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Mandalorians are a predominantly human cultural group who originated on the planet Mandalore in the star system of the same name. Mandalorians have had a particularly unique role in galactic history as legendary warriors against the Jedi, and could be commonly found not only on the Mandalorian homeworld and its moon, Concord Dawn, but across Mandalorian Space and the galaxy at large. Mandalore had a largely martial history, but by the time of the Clone Wars the planet had fallen into a war torn ruin that only got worse as the Galactic Empire rose to power.


Originating from the planet Mandalore in the Outer Rim, the Mandalorians' history was one of warriors who would become feared throughout the galaxy, gaining a reputation as mercenaries and bounty hunters. Even prior to the formation of the Old Republic, war dominated their way of life.

This life of war eventually turned to dreams of expansion, and a group of Mandalorian warriors known as the crusaders began waging war against other people to conquer their worlds. Armor-clad and wielding swords, the crusaders lay waste to many worlds during their wars. The crusaders conquered several worlds and systems beyond their own. Eventually, the crusaders' expansion spread to the Inner Rim, where they devastated the planet Ubduria out of contempt for the native Ubdurians, whom they viewed as dishonorable cowards.

The Mandalorian crusaders' expansion eventually brought them into conflict with the Jedi Order and the Old Republic they protected. Their first confrontations with the Jedi Knights took the Mandalorians by surprise: their use of the Force and the powers it granted them was a challenge that they had never seen before. However, the prideful nature of the Mandalorians would not allow that disadvantage to stand, and the technologically advanced people began to devise ways to overcome the powers of the enigmatic Jedi. The result was a major advancement in the development of Mandalorian technology, specifically of their arsenal and their infamous armor. They also developed a fighting style that combined their entire arsenal and skills to allow them to counteract the Jedi's supernatural abilities. With these new technologies, the Mandalorians began to win their share of conflicts with the Jedi, and their warriors earned the reputation of being capable of confronting and defeating Jedi Knights. The generations-long conflict ensured an enmity that lasted for several wars and was remembered by the wider galaxy even millennia later.

The Devastation of Mandalore

Despite the unity that some noble Clans had brought to Mandalore, it did not last. Constant warfare and relentless campaigns of conquest ravaged Mandalore. Warlords from various clans emerged to fight the Jedi, but also to fight among themselves. The last great struggle between the Mandalorian warlords and the Jedi occurred on Mandalore itself, and caused a cataclysmic event that devastated the planet, scorching much of its surface into a lifeless, white desert and deep rocky canyons.

This event ended the war between the Mandalorians and the Jedi, as well as the Mandalorians' dreams of expansion. As a result of their homeworld's devastation, a major focus on reconstruction occupied the warrior clans for a time; the uninhabitable conditions of Mandalore's surface forced them to adapt, just as they had adapted to the Jedi's use of the Force.

The most noteworthy attempt to restore a functional society on their homeworld came in the form of Clan Kryze, which created a heavily fortified domed-in city known as Sundari. Sundari thrived for an arguably short amount of time in the culture's history, however, as when the Galactic Empire rose to power it arrived in the system of Mandalore and it laid waste to Sundari, leaving it another scar on an already heavily battle-torn world. The Galactic Empire did this to showcase dominance over the warrior people which were threatening to fight back against Imperial rule.

After Endor

After the Battle of Endor, and word spread of Emperor Palpatine's death the Imperial warships in the Mandalore System began to suspect an attack and as they planned to flee from the system, it came. Journeyman Protectors from the moon of Concord Dawn launched a full scale attack upon the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Javelin'. The Journeyman Protectors ravaged and destroyed the Imperial warship, and declared the Mandalore System 'Free Again'.

Since then, the Journeyman Protectors have guarded the space within their own star system. Though they still face opposition from some of the lesser clans from the planet of Mandalore that wish to attempt to become the most dominant space presence in Mandalore territory.

