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The emblem of the Crimson Dawn

The Crimson Dawn was formed prior to the Galactic Civil War with well-funded investors from the Corporate Sector. Originally the Crimson Dawn was designed to be a wealthy ‘adventure club’ for bored millionaires, but as its leadership invited more and more unsavory members, the group sank into the depths of the criminal underworld.

When one such member set their eyes upon using the group’s wealth and influence amongst powerful partners to wage a small war against the Galactic Empire, the group began to both grow in notoriety and shrink in open membership. Their goals became unclear to the public, beyond being a very wealthy criminal organization, suspected for major museum heights across the galaxy to funding revolutions on planets so that they could advance their ultimate goal of overthrowing Emperor Palpatine.

What the Dawn's true motivations are, and who started the downward dive toward a criminal organization, is yet unclear to the average galactic citizen, but what is known is the basics of who led the group once it set down this road. A wealthy man known as Dryden Vos was the prominent leader until his untimely death at the hands of assassins, and there-after his protege known as Qi'ra took over the reins of the syndicate.

Legacy of the Crimson Dawn

Conflict was ever-present for the Crimson Dawn throughout the Galactic Civil War. It's rumored that even Palpatine’s henchman, ‘Darth Vader,’ sought the destruction of the Crimson Dawn. After the fall of the Empire, however, the Crimson Dawn’s real undoing was its own membership re-aligning with other major syndicates such as the Pikes, or the Hutts. Forced in to the Outer Rim by the New Republic, the Crimson Dawn detached itself from many of its own holdings, letting their enemies seize control while the Dawn members themselves recoiled back to their starting place within the Corporate Sector.

Qi'ra has been a wealthy socialite ever since, making prominent appearances at Corporate Sector major events and even holding a large number of hotels and businesses still in her ownership on planets such as Cantonica. Some have said that the Crimson Dawn has never lost its wealthy investors though, and the hunt for adventure continues within the group even today, while others claim the group is just a shadow of its former glory.

Dryden Vos

Dryden Vos

Dryden Vos emerged from the shadows of the galaxy, a figure molded by ambition and a ruthless desire for power. His early years remained shrouded in mystery, a canvas of unanswered questions that only added to his enigmatic presence. Vos carved a path through the underworld, his every move a testament to his cunning and strategic acumen. His ascension to the leadership of the Crimson Dawn was a tale of cold calculation and brutal efficiency. He understood the language of power and fear, employing them with a precision that turned the syndicate into a formidable force in the galaxy. Under his command, the Crimson Dawn spread its influence like a dark wave, reaching into every corner of the underworld.

Vos's reign was marked by a lavish lifestyle and a penchant for luxury. His taste for the extravagant was epitomized by the First Light, a towering Nau'ur-class yacht that served as his mobile base and a symbol of his wealth and power. Within its vertical expanse, Vos entertained the elite of the galaxy, all the while weaving the intricate web of his criminal empire. Yet, beneath the veneer of opulence, Vos was a master of the darker arts of the underworld. He was a creature of duality - a charismatic host one moment, a ruthless overlord the next. His network of informants and enforcers extended the reach of the Crimson Dawn, ensuring that his will was imposed and his rule unchallenged.

The syndicate's operations under Vos were diverse and far-reaching. From smuggling and illicit trading to more nefarious activities, the Crimson Dawn's influence grew, its name whispered in fear and reverence in the shadowy corners of the galaxy. Vos's downfall, however, came as swiftly as his rise. In a galaxy where power invites challenge, his end was wrought by the hands of those closest to him. His death marked a turning point for the Crimson Dawn, a closing chapter that gave way to a new era under the leadership of Qi'ra.

Lady Qi'ra

Lady Qi'ra

Born in the labyrinthine alleys of Corellia, Qi'ra's journey from survival to sovereignty began under the harshest conditions. Her early life was a relentless struggle against the dangers of the underworld, where each day was a battle for survival. This harsh upbringing honed her instincts and fortified her resolve, preparing her for the challenges that lay ahead.

Her life took a fateful turn when she crossed paths with Han Solo. Together, they dreamt of freedom and a life far from the suffocating grip of Corellia's underworld. However, destiny had other designs, and the duo was torn apart, setting Qi'ra on a path that led her into the clutches of Dryden Vos, the notorious leader of the Crimson Dawn.

