The Brotherhood

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The emblem of the Ironscale Brotherhood

In the vacuum left by the capture of Thalia Kressh, the undercurrents of Hutt space stir with the rise of a new contender, a genetically modified and cybernetically enhanced Trandoshan whose reputation for ruthlessness is as widespread as the fear he instills. His name is Ssahrak, a name whispered with dread in the slave markets of the galaxy. His scales bear the scars of past battles, and his eyes burn with a predatory hunger for power and control. The Ironscale Brotherhood, under his fierce leadership, quickly begins to carve out a name for itself within the notorious annals of Hutt Space. Ssahrak, known for his cold-blooded efficiency and ruthless tactics, becomes a figure of both fear and respect among the criminal underworld.

Ssahrak’s flagship, the Iron Fang, is as imposing as its captain, with its hull etched in ancient Trandoshan glyphs signifying strength and ferocity. The Ironscale Brotherhood operates from this dreadnought, their presence heralded by whispers of terror from those who know the fate of those captured by their raids.

The Ironscale Brotherhood doesn’t just deal in the slave trade; they are masters of it, treating it not as a mere facet of their operations but as the core of their dark and lucrative enterprise. With a network of spies, informers, and corrupt officials spread like a web across multiple systems, the Brotherhood ensures that their slaving ships can move without hindrance, and their holds are always filled.

Ssahrak, with his deep knowledge of both technology and the criminal mind, augments his already imposing Trandoshan physique with cybernetic enhancements, making him a monstrous presence in any confrontation. The tattoos that mark his scales tell the story of his victories and the history of his bloodline, instilling fear and respect in those who know their meaning.

Harbingers of the Ironscale Brotherhood

His goals are clear: to establish the Ironscale Brotherhood as the preeminent power in the slave trade, to challenge and eventually overtake the influence of Crimson Dawn, and to ensure that his name becomes synonymous with power and fear throughout the galaxy. With the fall of Thalia Kressh and the destruction of the Veil Dancer, Ssahrak sees an opportunity not just to fill a power vacuum but to expand it, pushing the boundaries of his influence further than any before him.


The Ironscale Brotherhood, a name that incites both dread and respect across the fringe worlds of the galaxy, is an organization steeped in notoriety and shrouded in the dark cloak of slavery and underworld dealings. Their emblem, a triskelion formed by three interlocking krayt dragon scales, is a symbol recognized by all who dwell in the shadows of the Outer Rim.

Founding and Rise: Formed in the tumultuous years following the fragmentation of the Galactic Empire, the Ironscale Brotherhood emerged from the chaos as a formidable force in the galactic underworld. Founded by a cunning Trandoshan named Ssahrak, the Brotherhood began as a coalition of black market dealers and smugglers. They quickly expanded their operations to include the lucrative and immoral slave trade, capitalizing on the disarray of failing systems and lawless sectors.

Exploits: The Brotherhood’s rise to power is marked by a series of ruthless maneuvers and strategic masterstrokes. One of their most infamous exploits was the “Night of Clashing Scales,” where they orchestrated simultaneous attacks on rival slaver factions across multiple systems, decimating the competition and establishing the Ironscale Brotherhood as the preeminent force in the slave trade. Another notable incident was when the Brotherhood, under the guise of aid, offered sanctuary to refugees of Ryloth only to enslave them. This act of treachery significantly increased their resources and labor force, allowing them to further expand their operations.

Structure and Operations: The Ironscale Brotherhood is structured with Ssahrak at the apex, his will disseminated through a hierarchy of loyal lieutenants (called Reapers) and enforcers (called Harbingers). Their headquarters, the Marauder-class Corvette “Iron Fang,” known more simply as “The Fang,” is constantly changing location to evade authorities and rivals alike.

Their missions are carried out with military precision, often involving the capture and transport of slaves to work in illicit operations across the galaxy. They are also known to deal in information, weapons, and contraband, making them a multifaceted syndicate with reach extending into many levels of galactic society.