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Ashlie Lawess

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Profession: Combat pilot
Homeworld: Naboo
Organization: Perlman Rangers.


Naldan hired her at the emerald club to work the bar, and keep the drinksgoing but instead of pay she is taking room and board, and also lessons in his ship. He is slowly teaching her the fine art of fighter piloting, andhow to be one with the ship. She is starting to come along, but yet allowedto fly on her own, it is going to be soon.Though.. Eventually she found her way to the Restance at the hand of her very good freind. Soon She found out what she wanted to do with her life and that was join the Rangers and do combat and cargo for them.


Ashlie is sweet, caring and very approachable. Some would say she is a bit of a goofball. Others would describe her as a go getter. As she see's something she wants and she will shoot for the stars just to get it.


Ashlie has wondered what all she can do that involves her flying. So far she has found combating and Cargo to be the two things she can do. She always is on the search for more.

She really, really, really likes tea.


Karas Darkwing - A growing friendhip there.. it has it's highs and lows. All she knows is she is curious about something more.. but does she really want to tip toe the line.

RP Hooks

  • Combat Pilot - Do you wanna go on a fight together..?? Or have her join you in some very well thought or adventurous space combat.
  • Cargo -She loves a good Cargo run. Lets go on one together.. the more the company the more fun we can have on down time.