Under Vos's tutelage, Qi'ra transformed into a formidable figure, mastering the art of manipulation and intrigue. She navigated her new world with astute adaptability, always with an eye on the ultimate prize of power, but the defining moment of her ascent came with the death of Dryden Vos. Seizing control of the Crimson Dawn, she propelled the organization to greater heights until the threat of the Galactic Empire was morphed into the Imperial Remnants and finally the First Order, the laws of the New Republic pushing her back into her Corporate Sector roots.

But this time wasn't just for recollecting the Crimson Dawn and consolidating her assets; it was also when she secretly gave birth to a son, a child she kept hidden from the galaxy. This secret added a layer of complexity to her life, as she balanced her rise in the underworld with the responsibilities of motherhood.

Publicly, her crowning achievement was the acquisition and transformation of the Dawnrise District on Nar Shaddaa. This venture not only signified the rise of the Crimson Dawn but also mirrored Qi'ra's personal evolution from a street urchin to a queen of the criminal underworld. The district flourished under her rule, becoming a symbol of prosperity and power.


In the current expanse of the galaxy, the Crimson Dawn exists like a shadow draped over a multitude of stars, each flicker representing a stronghold of influence and might within the underworld. Under the enigmatic leadership of Lady Qi'ra, the organization thrives, its tendrils extending into both the seen and unseen of galactic society.

The Dawnrise District

The Dawnrise District

Qi’ra’s ascent to the helm of the Crimson Dawn marked a turning point not only for the syndicate but also for a swath of Nar Shaddaa known as the Parmac District. Under her leadership, a bold vision for transformation began to take shape — one that would redefine the very essence of the Smuggler’s Moon.

The Dawnrise District

The genesis of this transformation lay in a shrewd deal with the Hutts. The Parmac District, once a maze of vice and shadow, beckoned with potential—a potential Qi’ra recognized and sought to exploit. Through persuasion and negotiation, she secured control over the district from the Hutts, and her first move was to renovate the new Dawnrise Starport. Through meticulous planning and significant investment, she turned it into the busiest legitimate trading port on Nar Shaddaa. The starport became a beacon for traders and merchants, drawing legitimate business and prosperity to a moon more accustomed to the underhanded and clandestine.

But the transformation did not stop at commerce. The Dawnrise District blossomed under her guidance, with upscale renovations reshaping its landscape. The Grave Thorn lounge, an oasis of luxury and exotic allure, became a centerpiece of the district. Featuring a Grave Thorn tree transplanted from the eerie wilds of Dathomir, the lounge was a statement of power and opulence, drawing in the galaxy’s elite.

Another addition was the Nightfall Gardens. This domed haven of greenery and tranquility stood in stark contrast to the harshness of Nar Shaddaa. Parks, playgrounds, and meandering paths offered a respite from the chaos of the moon, a testament to Qi’ra’s vision of a more prosperous and harmonious district.

Yet, progress often casts a shadow, and Qi’ra’s ambition was no exception. To realize her vision, she orchestrated a ruthless purge of the district’s criminal elements. Those who once thrived in the underworld of Parmac were systematically pushed out, forced into the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa. This displacement, while reducing crime and attracting wealthier residents and businesses, also deepened the divide between the upper echelons and the impoverished depths of the moon.

In her quest for control and improvement, Qi’ra ensured that the Dawnrise District became a jewel of Nar Shaddaa. But beneath the gleaming surface, the remnants of the old Parmac District simmered in the shadows, a reminder of the cost of progress in a galaxy where power and prosperity often come at the expense of the forgotten and the forlorn.

The First Light

The First Light

The First Light Ballroom

The First Light, a towering Nau'ur-class yacht, was once under the command of the crime lord Dryden Vos. From its narrow, vertically stacked decks, Vos ran the Crimson Dawn with an iron grip. His private quarters, located at the top, overlooked the various operations of his syndicate. Crewed by organics and droids, the ship was a mobile base for criminal activities, enforcing Vos's will across the stars.

Crafted by Kalevala Spaceworks, the yacht's distinctive verticality featured an elevator served as the main artery through the ship, linking the decks and the hub of activity within.

