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The First Annual Kasia Classic Podrace on Sneeve

OOC Date: August 13, 2019
Location: Rorpana City, Sneeve
Participants: Rey, Thais, Ilpani, David Ironside, Kaelyn, Maeb'h, Sajin, Doc Fermi, Naldana, Ryo Odessa, Oozlevort for Begula Jujumon Podracing, Tarion Tavers, Kasia Ashkuri, and Hex as GM

The short story: This is, in fact, what we call podracing.

The long story:

Pod Racing Stadium - Rorpana City, Sneeve

An open-ended stadium with bleachers at the end and massive video screens placed high in the air. The stadium sits at the base of the local mountain range, positioned so that it is both the beginning and end of the local Sneeve Podracing Classic.

While not as famous as the Boonta Eve on Tatooine, the Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare, or the Ando Overland on Ando Prime, the Sneeve course is famous for its danger. Camera droids follow racers through ravines and tight valleys between jagged mountain peaks, creating an extremely dangerous course punctuated by avalanches and rockfalls, and even the odd wingsuit racer who strays too close to a jump after diving off the highest peak of the mountain range.

The course is sometimes changed for less popular swoop and speeder races which aren't nearly as bloody.

Oozlevort is kneeling in front of a ceremonial incense burner beside his IPG-X1131 Longtail 'vertical ring' racing pod. A simple hookah is beside the incense burner, attached to his breathing mask, burning a combination of Grey Gabaki fungus and narcotic Marcan herb. The smoke from the incense pours over his insectoid eyes, opening up the pathways to future victories. He wears his simple robes over a jazzy swoopsuit with a racing stripe down the side. On his podracer and suit are multiple advertisements for Toydor Algae Spas, the Meltdown Cafe - Nar Shaddaa, and Begula Jujumon Podracing Team. Colorful Twi'lek and Zeltron 'Jujumon Girls' prance around his racing machine with umbrellas, posing for pictures and selling the brand.

Kae is standing near a custom Racing pod, with David, the pod looks like it was made largely from an N-1 star fighter, the engines at least definately come from one, the cockpit of the pod too... Kaethen adds "Soo you have a 1 time use shield gen, you can use it to slip stream, you can also use it to avoid damage... I couldn't get one where you could keep the shields up all the time, not enough room ont he pod and the rules won't lemme... I also installed some defensive gadgets that should make it hard on other racers to catch up to you if you get a lead... One is a kind of particle smoke screan that will float after you deploy it, you also have a launchable magnetic decoupler... Just be careful with that, it'll mess things up on your craft too if you screw up its deployment.. It can be fired at any angle..." She says as she motions to things... "I used the repulsors off an N-1 too, so you might be able to get a little altitude if you operate it right." She says to David and taps her chin, yup, Kae's about as serious as she gets, but that's not uncommon around tech..."

It was always going to be this way. It's Ilpani's first time off-planet from her homeworld. She might have liked for her first trip away to be something special, like a vacation, or a party. But no, she is here to work. She prances about around Oozlevort's pod-racer as he prepares, holding a big placard over her head with 'OOZLEVORT!! #1!!' spelled out in a neon, eye-catching font and 'Begula Jujumon Podracing' tucked in there at the bottom, much smaller, but still prominent. She is dressed in a shimmering, silky and terribly skimpy little number in a vibrant palate and a kaleidoscopic pattern. Her pert breasts are barely concealed beneath a slip of fabric that is threaded into a collar about her throat by a trio of thin straps. A bikini-like bottom is tied low on her hips, itself just barely covering the essentials. Most of the fabric that went into crafting the outfit drapes off of her limbs, tied to her wrists and elbows, shoulders and ankles, billowing sensually in the breeze. As she dances about she catches the eyes of any spectators looking her way, slowly spooling a group of fans together and doing her best to lead the crowd in a chant: "Oo-zle-VORT! Oo-zle-VORT! Oo-zle-VORT!"

Thais is currently standing over by her 'borrowed' racing pod - resembling a one-cat craft with ridiculously large engines that seem to connect to the chassis by some means of electrical chains. The Cathar huntress is engaging in a few rituals of her own, securing the straps and buckles of her bounty hunter armor - which might be a bit more bulky than your average swoopsuit - but it's also more protective, and well, they don't seem to sell decent swoopsuits on Nar Shaddaa! She lifts a hand to the visor on her helmet, allowing it to roll back out of place to reveal her liquid golden, feline eyes. Perhaps more inclined to trust her own vision rather than any digital display. She's going to be briefly distracted by her little sister prancing around to root on Oozlevort, though the sight of it will earn her an annoyed growl.

The wind whips fiercely around the sand-sculpted landscape of Rorpana City as the much anticipated (somewhat anticipated?) race day of the KASIA CLASSIC has arrived! Perhaps this isn't the /premiere/ podracing location in the galaxy... entrance was open to humans after all... but the 300,000 credit prize for first place is nothing to shake a stick at. Race fans have come to fill the seats of the bleachers and the camera droids are in place, ready to follow the podracers around the dangerous, twisted track. Snow highlights every rock edge and gathers particularly along the shady side of the mountain ridges, and despite it being a sunny day, it's quite chilly out here at the start of the podracing course. The route to be raced today is full of ravines and tight valleys between jagged mountain peaks, and all it would take is one small lapse of judgement to create a really horrible wreck...

Hex is here, dressed up for the occasion in clothing with a Rylothy look about it; everyone is spared the floral duster today. Near the top of the stands, he's in a box-seating to separate himself and his family (including the eponymous Kasia, of this Classic) from the riff-raff. He has a microphone, and an excited, clueless purple Twi'lek toddler running around near his feet jabbering something incomprehensible.

"Welcome to the first annual KASIA CLASSIC!" he greets, to the cheers of the crowd. "Podracers! Start your engines! If you have anything to say to the crowd or to your fellow racers... say it now, it could be your last words, ka?"

There is a pod race, and Adhar will being Adhar had sent one of his pilots down in a pod made quickly but it will not be used more then once we hope. It was finshed togther in the manner of oddness large cock pit for the larger pilot as he is moving towards it now a large Shistavanen with a fur more grey then red in his older age, dressed in a racing gear with the logo of the array on the back of it, as he belows out with a loud roar of pleasure, as he pats the machine. Naldana is here to race, to went to make it happen to make it across that final line.

He is heading for it now climbing and testing the controls, for it was made in such a rush he has yet to pilot it, this is going to be one hell of a ride, as he looks forward now with a nod towards the others racers, as he is tighting his harness and the belt making sure it will fit him properly but here we got as he reaches for his helmet to yank it down over his large head with that maw beaming out with oh so many teeth, with a snarl of pleasure."Let's get this show on the road!" His vocie roaring out of him followed by a loud chuckle of pleasure now it is the time, to meet the curves and maybe die, but isn't that what the fans really want, with that he is starting the engine that roars to life, for the enginer at the array is not slouch just going to be race tested.

