Noemie Lenoir

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Noemie Lenoir is the daughter of a former handmaiden to a past Naboo Queen, and a Commander in the RSF navy. Her childhood wasn't the most affluent but she was well of and had everything she needed and most of the things she wanted.

Growing up the daughter of a handmaiden meant spending a lot of time around formality, learning etiquette and surrounding herself with people dressed in fantastic dresses and shoes. This became an obsession during her childhood and she would constantly draw princesses and their dresses, obsess over the Queen and her handmaidens, and would watch holo shows based around fashion. It's no surprise then that as she matured, the fashion industry continued to be her focus.

Having gone through school for fashion design, Noemie spent some time establishing contacts in the industry by transporting styles, threads and fabrics from one world to the other. This helped her get to know the who's-who in the galactic fashion industry, establishing relationships with personnel from the Hapan Silk Commission and supply line professionals in Cinnagar on Empress Teta. Saving up enough credits from this work to purchase a boutique in Theed, her dream of establishing the Lenoir laber is being realized. While it isn't known galaxy-wide just yet, it's starting to become fairly recognized within Theed itself. Small steps.

Physical Description

A lithe woman of small size, this human stands shorter than most of her own race. Pale white skin meets short black hair in a natural contrast which she enhances with finely plucked brows and dark hues of makeup around her eyes and cheeks. Wide hazel eyes and a small nose give her a very girlish appearance and she wears a pale coat of pink gloss on her lips virtually at all times. The woman has a feminine walk and a delicate nature to her movements, suggesting a background from one of the more civilized worlds in the galaxy. Her medium length nails are painted in bright colors depending on her mood or the season.

Noemie in a self-designed sequin gown

Establishing the Artisans Guild

One of the biggest troubles Noemie faced while making contacts in the fashion industry was knowing where to start. With such a wide galaxy and a varied industry, there wasn't any kind of centralized source, or body of commerce to start with. After meeting with a friend she had met during her dealings with the Hapan Silk Commission, Noemie proposed the idea of establishing the Artisans Guild, an organization of traders, shopkeeps and crafters to band together for trading, commerce and communication. While not an official corporation, acting more like a club or a union, the Artisans Guild provides a centralized point-of-contact for those within that offer services a client may need, or contacts to reach out to with each other if they need to source a necessary material or component for their artisanry.

Running a group like this though is a monumental task for a single person, and after interviewing a Hapan trader and explosives tinkerer Dyna Selenis, Noemie really liked what she saw in the other woman, particularly her business sense and her sense of professionalism, and invited her to help run the Guild. The two of them made enough contacts to formally establish the Artisans Guild but the next task was to find a suitable location for a Headquarters.

The Artisans Guild being all inclusive, it needed to be in a centralized location. Coruscant was too politically unstable at the time of its forming, and some of the other Core worlds weren't commercial enough, though it was realized fairly quickly that Empress Teta would make for a good alternative due to its commercial nature as a planet, and its location in the Core. Noemie had a contact on Empress Teta from her first days of trading and the two met there to come to an agreement to establish a facility in Cinnagar. After some time, and making deals for building materials for the construction itself, contractors had completed the facility and the Artisans Guild was formally open for business.


Name Model Description
Crescent Moon Nestt-class Light Freighter Purchased used to use in her trading of textiles and fashion accessories, Noemie took the ship to her mechanic, Tan Rackus to have it fully restored. Once restored, it was upgraded to perform even better than it had when it was brand new. The Nestt is an unarmed, peaceful trading craft which perfectly suits its owner.
Needle ARC-170 Recon Starfighter The daughter of a former RSF pilot, it was natural that Noemie would be trained to fly a starfighter. Because she is peaceful she never learned how to properly shoot with a fightercraft. She has a lot of fun flying this nimble fighter around when the mood strikes her and she's more talented with it than she realizes.


Name Relation
Aryn Cortess Aryn came to Noemie to assist in the Artisans Guild and Noemie was immediately starstruck! Being from Naboo, Noemie is delighted to have any interaction with a princess and it helps that the two of them are around the same age.
Dyna Selenis Noemie's business partner and girlfriend. Being a model from Zadaria, Dyna also helps her with modeling new designs for her boutique. The two own several vacation homes around the galaxy, which they make frequent use of.
Saturi One of her oldest friends. Saturi is a Pantoran and sees fashion in an entirely different manner than Noemie does, which fascinates her. She often has to remind herself not to make suggestions for Saturi's wardrobe.
Tan Rackus Tan and Noemie have worked closely for some time. Noemie has been both business partner and friend to Tan, helping her to get her business going and in return Tan does all of the maintenance work Noemie's ships need. Being a trader, her ship puts on a lot of parsecs!