor. "And the robes are much cooler than ship uniform, believe me." So saying, she pulls her own hood up to shade her blue face and follows the captain out. [Language: Cheunh] Riduawa blinks as she watches him break things down then nods. "Sounds good...." She picks up her duffle bag again, rolling her eyes a bit as she hears his words about dropping her bag but said nothing. "Sounds good. Is there food or.....?" Also....she eats....a lot. As she nods to Azur she smiles. "I'm sure there is. We probably woulnd't be here if there wasn't...." Smirking she just nods before falling in step after Keomeash. "Well now that I know how hot it is....the clothes I was sent with probably won't be the best....I may have to alter it a bit. You know how I'm used to being sent in for things with my background. It might actually come in handy....less scary if I'm not in uniform....." [Language: Cheunh]

Returning from the desert Keo leads the two into the room that they have rented out, since Ri had mentioned food, it's a fine time to do that anyway, Keom and Azur have been out in the desert with just some water, and there are emergency rations but they are for just that, emergencies. Keom keeps one in a pack on his belt, with some other small survival items. For now though the Captain unwraps his robes a bit, rearranging them somewhat. "I'll go get some food, there is a burger place down the road." [Language: Cheunh]

"Vegetables," the doctor mutters and sighs. "I miss greens. Can you ask them to put a lot of what ever greens they use on my burger, sir? Or would you rather that I go? I don't mind." The hotel staff must be inured to sand on the floor, she looks down at her feet and has left a little trace of dust despite carefully shaking her robes out before coming in. [Language: Cheunh]

Riduawa sighs as she shakes the sand off of her robs and boots before stepping in. Hearing burgers she grins as she nods then. "That sounds great!" Grinning she then looks back to the hotel. "This place is....bearable. We should probably switch to their tongue at least...." [Language: Cheunh]

Keomeash remains somewhat near the entrance, he checks his belt for a moment, pockets, listening to Azur he nods. "It's fine, I'll take care of it." Says the Captain easily. His attention turns to Ri and he nods to her. "It is probably for the best." He agrees, switching to basic, and when he does, oddly enough he has a Coruscanti accent. "I'll be back with the food, you two should get acquainted." He remarks before he steps out, putting his hood up.

"Do you need to get your stuff up to your quarters?" Azur's accent in Basic is not the same as the Captain's, her vowels are more pointed and her R's roll with a burr to them. "I suppose you are from Csilla like a lot of the crew?" she adds, and takes a seat in a nearby chair. "Let me know, be glad to help."

Riduawa nods to Keo as he takes his leave before looking over to Azur with a smie. "I should but I'm in no rush. I figured I'd get that settled sooner than late." Her own accent was too very Coruscanti as well but not as thick. Settling in a seat she sighs a bit. "Yes I am. My cousin should have warned me but I should have known it wasn't going to be so easy. This heat is sweltering...." At that she just smiles a bit. "Thank you....I do appreciate it."

The young doctor nods politely and a silence falls between them until she ventures, "Cousins? Did you all grow up together then?"

Riduawa chuckles a bit then as she nods. "The Captain and I did yes. I was like....an annoying little sister. His father and my father are brothers." Shrugging a bit she nods. "So yeah...we were pretty close growing up." Mostly getting in trouble but she would not dare to bring that up."

"First cousins to the Captain." she nods approval as only a Chiss is able, putting families first and foremost in most of their lives. "We have a lot of family on board. It is good for the ship, binds us closer. I have no blood family on board." She is unusually silent about her own family as it is often the topic of conversation between ship mates and non-military Chiss.