Two hooded figures move amongst the crowds, one in blue and darker blue, the other in tan and lighter tan. The one in blue is notably shorter than the one in the tan hood. The one in the blue hood looks up to the one in the tan hood. "Stop fussing with it." She says to the other as the other is moving the hood about his furry face and shoulders. "You do not look like a begger, you look... dashing. Besides, it'll keep the sun out of your eyes." She tries to convince him.

Him, being a tall and furry Wookiee. Together they walk along amongst the crowd, searching for a place to sit. The Wookiee finds them a place and points to it, then 'Rrrrraaawls' vocalized phrase to the young woman in the blue hood beside him.

She moves to the designated seats and she adjusts her satchel on her hip so she can lower down to sit herself there. She looks past her half mask that is covering from her nose down to her chin and she exhales sharply. "We'll meet with them after the race. They said they'd be here. They'll be here." She tells the Wookiee as he settles in beside her, while still fussing uncomfortably with the tan hood on his furry head.

And then there's Tarion, the human from Nar Shaddaa, perched astride a machine that has perhaps been custom built just for this event. Whoever built it, however, has misunderstood the basic concept of a pod racer, in which a few large engines are generally meant to pull a small cockpit, and instead there's a massive engine directly beneath him as well as a pair out in front. The craft appears to be constructed of odds and ends, junk parts that lack any sense of cohesion, complete with a large pastel pinup Gand that beckons alluringly from the side of one engine. Oovlezort, it is labeled.

In similiar fashion, the man himself is decked out in a confusion of trash strapped and taped to his otherwise bare body, glistening with used oil from the Meltdown Cafe's deep fryers. Unkempt spikes of hair harbor a candy wrapper stuck to the back of his head, and his loins are girded with a pair of maroon shorty-shorts, bedazzled across the rump with 'Ra-Ra' in cheery rhinestone letters. "Let's get this show on the road!" he shouts at his erstwhile pseudo-employer. "There's money to win!"

"Oh, great. Awesome," remarks Ryo, his view of the contest has now been blocked by the towering bundle of fur that is accompanying the young lady. "First the slots and now /this/," he laments, dramatically throwing his hands into the air before he slumps back into his chair with an air of defeat, one leg draping over the other and the foot waggling impatiently.

David Ironside, best pilot on any given side of the galaxy, this one or the other one, nods at Kaelyn, hand running over the sleek chrome and yellow engine of his old N-1 fighter. It crashed at some point last year, but if nobody was there to see it it's barely even crashing, right? Anyway, recent salvaging efforts brought it back mostly in one piece, before being cut into several pieces to be remade into a podracer. Yes. That's a thing that happened. "Right, so there's smoke and mirrors and such." he sums up, circling the cockpit at this point. "How likely am I to bite it before the finish?" he asks uncertainly, one eye on the crowd as he stands still, crossing his arms.

In a very mismatched, pieced together racing pod, two large engines in front cabled to the cockpit, Cap't Mae Moreland of the Pazaak and Tabac in Starport District on Nar Shaddaa sits, waiting for the green light, to get this race underway.

The Pod came into her position from her pulling a few strings back on her home planet of Tatooine. Growing up in Mos Eisley /does/ have advantages ... sometimes.

The sky blue Wroonian pirate keeps her head down and her mouth closed. She does have a large sticker on the side of her pod, advertising her Sabacc tournament coming up at the Pazaak and Tabac with the grand prize being 125k!! The lettering on the large sticker is bright blue.

As the annoucement of the start of the race comes blasting from the loud speakers, Ilpani draws a deep breath into her lungs, and emits a sky-piercing "WOOOOO!!! GOOOooOOO Oozlevort! The Gand firebrand has this race in hand! Go go go!" As she hops up and down with all the energy she can muster. Once the racing pods' engines begin to flare to life, she makes one last circle about Oozlevort's rig, posing and waving her sign this way and that, with exaggerated swinging of her hips, before slinking off to the edge of the course to avoid getting sucked into anyone's propellers and ending up as a crimson mist. Once she's in a safe place, somewhere at the feet of the bleachers, she set herself back to hopping dancing about with that sign, waving fans down eagerly to join her in her chanting. "Go Oozy! Go go go! Leave the rest of these chumps in your shaDOW!" ...She's doing her best.

Sajin flutters his broken down pice of junk hobbled tofether racer he paid some poor local to fix when he found it in a junk pile. It smokes and smells particularly bad. Though the handsome man in yhe totally tight swoop suit driving it probably made up for it. He reves the engine and looks at the others. He will probably explode before the race even starts.

Doc Fermi through the crowd, the wind whipping his wavey hair wildly. His movements seem beleaguered and manic, as though the simple act of moving is just slightly more than his spirit could handle right now. He's hunched forward slightly because he's carrying a parcel in his hands, clutching it firmly against his chest. It has the familiar markings of a medical kit, though appears to be well-worn and due for replacement.

Compared to the splendor of the box seats, Doc Fermi finds a free spot among the riff-raff, coincidentally across the aisle from the hooded pair. "Let's hope that the maladies this presents won't be beyond the reach of my art," he remarks to no one in particular, but easily heard among the noise. His voice is crazed, slow, and full of difficulty, though loud enough. It's not as though he can't speak. It's just a chore, as is everything.

Kae tilts her head "Pends on you, there's a reason humans don't do this... In such short notice, I've tried to put every safety feature I could.... THere's an inertial dampner in the cockpit pod specifically to keep you from getting smashed flat in case of an accident, and I've reinforced the pod as much as I possibly could without sacrificing weight too much.... Short of that, I really dunno... Still, I think it's entirely up to you." She says with a grin.

There's a pause and Kae mentions "Really, if I didn't think you could do it, I wouldn't have built you the racer." Then, with a wink. "Anyhow, I can keep up with telemetry from the racer from here, and give you some updates and how to fix things on the fly while yer racing, I can also give you updates and intelligence about the other racers. After that, well, I don't think there will be any critical failures in the racer... And well.." Kae pauses and shrugs "Be careful and all... Even with old military grade fighter parts on it, it's still podracing okie? These engines were meant to push you through space and high atmosphere, without any weight behind them, it's like strapping your self to a hyperspace rocket in just a EVA suit."

Kae taps her chin a few more times and grins "Anyhow, I think you'll survive well enough, here's hoping you place well okie?"

The air fills with engine smoke and noise as the racers get in position and ready to roll... fly... soar? The crowd cheers and the camera droids zoom in on their favorites... some are programmed smart enough to show Ilpani, too. Humanoids like that kind of thing, right?

Instead of a flare, Hex just straight up has the hand cannon pistol he always carries, and points it at the sky. "Three! ....Two! ....One! ....VATAK'ULTUKAAA!"

BANG! The shot is fired and the race is on!

Oozlevort the Gand rises hastily from his incense bath and shakes off that mild high of Grey Gabaki fungus. He waves a three-fingered hand to those adoring fans chanting his name, and mutters to Ilpani the Jujumon Girl, "Throw in some pizzazz! Attract the holocamera, this is being beamed to the entire HoloNet!" Then the squat alien climbs into his vertical ring cockpit, flipping switches and igniting the dual engines tethered to his pod. When the shot is fired, the Gand engages the throttle that protrudes from the outside into his cockpit, and ZOOOOOOOM! Off he goes in his podracer.

