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Calia, widely recognized in the galaxy by her darknet moniker 'Veil', is an enigmatic figure known for her impressive skills as a slicer and operative. She emerged shortly after the fall of the Starshade Syndicate, a time when the underworld was rife with chaos following the rise of the First Order. Her work, which often involved complex digital heists and the dissemination of sensitive information, made her an entity to be both sought after and feared. Tales of her elusiveness spread quickly, and many believed that behind her digital veil, she possessed knowledge and secrets that could shift power dynamics in the galaxy.

The later years saw her name being whispered alongside the Rebellion. The remnants of the New Republic, who fiercely resisted the Sith Empire's oppressive regime, began executing strategic operations that bore the unmistakable imprint of 'Veil's' expertise. As the Rebellion's successes grew, so did the mystique surrounding Calia. Public stories narrated her as a champion for the oppressed, aligning her goals with those hoping to see the Sith Empire's downfall. Yet, for all her notoriety, her true identity remained a well-guarded secret, with only a select few ever witnessing the woman behind the legend.

RP Hooks

  • Nar Shaddaa: (Under Construction)


Name Opinions
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Name Notes
Z-TN "Titan" A 501-Z Police Droid that Calia acquired while on a mission in the outer rim.
GY-CDX "Codex" A GY-1 Information Analysis Droid

Z-3 "Zee"

Z-3 "Zee" (501-Z Series)

The acquisition of Z-TN "Titan," the 501-Z police droid, by Calia and her rebel cell, the Outriders, was a tale woven from the desperate struggles and chance encounters common in the galaxy's fringe worlds. Titan's journey began far from the towering cityscape of Coruscant and deep in the Outer Rim Territories, where law and order were often rare commodities.

Originally deployed as part of a crackdown effort by local authorities attempting to exercise control over the increasingly lawless settlements, Titan quickly established itself as an unwavering enforcer of peace. However, its strict adherence to protocol and its inability to be bribed or swayed made it unpopular among the corrupt officials. When an upstart criminal organization sought to establish its rule over the area, they found a formidable foe in Titan. In a brazen move, they sabotaged its control unit, leaving it deactivated and discarded in a scrap heap.

It was in this sorry state that Calia, while on a covert mission to establish new supply lines for the Rebellion, stumbled upon the discarded droid. Recognizing the value of such a steadfast and formidable ally, she arranged for its retrieval and repair. Calia, an astute droid herself, carefully modified Titan's programming, enhancing its combat capabilities and instilling a deep loyalty to her and the Outrider's cause.

Titan, renamed by Calia for its formidable presence and unwavering resolve, quickly became an invaluable asset. It followed Calia's commands with unyielding dedication, yet remained unaware of her true nature as a droid. To the outside world, Titan appeared as nothing more than a loyal bodyguard to a rebellious leader, a facade that suited Calia's needs perfectly.

GY-CDX "Codex"

GY-CDX "Codex" (GY-1 Series)

SoroSuub Luxury 5000 Yacht

The YCT Highwayman

The Highwayman has been the home of the Outriders for years, and after Calia's friend Oran Ryn -- the former leader of the Outriders -- was killed, she took over command of the vessel and its crew. It looks modified, even from the outside, but what ship doesn't? What isn't immediately obvious to most people are the four retractable laser turrets that have been added or the additional hangar bays. Much of the interior cargo space has been gutted to allow for it to carry a full squadron of 12 starfighters inside.