Verza Vimm

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Verza Vimm

Title: The Phenomenal
Race: Pantoran
Sex: Male
Profession: Spacehand
Homeworld: Taris
Organization: Calamity Crew
Ship: Calamity

Theme Song

Haul Away Joe


Around the Tarisian slums where he grew up, the belief was widely held that the young Pantoran, Verza Vimm, was born with stardust in his veins. His mother, Dori, worked as a waitress at Big Unga's Bar and Grill; a spacer's joint attached to the Taris Memorial Starport. His father, he never knew, but Dori spoke often of the young, handsome corsair that loved her, but was, alas, unfettered by any notions of settling down or retiring from his life in the great black beyond.

Decently educated and provided for, Verza wanted for naught. Yet still, the beckoning of the stars rang true in his ears and pulled unceasingly at his young, longing mind. It was because of this that the young Pantoran began, at the young age of 13, apprenticing for one of the port's many mechanics; an elder Nautolan man by the name of Grigg. Grigg's penchant for storytelling, bolstered by the older man's own spacefaring life did not help to reduce the call of the void on the impressionable Vimm. Learning from the veteran, Verza, over the following several years, displayed a singular accuity for freighter repair and engineering. It was this, and a good word from Grigg that, at the age of 19, landed him his first station as a mechanic aboard the tradesman vessel Farsight, a haggard old YV-666 under the command of Captain Peni Mombassus. Peni was a fair captain and payed ample wages, but the Farsight's crew eventually fell under hard times when the ore trade was diminished in the Ablajeck system due to the monopilization of the mining rights within the Inner Zuma Region and subsequent union conflicts that cropped up as a result. Sad to see Verza go, but understanding, Captain Peni held no grudges when his Pantoran spacehand found employment with a group of privateers; the Red Band.

His time with the Red Band was formative, to say the least. The leap from tradesman to privateer left Vimm with a lot of learning to do, but he took to the new duties with relative ease. Battles were fought, won, and lost over his tenure with the Band, and, some time after his 25th birthday, the band were assailed by pirates near Rodia, having taken up a contract with the planetary government to provide additional protection. Unfortunately, Verza's ship was rendered inoperable by the fighting and the surviving crew was taken prisoner. Once more thrust into an altogether unknown situation, Verza's natural accumen came in handy, again. In exchange for fairer quarters and rations, the Pantoran spacehand worked tirelessly to install various modifications to the pirate fleet's flagship. Those few remaining members of the Band that were still with him were thankful, to say the very least, as pirates in the Outer Rim are a grim and fickle bunch, indeed.

Eventually released from captivity after the pirate vessel was engaged and boarded by the Corporate Sector Authority's Picket Fleet, Verza took on a job with his saviors and spent many years serving aboard one of their ships, the Chimeric Fortuna.

It was there that he spent the longest stretch of time, but his wanderlust came calling once more and he resigned his position after five years of faithful service to the CSA. And so now the Pantoran has travelled to the storied smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa, a favorite haunt of his from his many years in the Outer Rim, and he's hoping to strike up work again soon, as the shifting dirt beneath his feet doesn't feel quite right.


Standing just a touch above six feet, this blue-skinned humanoid cuts an imposing figure at first glance. Stark yellow eyes and a shock of white hair are immeditately noticeable along with a myriad of tattooes that can be seen on any part of his exposed skin. His face is handsome with its strong features; an aquiline nose, broad jaw, and full lips, though the eye is somewhat drawn away from these to fall on the different marking about his face and neck. Most notably; a drop-shadowed black ring that rests high on his right cheek, and the Aurabesh characters for 'Verza' which are written in a swirling, crabbed font down the left side of his neck. A light dusting of bright white stubble frames the man's jaw, and, when he smiles, it's revealed that quite a few of his teeth have been replaced with false ones of a golden or silver cast.

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