"You steal a guy's ticket fair and square and look what happens," Ryo soliloquies with no shortage of irritation apparent on his countenance. "You try to support your friends and what do you get in return? A dismissed false advertising case against a set of supposed 'hot' slots and the be-saddling of 'first-class' pod racing seats that get you tucked behind a walking carpet with a gambling addiction. THINGS ARE COMING UP RYO," the Festian complains.

It might be that Thais isn't the best podracer on this planet - but at least she's not a human. She slams the ignition, and the pod will jump forward with a roaring blaze of its oversized engines - it almost seems for a moment that the electrical chains that hold the engines to the chassis grow impossibly taut - and then it will slingshot her forward! She growls, as the plumes of Oozlevort's pod soon engulfs her own, "A Cathar will not be so easily bested!" She warns, unheard, in a growly purr.

Naldana there is a moment as he waits for the others before he is gunning it forward with his own pod into the raceway, he is not use to this yet as he large man is trying to grab his controls, and then he is trying to get ready for the race of his well this month. His eyes are locked down and then he is starting to get it as the pod is off to the races!

The Wookiee in front of Ryo is enjoying a small paper bag of a peanut-like treat. He doesn't seem to pay any heed to Ryo behind him, or if he's blocking the man's view. When he finishes the paper bag of treats, he pours the dust into his mouth and then shakes it around with his furry paw before he dumps it over his shoulder back toward where Ryo is seated.

The woman in blue beside the Wookiee, doesn't seem to notice this as her eyes are on the race. "I've never seen one of these actually happen." She says softly to the Wookiee. "They had a pod-race track on Jakku, but it had been closed for... for long before I was a live. I used to hide in it its empty stands when I was little." She glances over to the Wookiee and he gives her a soft 'Rraawl' of understanding in return.

Kasia (yes, that Kasia, no autographs please) is seated in the booth where the announcing is taking place, looking fancy as ever while wrapped in a fur-lined coat to keep off the chill, even though there's way less chill to be found in the booth than there is out on the stands. There's a basket of snacks and drinks in the chair beside her, a few of those snacks presently being used to bribe the toddler at their feet into silence. Yes she's using bribery, don't judge!

Despite the fan-girl's prolific cheering, Tarion does not spare her even a glance, too focused on the money he is convinced he's about to win. The giant engine between his hips rumbles to life like an old jalopy, followed shortly by the two mismatched turbines out in front, and when the starting lights click over to the starting symbols, he surges forward with perhaps surprising speed and a long trail of smoke that begins to dissipate momentarily. A pair of welding goggles strapped around his head are pulled down to shield his eyes, lenses replaced by plastifilm wrap held in place by rubber bands.

David grins at Kaelyn, unable to fix his gaze anywhere for long. He's already spotted a few familiar faces on the track, by the pod and in the stands. When the call comes to enter his pod, he waves towards the crowd as if he's actually famous, clearly aware of his formerly entirely secretive lifestyle. A stark contrast to his current get-up. Bright Naboo colors that pay tribute to his days in the Royal Naboo Security Force, including the ORIGINAL bright orange longcoat. He turns again to Kaelyn, feet on the pod. "It's racing, how hard could it possibly be?" he picks for the last words anyone would ever hear him speak in person probably.

David fits his helmet into place, adjusts the microphone and awaits the countdown. When it happens, the engines flare up, a current holding them in fixed position ahead of him, and when Ready and Set make way for Go, he's off!

A camera droid flies to her, into the camera she offers a toothy grin. "Cap't Dol Marcis, if I die, The Pazaak and Tabac is yours!" she says and waves into the camera before the horn blows siginaling the race has started!

Grasping the controls, and having made peace with her maker, Cap't Mae guns it. Being in fifth position didn't have her at an advantage and neither did being nearly human. She needed all the help and luck she could get.

The engines die. "FRACCCCCCCK!" she roars and tries to start the crusty old pod racer up again without flooding the engines.

"Hey, you *CENSORED*!" barks Ryo, taking up the bag, balling it up and whipping it into the back of Chewbacca's head. "Littering is /unacceptable/, you scoundrel." A finger is pointed harshly in the Wookiee's direction. "You want the janitors here to have to spend extra time cleaning up /your/ mess? Disgusting."

Sajin and his death trap, which yeas it is named death trap. See its even there painted hapazardly and soelled wrong on the corner of the cockpit modual, blasts forward throttling ahead and poyring out snoke. He struggles a bit with the coupling doing his best to make adjustments but its costing him speed.

"They're off to a great start!" Hex cheerfully MCs as he follows along the progress of his friends, and a few strangers, and Tarion, as they zip off to a start. As is common in many pod-racing venues, large screens display the action and the scores, while personal datapads can be had for additional cost.

                     ROUND 1   |   ROUND 2   |   ROUND 3   |   ROUND 4   |   ROUND 5 FINAL
 David Ironside        45      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         - 
 Maeb'h Moreland      -92      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         -     
 Naldana               40      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         - 
 Oozlevort             77      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         -
 Sajin Kovo Kah       -17      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         - 
 Tarion Tavers         72      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         - 
 Thais                 15      |      -      |      -      |      -      |         - 

"Oooh, little bit of a rough start for Maeb'h Moreland. You can still catch up, ok ka," Hex encourages the bluest racer. "Trashcan Tavers looking strong out there but not enough to catch the BUG TO BEAT! Ay, he has an entourage, you know? He's got style."

Kae tilts her head and over the coms. <<Ya don't have throttles that auto adjust them selves on that, careful you don't pour too much fuel through those engines. << She tilts her head <<Anyhow, yer in third... About 23 units or so behind the Gand in the ring-racer..>> She says and smiles a bit... Kae honestly has a great view of Dave's race, she'd put a camera in the pod and is getting a low-pod-racer view of the race as it happens... "Ooh this is kinda neat... soo glad I'm not the one racing though, much more fun to watch it happen from this angle!" She says happily.

Thais can handle being beat at pod racing by a weird bug who pays her sister to perform questionable acts of advertising. She's not about to get happily beat by a human named 'Trashcan' who wears what appears to be stolen Guild armor. She gives her head a shaking, causing the visor to retract to reveal her liquid golden cat eyes, flashing something of a feline death glare in Tarion's general direction. She guns the insanely over-sized engines, resulting in a supercharged boost of speed - aimed at clipping Tarion from behind!

Oozlevort blasts out of the stadium in first place! A human is close behind, but that will soon change. Up they go into the mountainous, dangerous ranges of Sneeve, though the Gand sees his many paths through danger. Or he has seen them, in the narcotic mists of ceremonies before the race.

Ilpani looks over her shoulder, and casts her brilliant pastiche of a smile towards Oozlevort as he mutters those orders. She favors him with a sharp nod of acknowledgement, then goes back to revving up the crowd. She'll keep her eyes out for any camera-droids that pass her way, then take to dipping her shoulder, arching her spine, puffing out her chest, blown kisses and kittenish winking--- that is to say: doing everything in her power to be as memorably alluring as possible for those brief moments she ends up on the intergalatic holo.

