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A vibro-ax, or vibro-axe, is a type of ax that uses a compact generator to create vibrations along the cutting edge's surface, which significantly increases the weapon's lethality. This particular Vibro-Ax is a two-handed model and is often wielded by many thugs across the galaxy. The pig-like Gamorreans, for example, often use them and any other person with a decent amount of upper body strength could be quite deadly with one of these hefty melee weapons.

Skill: Melee: Vibro Weapons vs Dodge Melee
Settings: Kill
Damage: 100 wound points & 40 stun points.
Accuracy: 85%
Range: 1 meters optimal.
Legality: A - Unrestricted
Modifications: 0
Modification Slots: 0
Firing Modes: One swing per round at 1-100 in weapon skill.