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There was a time when the name Qi'ra didn't echo through the underworld; a time when it belonged to a girl with nothing but the grime of Coronet City streets under her fingernails and the sting of hunger in her belly. I remember those days like the flicker of a faulty holoprojector -- distant and unreliable. Han was there, always the rogue, with that cocksure grin that promised the galaxy and delivered trouble.

We were two halves of the same desperate coin, until the universe spun on its axis and flung us apart. The streets taught me the cruel lessons of loss, but they also sharpened my will to claw through the mire of life. Elegance and sophistication? Those were weapons forged later, under Dryden Vos's meticulous care. The man was a maestro of the criminal octave, and his symphony was power.

Assassination -- such an ugly word, yet it whispers truth. Vos's demise left Crimson Dawn in my hands, and I shaped it into something formidable, a specter in the vastness of space. But even as I plotted in the shadows, part of me lingered on the past -- a past entwined with Han Solo.

Han's death at the hands of his son, Ben -- Kylo Ren, as he was once called -- was a tempest that threatened to unmoor me. Yet, the galaxy spins on, indifferent to the storms of the heart. Braiden, our son, became my hidden sanctuary, a secret kept from the prying eyes of the galaxy. He was my legacy and my vulnerability.

I embraced the march of time, but I wasn't averse to bending its arc. Human Replacement Organ treatments were my fountain of youth, my answer to the relentlessness of the chronometer. It's a peculiar thing, wearing a face unlined by the passage of decades, feeling the vitality of youth when your spirit is ancient.

Now, from Nar Shaddaa's neon-cloaked embrace, I guide Crimson Dawn with the wisdom of years etched into the core of my being. The First Light is more than a ship; it's a beacon of my enduring reign. As new conflicts dawn and alliances shift like sand, I remain the enigma, the shadow-clad player in a game as old as the stars.

Every move I make is a silent note in the grand score of the galaxy, watched by those who know the weight of my name -- Qi'ra, the survivor, the leader, the legend.

RP Hooks

  • Nar Shaddaa: (Under Construction)


Name Description
Braiden Solo My son.


Name Description
Brawk Finders Mercenary, Fixer, Sakiyan
Zioet Nalswort Solider, Bodyguard, Human
Soolark Starhawk Thief, Acquisitions, Human
Nara Denos Assassin, Bodyguard, Human
Ziornth Ruegmael Combat Medit, Bodyguard, Human


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