Naldana is starting to get the feel of the pod, his hand is reaching down looking around the course trying to find a way to catch up, he is not sane as anyone that has flown with him knows, as the old man sees a path that leads well into the air. With a wicked chuckle he is pulls the cord he was told to use only in the case of emergency as the pod starts to rocket forward with a little chuckle of pleasure, as he is flying up into the air landing with a lound bang, but it is all in one piece for now.

When Ryo tosses the food bag back at Wookiee's head, he turns around and growls at the man's angry words toward him. This get the girl in blue's attention and she looks back as well.. it only takes her a moment to gather what has gone on her and she offers a hand out to pick up the snack food bag, then wads it up in her half glove covered palm. "He's sorry." She tells Ryo from behind her half mask. "We're not from around here, the customs are... unusual." She glances at her Wookiee copanion and her visible eyebrows narrow at him, glaring at the big guy.

The Wookiee growls back at Ryo once more then turns to look back at the race.

When the bump and grind comes in from behind, Tarion's podracer jolts under the impact, but the bounty hunter in the trash with those apparently stolen BHG hot pants (standard issue, Ra-Ra) hangs gamely to the machine beneath him. "Hey! I'm driving here!" he yells, but no look backward is afforded for Thais; he's focused on what's ahead, and catching up to the bug with the most glug. A hand reaches down into the secret compartment in front of his right foot, which is actually just a cardboard box ziptied to the side of the engine, and pulls out a flimsy bag.

Cocking his arm back, he hurls it ahead and to the side as he pulls within range of Oozlevort, and in mid-air the contents spill out over the Gand's racer. Lukewarm mynock wings in red sauce, or more accurately, the leftover bones of mynock wings in red sauce, picked clean of the meat before being used as a sort of primitive caltrops by the rogue bounty hunter. "Eat it, Bugeyes!"

"What does Tarion have painted on his... whatever that is?" Kasia asks in a low voice, at a point when the question probably won't be broadcast out to everyone. "That whole contraption looks dangerous. I wonder if he paid anything for it." She seems entirely too entertained by this whole thing so far, but no one she knows has been blown up yet. One hand digs in the snack box, pulling out a small container of fruit, which she pops into her mouth one piece at a time.

David barely registers Kaelyn's communications, focused too hard on the adjustment from a regular speeder and a space superiority fighter to.. a fighter that's been pulled apart and could literally pull him into a death spin at any moment. Kaelyn wouldn't do that to him though, right? His engines bob up and down with every slight turn he makes, never touching the ground. <<This is fine.>> he comments, glancing briefly at a display to see whether he's closing in on anyone ahead. <<How am I doing?>> he asks.

Hoping she'll get the pod started and have some sort of chance of anything aside from looking foolish, Mae tries to crank it up again.

"Come on you blasted sithspit, piece of bantha backside.. I knew I shouldn't have trusted that junk dealer..." she snarls, still at the starting line, getting passed like she's not even there.

"FRACK IT. I'mma gonna die." she says and is angry and also weirdly at peace.

The pod starts and she zoooooms down the track...kinda... Finally!

Showmanship might not be Ilpani's strongest suit, but that doesn't stop her from trying! She waves her big, 'OOZLEVORT!! #1!!' sign in the air, shaking her barely-concealed hips and cheering at the top of her lungs. As the race goes on, her attention flits back and forth towards the telescreens more and more frequently, and when Tarion tosses that load of picked-over wings at her employer, she gasps sharply, and her electric-blue eyes widen in a moment of fright. "C'mon, bugman. C'mon. Don't kriff up. You can do this." She mutters under her breath, bouncing on the balls of her feet anxiously. The girl is clearly concerned for the fate of her paycheck.

Sajin is making a bit of a gain but not enough to get him anywhere in the long run. At least he has gotten used to his piece of junk pod racer.

The terrain grows more difficult as the pod racers zip along, forcing them up into the mountains - there are moments of narrow passageways necessitating a side flip or a crash, and split seconds to choose left or right... the wrong move could be fatal!

                   ROUND 1   |  ROUND 2  |  ROUND 3  |  ROUND 4  |  ROUND 5
 David Ironside      45      |    117    |    -      |      -    |     - 
 Maeb'h Moreland    -92      |   -74     |    -      |      -    |     -     
 Naldana             40      |    106    |    -      |      -    |     - 
 Oozlevort           77      |    115    |    -      |      -    |     -
 Sajin Kovo Kah     -17      |    12     |    -      |      -    |     - 
 Tarion Tavers       72      |    150    |    -      |      -    |     - 
 Thais               15      |    72     |    -      |      -    |     - 

"Hahah, now it's ON," Hex notes with approval as the racers start to have a proper go at each other, with Thais trying to low-key ram Tarion into disadvantageous position, and Tarion paying it forward with a scrap-attack on Oozlevort. "Racers, remember, time is of the essence! You're living fast and dying yo-- well, sorta young. Naldana is kinda old. Anyway. It's a fast race, ni muchiku! Deploy your advantages to best advantage!"

"...I hope they crash," he adds, followed by, "Oh, szu'tak, this is still on huh."

Kae tilts her head << Good now, steadily climbing and all. Yer in second, behind the Tavers fellow>> She says and tilts her head to the left... << The gand is a very very close section, only 2 units behind you...>> Kae says and grins a bit... "Wooow, I'm suprised it's holding together this well!" She says cheerfully, hoping that things don't drift over the communications and all... << Yer going into mountains, might need to roll that thing or flip it... >> She says now and looks around curiously.. "Ooh..." She mutters and waves a serving droid down.. "Fizzy drink please!" And soon enough the sound of slurping soda may or may not be heard on the coms every now and then.

Oozlevort is hit in the face with bbq wings. DISGUSTING. He takes a kerchief from inside his robe, using it wipe off those alien multifaceted eyes. "Tarion, you nasty!" The cloth is tucked into his pocket and he jams the throttle forward, nosing in front of Tarion. An overhead compartment opens in his ring pod, and out tumble several overripe sweet granadilla and horned kiwano melons. He hurls the fruit at Tarion Tavers' face. "Poodu!" Then he slides back into third place.

Thais draws her lips back to reveal her slightly sharpened feline teeth in a rictus of feral satisfaction, as her podracer clips the rear of Tarion's racer in what is something of an act of near-suicidal spite given the speeds at which they are maneuvering. She then makes a growly sound of subsequent displeasure when the trashy human somehow manages to pull away from her - navigating the course with reflexes that she didn't think was possible. She purrs menacingly, "A Cathar will punish your dishonorable mischief!" Having said that, she will resort to a somewhat sketchy revenge tactic (though, it's perfectly honorable when performed against the dishonorable, or humans in general), smacking her gauntleted hand against an interior compartment, as a hidden targeting control reveals itself. She pushes a botton, which will result in an errant shot of boiling plasma suddenly getting redirected from the crackling engines and FLUNG towards Tarion like a giant slingshotted marble of superheated death. It'll almost certainly miss, but it will make him have to juke at least!

