R5-series Astromech Droid

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The R5-series astromech droid was a line of low-cost astromech droids built by Industrial Automaton. Based upon the success of prior astromech models, such as the wildly popular R2-series, Industrial Automaton intended the R5-series to cater to budget buyers at the cost of some functionality. Because of their inexpensive construction, however, droids of this series were plagued by a number of design flaws—most obviously, a sullen demeanor and sharp attitude resulting from deficiencies in the machine's personality matrix.


The droid's outer shell concealed an array of tools beneath its streamlined durasteel exterior, but was vastly less equipped than its more successful predecessors. Each R5 came equipped from the factory with a heavy grasper arm, small circular saw, VicksVisc holographic recorder/projector unit, and a general-use fire extinguisher.