Merr-Sonn G8

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This blaster rifle is a long, black blaster rifle with an extended barrel. Not a standard issue, it is a choice weapon of some troops, due to its lengthy range. While it lacks in strength somewhat, the G8 has been marked at hitting targets 350 meters away. The weapon is more modifiable than most in the galaxy, with three total modification slots for a talented weaponsmith to slap a nice new mod onto.

Skill: Ranged: Blaster Rifles vs Dodge Ranged
Settings: Kill/Stun
Damage: 74 wound points & 7 stun points.
Charge: 0 shots left of 10 max. (Merr-Sonn Powerpack)
Accuracy: 84%
Range: 40 meters optimal/350 meters max
Legality: B2 - Restricted
Modifications: 0
Modification Slots: 3 Total Modification Slots
Firing Modes: Single shot per-combat-round.