The old man as he was called out being over the speaker is cackling as he is going for another ramp, launching himself into the air as he is high above for a moment with the skilled hands of one use to combat, in the air. He is pulling lever that brings up a target cross hairs, as he pushes a button firing out rotten food right at Oozlevort coating the ground in front of him in it rancid fruit juices, as he cackles as he lands then gunning it around the turn, he is getting better at the driving it

There is almost no way that Tarion is navigating this well based on any actual skill. The bounty hunter is guided by a certain impish brand of luck that seems to know no rhyme or reason and is, above all things, fickle. "AHHHH," he shouts as Oozlevort's payload of rotting melons crashes into his goggled face. "AAHHHHH," he shouts as his pod is hit by the plasma blast. "AAAHHHH," he shouts as he hurtles into the nearest wall, careening off the side of a large rock and hurtling sideways with a WHUG WHUG WHUG of triplet engines.

David keeps his spot, second place now, comfortably cruising along before Kaelyn warns him of the mountains. <<Got it.>> he replies. <<You mentioned thrusters, right?>> he asks, just to be sure. His gloved fingers are already finding the appropriate switches, and if you've ever seen any Fast and/or Furious movies, you'll picture this: David pushes a small button on his dashboard, and the view SHIFTS into his engine block, where some GO FAST JUICE is added and dispersed into the engines. The exhaust color intensifies, as the podracer shoots forward, even dipping out of his tracking camera's view for a moment. <<This is GREAT.>> he exclaims, his voice crackling over the comms.

Mae is a lot of things, but a quitter isn't one of them. If she is to lose, she will do it in the grandest fashion possible.

As Oozlevort passes her again, she throws a bomb at him. The bomb consists of a thick, tar like liquid. "One good thing the junk dealer on Tat gave me," she muses to herself as she tries to get down the track, to no avail! The pod drops on the track and comes apart, pieces of it going all over the place. Mae hits hard and is out of the race.

Sajin pushes the accelerator again and hes blasted forth as that smoke turns into Fire. Theres a turn though and he can't help but hit the bumper or wall while trying to make that turn. Its not the king of driks night tonight.

Ilpani watches with baited breath for the space of a few moments, then erupts into a whooping cheer and a volley of laughter as Oozlevort recovers from Tarion's food-scrap roguery. "Kriff yessss!!" She jumps up and down as vigorously as she can, with her 'OOZLEVORT!! #1!!' sign held high, with one hand extended to beckon the crowd to cheer with her in big, skyward swinging motions. When she stops, she takes a moment to lower her sign and lean over the railing that seperates her from the bleachers, panting over her neon-blue lips to catch her breath. The next round will see her remaining in that position, hinged over at her hips, with her fore-arms draped over the railing, flirting ostentatiously with the front row. She rocks her hips from side to side, and only takes intermittent breaks from her word-of-mouth 'promotions' to grab her sign, hoist it high, and holler that chant again: "Oo-zle-VORT! Oo-zle-VORT! Oo-zle-VORT!"

Doc's hands tightly grip the medical bag against his chest as one leg bounces up and down anxiously. The bounty hunter's acquaintance with the cavernous wall causes a beleguered gasp from the doctor, but he manages to survive the ordeal. The doctor, that is. He looks like he's about to catch his breath, but that possibility is destroyed as Maeb'h's pod racer begins shedding parts. "Oh, God, No!" he cries out, bolting to his feet and sending his medical bag forward and to the ground. He doesn't even know the driver.

The blue hooded figure beside the Wookiee sits up a little straighter when she sees the crash displayed and it makes her eyes flicker in a series of quick and successive blinks. "Thats... horrible." She says softly, glancing over to the Wookiee in the tan hood beside her who just glances at her and huffs out an affirmative response. The blue hooded woman's eyes scan the audience then as they all react with glee at the carnage, some cheering for it, others cheering for their racers still in the fight.

"I can't imagine ever entering a race like this, they must be desperate for the winnings." She softly adds before putting her eyes back upon the race as it continues to unfold.

"Who knew Oozlevort had fans," Kasia remarks as one of the many screens flashes to the audience for reaction, and shows Ilpani in all her Oozlevort-cheer. "He cleaned the outside of my shop though, so now he's allowed inside again." She's half talking to Hex, not truly expencting a response from him as his focus is more on the race. She's about to say more when there's the crash, and a startled gasp. "Oh, oh no. That's going to hurt. Is she alive?" She asks that way too early, sitting up in her seat a little straighter. "That was Maeb'h, wasn't it? Poor thing." The show-stopper this round is obviously that spectacular CRASH from poor Maeb'h Moreland, though she doesn't go down without a fight! She's going down with VENGEANCE, and boldly tosses her disadvantage to its unlucky, buggy recipient before her craft betrays her one last time!

                   ROUND 1   |  ROUND 2  |  ROUND 3  |  ROUND 4  |  ROUND 5
 David Ironside      45      |    117    |    316    |      -    |     - 
 Maeb'h Moreland    -92      |   -74     |   -232    |      -    |     -     
 Naldana             40      |    106    |    198    |      -    |     - 
 Oozlevort           77      |    115    |    192    |      -    |     -
 Sajin Kovo Kah     -17      |    12     |    102    |      -    |     - 
 Tarion Tavers       72      |    150    |    49     |      -    |     - 
 Thais               15      |    72     |    132    |      -    |     - 

"Ohhhh Ryma'at, that looks like it hurt," Hex comments with a wince that's heard in his voice more than seen. "Is there a doctor? Did we arrange for a doctor? I think we probably did? Listen if you're a doctor, you want to treat Moreland when the ambu-team brings her in?" WEEEOOO WEEEOOO help is on the way! "Arni'soyacho. That'd be great. Tcha, now, look, we all stopped paying attention and Ironside looks like he's in it to win it!"

Kae looks at her datapad and tilts her head << OKi dokie, you've used your slip stream... That little toy is used up. You still have your two offfensive weapons, the mag disruptor, and the carbon filament screen, or smoke screen.>> Kae says over the coms, and yes she can be heard slurping her soda. << Yer doing great, I think that little maneuver what with the attacks on the two leaders has slingshotted you into first place, just watch out, they'll be gunning for you now!>> She calls out cheerfully...

There's a pause << Got a racer down ont he track, racer down ont he track, watch for debris next lap..>> She says and rubs at the back of her neck.. She blinks and glances over to Ilpani... She tilt sher head "I wonder whyfore Kisa won't lemme dress like thaaat!" She says, and flails her arms in the air, yup that's Kae being Kae again!"

<< Yer over a hundred fro the nearest compeititor... exact units would be about 118 ahead of Naldana, 124 ahead of the Gand.>> She announces to David... Yup is amazingly calm right now as she calls out distances and stuff to David.

Oozlevort is hit in the face/body both by a tar bomb from Maeb'h Moreland AND a fruit bomb from Naldana. "Filthy cheespa dogs! How dare you!" He opens another secret compartment overhead and fishes out a handful of fat chuba eggs. He had been planning to poach them for a nice Hungry Hutt Breakfast Sandwich, but instead they get thrown in Naldana's face as the two jockey for position. SPLAT.

