Braiden Solo

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Braiden Solo

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Smuggler
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: Crimson Dawn


From the tangled threads of legend and shadow, Braiden Solo carved out his own piece of the galaxy. Born amidst a secret union, his life began with the hum of a starship’s engines and the distant twinkle of Corellian stars.

The son of a scoundrel and a queen of the underworld, my identity was hidden from the prying eyes of the galaxy.

My earliest memories of my father, Han, were like the fragmented remains of a holovid—distorted and pieced together from the tales my mother, Qi’ra, spun with love and a hint of sadness. She painted him as a hero, a rogue with a heart of kyber. It was the version she cherished, the Han Solo who deserved a son’s admiration. Yet, that admiration was mine to grapple with, a secret treasure hoarded within the walls of Crimson Dawn’s reach.

Han’s absence was a silent specter, an empty seat at the table, a hollow laugh in the corridors of my childhood. He was a ghost I chased through the cosmos, always present, forever elusive. His legacy was a mantle I bore unwittingly, a name that opened doors and whispered of a lineage steeped in adventure and defiance.

The revelation of my father’s darker repute was a galactic gut punch, the sting of betrayal from a man I hardly knew. To hear he was a cheat, a liar, a gambler—it shattered the statue I had sculpted in my mind, leaving me to question the foundation of my existence. Yet, within the fissures of that broken idol, I found the seeds of my independence. I would not be the shadow of Han Solo; I would be the architect of Braiden’s saga.

Ben Solo’s legacy was an entirely different wound, festering and raw. To me, he was the embodiment of treachery, the echo of a lightsaber’s hum that snuffed out the life of a man I was only beginning to understand. My half-brother was a chasm of what-ifs, a figure cloaked in the allure of the dark side and the finality of betrayal. His act had robbed me of possibilities, of answers, of time with a father who was already a phantom.

In the underbelly of the galaxy, where my mother reigned with velvet ruthlessness, I learned the trade of the smuggler. My hands grew adept at the controls of a freighter, my eyes keen in the dim lights of a spice den. I was never marked by the Crimson Dawn, never fully claimed by the empire of deceit and shadows. My path was my own, a line drawn in the star-sand away from the dynasty of crime and the legend of the Solo name.

Our bond, Qi’ra’s and mine, was as complex as the hyperspace routes I navigated. We were two stars caught in each other’s gravity, forever circling, never touching. Our communication was sporadic—a holo-message here, a covert meeting there. Each encounter was a dance of mother and son, of empress and wanderer. In her eyes, I sought the reflection of the man she once loved, and in my silence, she heard the echoes of Han’s defiance.

The galaxy, to me, was an open port, a horizon unclaimed. I smuggled relics from dead worlds, coaxium from mined-out moons, whispers from one end of space to the other. Each job was a statement, each successful run a line drawn in my ledger, not the one kept by the brokers of Crimson Dawn. My name, Braiden Solo, became a byword for a reliable pilot, a discreet mover, a smuggler who could charm a Hutt and outfly an Imperial blockade.

I was no one’s pawn. Not my mother’s, not my father’s, and certainly not the specter of my notorious half-brother. Braiden Solo was a name of my own making, a route plotted on a starmap where the only legacy that mattered was the one I was building with every lightyear I put between myself and my past.

In the cockpit of my ship, the stars beckoned, and I answered with the roar of sublight engines. There, amidst the endless canvas of space, I was free from the weight of the Solo legacy, free to create my own story—one jump at a time.


Braiden Solo inherited the rugged charm that was the hallmark of the Solo men, yet it was tempered by the refined features passed down from Qi’ra. His hair, a tousled mane of chestnut, carried the same wildness as Han’s, often falling into his piercing hazel eyes, eyes that seemed to flicker with the same mirth and mischief that had once danced in his father’s.

Yet, the edges of Qi’ra’s aristocratic lineage were there too, in the arch of his eyebrows and the sculpted jawline, lending him an air of understated elegance amidst the scruff that he sometimes let frame his face. He was taller than his father, with a lean build honed by the physical demands of a smuggler’s life, muscles coiled and ready beneath the simple utility of his attire.

His skin told stories of a life lived under a myriad of suns, carrying the kiss of solar flares and the bite of cold space. Scars, like silent badges of honor, traced a map of close calls across his forearms, each one a lesson learned in the school of hard knocks and narrow escapes.

Braiden’s wardrobe was an amalgamation of practicality and style, a nod to both his parents. He favored a worn leather jacket, a gesture to Han’s legacy, fitted trousers that allowed ease of movement, and boots that had seen more planets than most had seen on holo-screens. A blaster hung at his hip, as much a part of his silhouette as his confident, roguish gait.

His hands, calloused from years at the helm and dealing with the mechanical innards of various ships, moved with a deft precision that belied their rough appearance. They were the hands of a man who could navigate a starship through an asteroid field, patch up a hyperdrive, or engage in a sudden, though reluctant, skirmish.

In his face, there was something undeniably Solo—something that hinted at the legacy behind his name. Yet in his stance, in the self-assured tilt of his head, Braiden was his own man, a new legend in the making, with the shadows of his heritage only serving to highlight the light of his individuality.

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Name Opinions
Qi'ra (mother) While Braiden respects and keeps in touch with his mother, he seeks distance from Crimson Dawn to find his own way.
Han Solo (father) Braiden has a complicated reverence for his late father, built on a mixture of myth and Qi’ra’s stories.
Ben Solo (half-brother) Braiden harbors a deep-seated resentment towards Ben for the murder of their father, an act that irrevocably altered his life.


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