Doc Fermi

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Dr. Kipto "Doc" Fermi

Title: Doctor
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: Tatooine
Organization: None
Ship: None


Doc Fermi is a past-his-prime doctor, a veteran of the Galactic Civil War. He has a reputation for being panicked, loud, and a little rough around the edges. Still, he's a competent doctor if one is willing to look past the rough exterior. Despite his attitude and apparent anxiety, and fondness for drink, Doc Fermi is devoted to helping people, particularly in those rough-and-tumble parts of the galaxy.

Section One: The Part With Lazy RP Ideas I Mean Hooks

Forgetting the character for a moment, Doc's player is honestly up for anything. Don't let these RP hooks suggest that he'd like to limit his roleplay in any way.

Section Two: The Not Actually His Bio Section

Not much is known about Doc Fermi, though if you put your ear to the ground you might learn a thing or two. He's more than middle aged. He's a doctor, which might be implied by the nickname. Though, he's fairly firm on that nickname. In fact, it's pretty rare that you'd catch him using his real, full name. He doesn't talk much about his early days, so we won't be including any of that information here. He's from Tatooine, though. Rumor is that he is a veteran of the Galactic Civil War, a combat medic, and served on the wrong side. The rumor goes further to suggest that maybe he's on the run, or at least thinks he is, from the remnants of the Galactic Empire. A deserter, probably.

Section Three: The Part That Says What He's Like

It seems like Doc never quite got over the things he experienced in the war. There's always some unspeakable horror he seems to be recalling. Something that makes his eyes go wide and his voice go wild. He generally speaks in a slow, labored, shrill manner. It's almost like living is a chore for him. He could be described as manic, crazed, and perhaps traumatized. His hands shake (though surprisingly not while applying treatments), his voice trembles and shifts up in octaves intermittently. Doc Fermi is a man of vices. He's a smoker. A drinker. He might do more if it was available. A great writer once wrote that whoever makes a beast of himself relieves himself the pain of being a man. That probably perfectly applies in this case. He's still a doctor, though, and would probably recommend that you not do those things, yourself.

Doc is a man of principle, though. He seems driven to heal, to help. Maybe there's something pushing him forward to make up for past misdeeds. Who knows, really? He's been heard going on and on about how the Universe is out to get everyone and it's his job to fight back against it. It sounds crazy, probably is, but harmless.

Section Four: A Couple More Photos Of Doc But Really They're Brad Dourif


Section Five: The Part With OOC Chit-Chat To Make You Laugh

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