Thais will make a triumphant purr-growly sound as she throttles forward on her podracer's joystick, swooping around Tarion as the act of evading the plasma (and the malice of his fellow racers) eventually catches up with the trashy human! She waits until she's blurring past him, to turn and with a flash of her golden feline eyes, growls something at him in Catharese, which is *supremely* disrespectful.

Starts it mvoe with a little chuckle, and then he is covered in chuba eggs, as he spins out for a moment losing a bit of the forward motion, as he starts to spinning around with a little roar of pleasure at this battle. Naldana's hand reaching down to pull the lever in the middle of the pod and then there is something falling off into the air with a little forward motion it is aimed right for Oozlevory, it is a exploding right in front of him coating almost his pod in fire, that quickly burns out.

The spectacle of the crash catches Ilpani's attention, but just for those few moments it takes Mae's podracer to fall to pieces. "Oh no..." She gasps out a plaintive little sound of worry. Her eyes widen, but any sign of life from the unfortunate pilot with cause her to release her captured breath, and go back to bouncing and cheering and flirting with the front row like she's being paid for it. Which is appropriate, because she is.

"AAAAAHHHHHH," Tarion shouts as his speeder continues to careen out of control around the course, bouncing off a barrier in the process. This time he regains a bit of his composure and as the vehicle spins, jams down on the booster just as the front of the thing lines up with the path directly forward. With an almighty WHUGGA WHUGGA WHUGGA, the engines WHUGGA ahead, sending the amateur hunter boogeying down the course at speed again.

<<First place, nice.>> David comments dryly, entering a tunnel long enough to roll his ship happily along the somehow perfectly circular pipe carved into the rock. "Alright, let's see.." he mutters to himself, glancing at his Display Board O'Tricks. "Smokescreen would work here, I bet." he supposes as his left engine grinds into one of the rock walls on a turn. Don't tricks and drive, y'all.

Doc Fermi fumbles with the area near his feet, scooping up the worn medical bag in his shaky hands. He slings the bag over his shoulder, creating a small cacophony of sounds as the contents fumble about and get to know each other forcefully. "Excuse me," he exclaims as he tries to slip past the spectator seated next to him. "Excuse me." More slipping to the side. "One thousand pardons!" His elbow prods an Ithorian as he passes. "Forgive me!" His bag whacks a Rodian across the antennae. "Let me by!" He trips slightly on the feet of an Ithorian seated at the end of the row. There's some commotion as Doc emerges from the row and manages to get the last word in. "Perhaps you should look into shoes!" he manically calls out to the Ithorian. Free at last! He begins shuffling down the aisle and towards the front rows, trying to get as close to the racetrack as the facility allows.

Sajin is doing much better now that he is on a streight away. However, even if its not aimed at him the smoke screen from dave is causing him some vision problems. "Aye! I didn't do nothing to you!" He picks up a hydro spanner and throws it towards the unatutally good pilot, It might hurt or at least distract a bit. "Can you not try and kill us!"

Mae raises a blue hand and makes a moaning sound. She's not intirely sure what has happened, her world is spinning and everything hurts. Her hand drops and the Wroonian passes out.

The racetrack's medical crew is fast and efficient, a team of both droids and organics who move with a cheerful, businesslike demeanor as though they scrape up mangled racers all day, every day. The crowd cheers and boos as the action continues, and the results flash up on the board.....!

                   ROUND 1   |  ROUND 2  |  ROUND 3  |  ROUND 4  |  ROUND 5
 David Ironside      45      |    117    |    316    |    308    |     - 
 Maeb'h Moreland    -92      |   -74     |   -232    |      -    |     -     
 Naldana             40      |    106    |    198    |    208    |     - 
 Oozlevort           77      |    115    |    192    |    239    |     -
 Sajin Kovo Kah     -17      |    12     |    102    |    241    |     - 
 Tarion Tavers       72      |    150    |    49     |    47     |     - 
 Thais               15      |    72     |    132    |    206    |     - 

"Almost there, we're at the edge of our seats!" Hex says over the speakers. Maybe in his case, it's because he's taking up too much seat. "Almost there, race fast and hard, ni muchiku! You can still catch the winner! He's not so far ahead that... Oh for the love of -- what the?! HEY! You have to get out of here? Qa faho?! I reserved this track! I paid a stupid amount of money to reserve this track!"

But alas, the pod racers are not alone... reckless and danger loving, a number of local Sneevels in wing suits have begun to drop off the mountains, shrieking and hooting in adrenaline-fueled glee as they interfere with the race.

"Akei ka schutta!" Hex curses. But there's no help for it. It is raining Sneevels.

Oozlevort flips a switch, dumping pure fuel into the engines to increase yield. The country bumpkin Dugs on Malastare call it 'rolling Rhydonium' and it tends to spit out a lot of exhaust as unused fuel is burned. The Gand blasts off, heading through a rock tunnel and off a cliff! And suddenly he is flying through the air, dodging Sneevels in wingsuits. "This Gand HATES Sneevels!" he warbles, trying to steer a safe path through the zipping furry bodies.

Thais narrows her liquid golden feline eyes until they have been reduced to slits - making a hissed sound and twitching her vestigal whiskers when sneevels begin to rain down upon the course in a *most* dishonorable fashion! She makes a growly sound, "A Cathar will not be dismayed!" She jukes her pod to the right - and then to the left - and even when a sneevel gets sucked into the engine exhaust of her mega over-sized engine, she'll keep the pod aimed in the general direction of the finish line! RRRROWR!

There is a moment that he is going starting perfect driving, Naldana is ready to keep his place but then there are Sneevels, out of nowhere as he is swarvying to avoid them, he is then moving aroind it and then he is back on the course with a wicked chucjke, as he moves to fire it up again with a snarl of displeasure, he is losing ground.

Kae blinks, and flails her arms now... "Noooo!!! No Sneevils it's hard enough on em allready!" She calls out, still flailing her arms "Use the magnetic ion... nevermind, you did!" She says, blinking a few times as she's flailing again "Goooooooooo!" She calls out now, yup Kae's cheerleading at this point, it's probably audible even to David!

WHUGGA WHUGGA WHUGGA, Tarion's podracer struggles gamely on, the black smoke that it spewed at the beginning of the race belching forth once more from the engines as he chugs along towards the finish line. "CASH MONEY," he implores the machine, standing up in the stirrups to cheer the faltering machine along. "All that CASH MONEY, come on baby! Come on!" His hair stands up crazily, a hole poked in one of his goggle lenses, melon juice dripping down his bare chest, a chunk of rind still stuck on the spiked trash strapped to his shoulder. "We can still win this thing!" They could not still win this thing.

The Oovlezort pinup is missing an eye.

Fortunately for Doc Fermi's addled mind, the weather forecast for the sidelines away from the track remains clear of Sneevels for the moment. This might actually turn out okay! He manages to get through the chaos of the crowds, barely, and finds that the only thing separating him from the life he must save is a simple steel barrier, about waist height. Up and over! Tallyho! TWANG. THWUMP. The Doc tumbles head over heels and onto the ground. "AGHH!" he cries out, now dusty and bruised, probably. At least he made it over! "This is perfect!" he shouts and begins the completely necessary process of scooping up the contents of his medical bag.

