MixRMastR Bartending Droid

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The MixRMastR was a series of droids designed and built by Cybot Galactica. It was the most common bartender model on the market, followed closely by LeisureMech Enterprises' C5. Humanoid in appearance, the MixRMastR was a common sight in taverns located within or near busy starports, where repeat business was valued less than efficient service.


The droid, measuring just under a meter in height, could be (and often was) bolted to a table or counter, sometimes on a track allowing it to move back and forth between customers. It possessed a vocabulator that allowed it to interact with a variety of customers. The MixRMastR was connected to drums of soda water and common alcohols via a network of supply tubes that ran from the droid to the stockroom. The droid's speedy processor took drink orders, found their matches in its extensive libation database, and siphoned the ingredients into a glass. The drinks were dispensed, and payment collected, through a simple credstick slot at a rate much faster than an organic bartender could perform a similar transaction.

Cybot Galactica also developed a model with a repulsorlift which could maneuver about the room to serve drinks. This model was developed as a cost-saving measure for establishments that were unable to afford to install a droid at every table.

An added bonus to using mechanical servitors of this type was that the droid could cross-reference the composition of an order against the customers' species bio-chemistry, thus preventing customers from inadvertently poisoning themselves.