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Title: Purple Puppy
Race: Dug
Sex: Female
Occupation: Civilian
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Malastare
Organization: None
Ship: Mudafugr

The Dug Merc

Vakorba is a Dug. You know, the kinda ugly, rude, walks on their hands sort. Despite that, she isn't THAT bad. She seems to have a sense of humor on top of having a better wit than most Dugs. But Vakorba can still get nasty and she isn't afraid to put a blaster bolt through a temple should the individual deserve it. Her small stature and nimble body shape makes her a dangerous adversary or a powerful ally. Her services are almost always for sale.

Currently Vakorba is settled on Nar Shaddaa. Her and her Kushiban best friend, Mujiji, are working hard to build up business fronts in order to conduct shadier business behind the facades. Her ship, the Mudafugr, was seized in a trade deal gone wrong. Everything she does in her current situation is to build up the ability to go and get that ship back. But, for now, she and Mujiji are forced to be content with the meager dealings of drug trade, mercenary work, and the occasional, honest sale via their pet merchant fronts.


The Mudafgur - Currently At Large

RP Hooks

  • For-Hire Merc and Smuggler - Need something stolen, someone killed, or just some damn good drinking buddies? Vakorba and Mujiji are at your service!
  • Vak's ship, the Mudafugr, was taken from her a long time ago. Maybe it's in your possession now?
  • Sabacc Champ. Seriously, she is a wizard at this game and would LOVE to hustle you.
  • Pet Merchant! Currently, alongside her partner Mujiji, Vakorba can peddle you pets. But illegal and not! Some of them might come stuffed with drugs! Who knows!

People of Interest

Trying to find Vakorba? Here are people who may know her whereabouts:

  • Mujiji The Kushiban is the best friend and odd companion of Vakorba.
  • Asiir Cuul Temporary (?) employer and longtime friend of Vakorba. Winkwink Nudgenudge.


Vakorba is a pretty standard looking Dug. She is smaller and trimmer, due to being female, but the muscles in her powerful arms and hands are obvious. Her skin is a greyish heather purple, lightening up to creamish grey around her mouth, ears, and limbs. Along her forearms and feet-hands are pale yellow spotting that repeats on the darker portion of her back and shoulders. Her head is canine in shape, the tendrils of skin coming off of her muzzle sport beads and charms, as do the shorter ones below her eyes. Vak's fin-like ears are low and longer than a male Dug's. She wears simple armor and thick, leather wraps around her arms and legs. She is often sporting a large, canvas backpack that a certain Kushiban resides in.