After Vos's death, Qi'ra assumed ownership of the vessel. She maintained the First Light as her stronghold until her acquisition of old Parmac District on Nar Shaddaa, which she renamed to the Dawnrise District. From the top floor, Qi'ra controlled her operations, keeping the Crimson Dawn a formidable force in the galaxy. The yacht stood as a silent witness to her rule, a bastion amidst the chaos of the underworld.

Frequently docked in a private berth in Nar Shaddaa's Dawnrise District, the First Light is now taken out to entertain guests at exotic locales and serves as a personal flagship of Lady Qi'ra's, remaining a symbol of power.

Other Holdings

Though far from a complete list, the list below is just an example of the kinds of holdings the Crimson Dawn has acquired over the years.

Location Description Overseer (NPC) Details
Cantonica Rising Sun Casino and Resort Serev Felto On the opulent and shimmering surface of Cantonica, Sarev Felto oversees the Rising Sun Casino and Resort that glints under the planet's twin suns. Here, the wealthy and powerful come to indulge in excess and luxury. But beneath the luster and laughter, credits flow into the coffers of the Crimson Dawn, laundered through high-stakes games and silent auctions. Sarev, with a gambler's smile, ensures that the house always wins.
Nar Shaddaa Smuggling Ports Tannik Krell Amidst the neon glow of Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon, Tannik Krell maneuvers through the sprawling ports like a conductor in a symphony of chaos. He brokers deals with the Hutt Cartel, orchestrates shipments of illicit goods, and maintains a tight grip on the pulse of the underworld. Tannik's ports are a spider's web, catching all manner of smuggler and pirate in its silken threads.
Corellia Spice Warehouse Rella Ortis On Corellia, the birthplace of starships and scoundrels, Rella Ortis operates from the shadows, managing the spice warehouses with ruthless efficiency. The scent of illicit substances permeates the air, packed and shipped in nondescript containers to all corners of the galaxy. Rella's warehouses are fortresses, guarded and gated, ensuring that only those who swear allegiance to the Crimson Dawn may partake in its spice.
Unmarked Asteroid Belt Mining Facilities Frex Colvin Deep within an unmarked asteroid belt, Frex Colvin extracts precious ores and minerals, his mining facilities a network of tunnels and shafts that bore into the heart of the asteroids. The work is grueling and dangerous, but Frex ensures that the yield justifies the means, the profits as rich as the ores themselves.
Moraband Black Market Artifacts Repository Jaxon Mareel On the ancient and forsaken world of Moraband, Jaxon Mareel curates a repository of artifacts, relics of dark power and forgotten history. He deals in the past, trading secrets and antiques that whisper of the Force, his clientele as mysterious as the items she procures.
Coruscant Luxury Goods Smuggling Ring Verin Thane On the glistening cityscape of Coruscant, Verin Thane operates luxury goods smuggling rings with a deft touch. His transactions are veiled beneath the exchange of high fashion and rare delicacies, the perfect cover for moving contraband through the very heart of the galaxy.
Malastare Underground Racing Circuit Orla Pell The underground racing circuits on Malastare are Orla Pell's domain, where speed and thrill are commodities as valuable as spice. Orla's racers are daredevils and adrenaline junkies, their vehicles souped-up engines of death and excitement, drawing crowds and bets, the profits of which line the Crimson Dawn's pockets.
Nal Hutta Informant Network Ghiran Stell Ghiran Stell, a being of cunning and guile, orchestrates the vast informant network sprawling like the murky swamps of Nal Hutta itself. On this planet where the Hutts' opulence meets their squalor, information trades hands faster than credits in a sabacc game. Ghiran's network is the lifeblood of the Crimson Dawn's intelligence apparatus, a spider at the center of a web that spans across the galaxy.
Takodana Hidden Safe House and Information Brokers Nyessa Orne On the lush world of Takodana, known for its neutrality and the famed Maz Kanata’s castle, lies another, less conspicuous haven—the hidden safe house of the Crimson Dawn, shepherded by Nyessa Orne. A master of shadows and subtlety, Nyessa runs this refuge for those who carry the Crimson Dawn's secrets. The safe house doubles as a broker for information, selling intelligence to the highest bidder while ensuring that the most valuable secrets remain in the hands of Lady Qi'ra.