Coming to again for just a brief moment, Mae's amber eyes flutter. "Wha....ttt ... haaaappened?" she slurs the words out, like she's been drinking too much. And she's passed out again.

"Ugh. Gross." There is a momentary pause in Ilpani's cheerleading, when she glances over to the telescreens and sees her sister's engine devour some poor Sneevel and spit it out as a cloud of liquified organs and atomized blood. She wrinkles her nose, then gives her lavender-haired head a shaking, before going back to revving up the crowd. The last round of a race is always the most stressful. Her sign doesn't make it up into the air, except lacksidaisically for a few moments. The girl is too busy praying with those members of the crowd that she's managed to convert to the ranks of Oozy's fans, all huddled together against the railing, with their eyes fixed anxiously and eagerly upon the telescreens. "C'mon, Oozy. C'mon you big roach, you can do this!" She mutters to herself, with hope beyond hope trembling in her electric-blue eyes.

David nods. <<Copy that, there's Sneevels.>> he states, fingers pulling the release on a lever, dropping or more accurately shooting a pair of ion charges behind him, connected by a magnetic coupling. There they wait for the next poor racer to latch on to and absolutely screw with their engine's integrity for at least long enough to make them focus on the problem. A big, sharp turn later and a single spanner just bounces off one of the engines, throwing it into the coupling to briefly disconnect it, sending David off-course for a moment, knocking over AND WORSE at least one Sneevel. The pilot peers back for a moment, wincing. <<That'll buff out, right?>> he asks without actually describing what just happened. Home Stretch, baby! David adds, quite late to the party, <<So what's a Sneevel?>>

Sajin instead of piloting expertly through dodhing the raining sneevel terror, without notice, Sajin Plows through them just taking the hit. They thunk against and beat up the hull of the racer. One smacks him in the helmet causing him to become dizzy. Dizzy enough to not see dave up ahead, bumping into him. Thatll wake you up!

The racers do their best to avoid the sudden hazards of flying Sneevels... at least one of whom meets his demise in a pod racer engine... and then WHIZ, WHIZ, WHIZ! or WHUGGA WHUGGA WHUGGA, the podracers complete the track and snap into their places for the VICTORY!

                   ROUND 1   |  ROUND 2  |  ROUND 3  |  ROUND 4  |  ROUND 5
 David Ironside      45      |    117    |    316    |    308    |    228 
 Maeb'h Moreland    -92      |   -74     |   -232    |      -    |     -     
 Naldana             40      |    106    |    198    |    208    |    211 
 Oozlevort           77      |    115    |    192    |    239    |    375
 Sajin Kovo Kah     -17      |    12     |    102    |    241    |    214
 Tarion Tavers       72      |    150    |    49     |    47     |    91
 Thais               15      |    72     |    132    |    206    |    287 
 FIRST PLACE:   375  OOZLEVORT       300,000 credits * GAND PRIZE WINNER
 SECOND PLACE:  287  THAIS           150,000 credits
 THIRD PLACE:   228  DAVID IRONSIDE  75,000 credits

Screams and boos and hoots and hollers rise up from the crowd as their preferred racer did, or did not win. "Ryma gesu'tak allesh! Congratulations! Congratulations!" Hex cheers as they zip (or trudge) in, "First place, the Handy Gandy, love him or hate him, you're 2nd rate to him! OOZLEVORT! Second place, it's the NEW KITTY IN THE CITY, not quite purr-fect but prize-worthy nonetheless, free of hairballs and pitfalls.. hah, love that I'm too far away to get decked... THAIS! Third place it's an unprecedented HUMAN BEING, pilot sensation, local hero, okay lover, great hair, DAVID IRONSIDE!!!!"

Confetti rains!

Doc continues his embattled quest to Modor, er, Maeb'h, but now has a slight limp and a fresh coat of brown dust all over his clothes, face, and hair. He manages to increase his pace through the sidelines, as pit crews and pod mechanics watch the living catastrophe deal with the horror of his own circumstance. Doc offers one of them a tired smile. "I really am a good doctor!" he manages as he hobbles on past. There's a gasp of air as he manages to get close enough to Maeb'h and drops to his knees next to her. Maybe he is a good doctor because, from this moment on, he seems to be in control of his faculties. The bag is slammed on the ground to his side and he begins to produce vials, sprays, and various medical devices. "Kriffing Hell! She's already turning BLUE!" he cries out before firing up his medical scanner. Relax. It's a joke.

Kae blinks and tilts her head "Ummmm.... Ooh grats, you got third place!" She calls out happily... "Nice try there!!!" She adds and then tilts her head << Sooo happy the pod racer held together!>> she adds, yup probably all of that quite audible to David...

Kae rubs at the back of her neck and looks around curiously <<Anyhoo, ya had fun, made some good moola and I got to build a pod racer! Not a badd week!>>

Kasia has worked her way through the small bowl of fruit, with some help from others in the booth of course, and has moved onto some sort of crackery type thing. Crunch-crunch-quiet-crunch-Hex-is-talking. "I'm surprised there haven't been even more crashes," she remarks. Said crunchy treats are dropped back into the basket beside her the race comes to a swift conclusion, and she lets out a surprised laugh. "I can't believe Oozlevort did it." She pauses then glances over at Hex. "How do YOU know how good a lover Dave is?" A pause. "He does have nice hair though."

The woman in the blue hood watches the race come to a finish and she releases a light exhale beneath her mask. She glances over to her Wookiee companion who is standing up and cheering now, so she feels obligated to stand up and start to applaud as well? "I'm applauding a race where someone might've died." She says to herself amongst all the chaos and cheering in the stands. "I'm fairly certain this is a sour thing of me to do..." She's nudged then by the big furry elbow of her companion to her right and it makes her look up at him and she smirks, though its hidden behind her half-mask.

Mae's eyes flutter open for a moment as she comes to again and then she passes out again.

Oozlevort is victorious! He flies past the finish line then turns around, doing some victory burnouts after setting his repulsors extra-low so that his pod can scrape the ground. Dirt and turf go everywhere. Then the Gand gets out of his racer, and his squire raises the victorious flag of BEGULA JUJUMON PODRACING with 'Huttese Racing Excitement!' scrawled out in Huttese script. He is handed a bottle of liquor and he shakes it up, popping the cork and spraying his Jujumon Girls.

It is going to be in a pluming spray of both ozone plasma discharge and various sneevel miscellania anatomica, that Thais's supercharged pod racer will skid to a stop - after about a hundred and fifty meters of drag. The canopy will immediately pop up, and then the Cathar Huntress will leap from within, and down to the ground with a single bound, as the engines quietly 'whugga-whugga' down besides her. She reaches out and drags her furred thumb through a spatter of exotica viscera that had sprayed onto the rear end of the chassis. She briefly tastes it, wrinkles her cat-like nose, and then wipes the bloody mess off of her hand. As Tarion reaches the finish line, she'll growl at him, "A Fett wants to see you, Trashcan!"

