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Cara Gadmar

Title: Miss, Girl, Servant (Or miscellaneous less polite terms)
Race: Human (Replica Droid, shhhh)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Slave
Profession: Courtesan
Homeworld: Arkania
Organization: Hutt Cartel
Ship: Imagination?

What Is Known

  • Hutt Slave: Made a Nal Hutta slave about two years ago, Cara transferred to Nar Shaddaa to become a courtesan at the Sanctuary of Delight. The rest is, as they say, history...


Somewhere in her late teens or early twenties, this young woman moves with an effortless grace and calm confidence which belies her modest age. Reaching a stature just shy of five and a half feet, she's blessed with a slim and athletic figure. Passion and expressiveness radiate from her pale features and mesmerizing gaze, those dazzling orbs an uncanny gradient of deep amber out to vivid greens and vibrant blues. Voluminous raven black tresses crest her shoulders and fall to mid-back. Meanwhile, she's frequently garnished by a subdued application of cosmetics, from dark eyeliner to muted pink lip gloss. Mirthfully boisterous or honed to a keen edge, she possesses a soft voice distorted only subtly by a cynic's inflection.

RP Hooks

Arkania-While caged up in some sealed research building for most of her first seventeen years, her makers occasionally let her out to test social interaction

Slave-After Arkania and before Nar Shaddaa, she served multiple Hutts on planet Nal Hutta, usually busy with menial tasks or planning her next ill-fated escape attempt

Cartel Cronies


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