Mandalore denied any and all involvement in a New Republic and warned any New Republic vessels that dared come to their system would be fired upon but due to the nature of the Galactic Concordance agreement, the New Republic never attempted to reach out to the Mandalorian people's homeworld... as they had their own battles yet to fight.

Mandalorian Civil War

Though fighting amongst themselves has always been a thing to some degree amongst Mandalorians, today it is in a place that seemingly no one has an answer to. The countless wars, conflicts and endless disagreements has left the planet of Mandalore in utter chaos. A dusty ball of death and decay, the planet of Mandalore is a dangerous place to even fly through the atmosphere of, as advanced weaponry has been designed by the people who yet call Mandalore home, and they use it to take ships out of atmospheric flight, causing them to crash land to scavenge their wreckage for valuables.

The Houses and Clans on the surface of Mandalore are ever at odds with one another, vying for power and control of land, bases or ruins of war torn cities to claim and call their own. Sadly few stand for long, and are generally over-thrown by another due to in-fighting even within their own clans.

The moon of Concord Dawn is the last bastion of peaceful Mandalorian life left in the system, and it is heavily guarded by the Journeyman Protectors.


Mandalorian clan structure is like a pyramid, with the ruler, or Mand'alor, at the top and their Protectors enforcing their rule. Below them are the political factions known as Houses, made up of family clans.

The structure of these groups has all begun to erode over time and through the unending conflicts and civil war that the culture is facing today. There are many people claiming the title of Mand'alor and it has become so common that they simply represent the person at the top of their individual House or Clan on the worled of Mandalore. There is no current sitting Mand'alor that is entirely accepted by all the people of the system, as there once was, many generations ago.

Honor and Traditions

Mandalorians are some of the most feared warriors in the galaxy. As prideful warriors, single combat was (and still is) integral to the culture and spirit of the Mandalorians, and they had a strong code of honor that could be invoked to settle disputes with one-on-one combat that would conclude only with the death of one opponent. This affinity and tradition for single combat extends beyond justice, however, as Mandalorians even seek single combat simply for the glory of fighting a great opponent such as a Jedi Knight, and even used it to settle leadership disputes.

Examples of Honored Traditions: -- Never remove your helmet in the presence of others. -- Never remove your weapons from your person in the presence of others. -- Never leave a Clan member to die alone.

There are many traditions, and some hold them on the level of religious beliefs while others barely even acknowledge any of them at all. Some houses and clans stick to them much more strictly and have even created new beliefs to fit their ideals for a 'better Mandalore'.

Mandalorian Armors and Arms

Mandalorian armor sets developed a legendary reputation that has been feared across the galaxy and is visually distinctive with intricate plate patterns and menacing Cross-shaped visors. Armor sets are generally packed with anti-Jedi tools such as Jetpacks, magnetized boots, tactical displays and armed gauntlets that feature weaponry and tools designed to combat the abilities of the Jedi.

Some of this weaponry not only helped combat but outright mimicked Jedi abilities, such as their wrist-mounted sonic repulsors. Individual clans often favor specific types of blaster weaponry to represent their clans needs and desires in warfare.

Examples of Armor Sets

-- Dreadfinder Armor (Heavy)
-- Forgemaster Armor (Heavy)
-- Ebon Guard Armor (Heavy)
-- Journeyman Protector Armor (Medium)
-- Starscout Armor (Medium)
-- Skyripper Armor (Medium)

Galactic Impact

Few Cultures have effected the galaxy as much as the Mandalorians have. Though they are few and far between in the wide scope of things today, and they lack organization as well as cohesive structure, their styles persist. Jango Fett's training and influences on the Republic's Clone Army infused Mandalorian culture into the fighting styles and armors of the Republic and is seen even in the First Order's Stormtroopers today.

A Mandalorian will instill fear in most of its enemies, due to the nature of its people and though the star system of Mandalore itself is often forgotten on the star charts due to its ongoing civil war and internal struggles, the people and culture itself are known as some of the most proficient combatants the galaxy has to offer.