The pod that was made, abusded and beaten up by the large Shistavanen is pulling into the finish, after the others coming in where he does, as it falls down with a loud boom as it is done and gone."Now then, that was fun as hell, it is much good times." There is a roar of pleasure coming out of his wolf's mouth as he roars into the air, with a chuckle as he looks around for a moment with a hands are throwing up into the air as he jumps up and down with a wicked chuckle.

The moment she can see the pods closing in on the checkered flag, Ilpani grabs her "OOZLEVORT!! #1!!" sign from its lean against the railing and hoists it high. She swings her hips and the placard back and forth in a cadence that grows quicker and quicker as the race draws to an end. As the racers grow closer and closer, her eyes widen in surprise to not only see that she won't have to make a quick correction to her sign, but that her sister is /right behind/ the Gand! The plush bow of her lips draws open, and she begins to bounce up and down with all her might might as the pods speed past her. The draft grabs a hold of all the drapey bits of her costume and force of the wind nearly pulls the girl off of her feet, but she steadys herself and throws her sign into the air victoriously! "WOOOOO!! Holy stars we WON!!!" She screams, nearly tumbling back over the rail into the arms of celebrating fans. She gets pushed back onto the track, just in time to get a face and chest full of sparkling booze. If she weren't on camera, she might just glare at Oozy for ensuring that she has to go back and change out of her nicest attire after the race but, as things are, she just continues to cheer and dance about, circling Oozlevort's racing pod with the other girls. This will afford her to opportunity to, the moment she comes within arm's reach of her employer, mutter something out of the side of her mouth, before going right back to affecting that beaming, show-girl smile of hers.

"Come on, baby, come on!" Tarion chants astride his dying podracer in dead last. "We're doing it! We're winning! We got all kinds of cash money on the li-" A sneevel bowls into him and takes a piece of his trashy armor with it. Reeling upright once more, he kicks down on the accelerator, shedding parts from the engines as he goes. WHUGGA WHUGga whugga, into the home stretch. whugga whugga, clawing towards the finish line. whugga whug whug whug whuggggggg, and the craft noses into the dirt just short of the ribbon Oozlevort long since broke, but the bounty hunter is not to be stymied and leaps bodily from the broken-down racer onto the line, face-planting into the dirt atop it. "I did it!" he groans, dragging himself fully across. "I won!" He didn't.

"You can just tell by looking at him," Hex answers Kasia regarding how he knows Dave is an Okay Lover. The big alien bends down to pick up his excited toddler, then parks the little purple kid on his shoulders and grins. "Let's go congratulate them." Twi'leks are uniquely good at giving a shoulder ride for their kids. Lekku seatbelt. He gives Kasia a hand up, then starts down the steps of the bleachers, pausing to grin at the blue-hooded girl near the wookiee. "What'd you think, ai'jou?"

David lets his racer roll out another lap, it's not exactly a victory lap but it's not like he's gonna stop and reverse on the race track, right? When he comes back in, he pulls the vehicle to the side, passing close by the stands on his way to the bay where Kaelyn would probably be waiting. He pops the canopy on his fighter-turned-pod, waving at the adoring fans as though he's won first place. He hasn't, but as far as humans in podraces go, he did pretty well, right? When he's able to turn off the power, he jumps out and peers around for Kaelyn, and his astromech droid. The droid's right there, waiting and beeping and whistling. "I know, I would've brought you with me but that'd probably be against the rules, right?" he shakes his head with a grin and pulls the flight helmet off. His hair, contrary to what was just broadcast around the galaxy, is not -that- great at the moment.

Thais lids her cat-slitted eyes at Tarion, as she undergoes a complex range of emotions, watching the dishonorable human lurch out of his pod and then face-plant onto the ground. She saunters over to him with a prowling sway to her armored hips, and then she crouches down next to him. She tells him in a growly voice, "A Cathar pities you." Then she draws her lips back and reaches down to poke Tarion on his shoulderpad, "A Fett-," She corrects herself, twitching her vestigal whiskers and grimacing down at Tarion before continuing in slightly more lucid Basic, "Boba wants to see you about this, Trashcan." She tap-taps her clawtip against the armor plate.

"Stay with me!" Doc exclaims. His voice is high, manic, and full of demons. "Stay with me, God skrog it!" His sonic scalpel twirls between his fingers before the business end slides against Maeb'h's white sleeve in order to expose her flesh. He leans down and begins slowly talking at her. "Miss, my medscan tells me that you have suffered a number of maladies that, while not immediately fatal, could end up changing your general disposition and outlook on life," he manages. "Now, I'm going to apply my craft to the best of my abilities and I'll just assume you're happy about this." There's a pause as he begins a further examination. "You've lost some flesh on your arm and I'm going to do my best to give you some more, but there's no time to match the tone!"

A flurry of activity happens between his hands, his medical bag, and the patient. Before long, synthflesh has been seared onto her arm and he begins working on securing a splint to the site. There's more to do, but at least it won't get worse.

Oozlevort pours a snooker of Cortyg Brandy into the drinking compartment of his breathing mask and guzzles it down, then sprays his fans with more brandy! Then he passes the bottle away. To Ilpani he says, "Ah, Oozlevort must... discuss... the percentages with our Hutt partner first. You know how Hutts can be." Then the Gand goes back to waving to the crowds and holocameras. "And why are you not wearing less clothings? Skin sells!" The Gand watches Tarion slide in, muttering something about chicken wings.

"Yeah, I can see that," Kasia agrees with Hex on the status of Dave and loooooovin', and then accepts the hand that he offers to her. She brushes a few crumbs from the front of her dress, plops a hat on her head that helps to fend off the chill outside, then follows Hex out of the box and down the steps. He pauses, and she looks over to Rey and the Wookiee, smiling at the pair.

Sajin rolls his beat up pod racer to a stop, still feeling a little loopy from his encounter with the raining sneevel. He groans as he gets out, looking around at the other speeders, Tarion declaring victory, and the to the score board its self. He tsks and leans against the death trap. His R2 unit comes wheeling over, whiatling to him. "We will just have to keep on raising money. This was along shot anyways." He pats the droids head. "Lets find someone to sell this thing to."

Kaelyn grins at David "Meh, Pretty darned good for a Human, and a pod that was made in a couple days...." Kae then oohs "And ya didn't have too, take a look." Kae beams happily and shows David the 'combat' camera footage from the race... "Now you can relive the race over and over again! Got a front bumper, a chase view, a overhead view and an overhead chase... Youc an also rotate the view." She says hapily. "Your Pod was sending me telemetry the whole time... Next time I can make the podracer -better- faster, more responsive and maybe try and fill that gap between human and some alien reactionary with the equipment you take into the race!"

Now awake and confused, Mae looks up at the man speaking words at her, not understanding what he's saying, but she doesn't much care because whatever he's doing is making the pain lessen.

"Ouch!" she says weakly. This is good though, she can feel without passing out. "What happened?" she asks softly, eyes still fluttering, but she's still awake.

Naldana is walking around the pod as he looks down at it as his hand is stroking the metal quickly, with a little sigh as he looks at the others with a nodding of his head."Good race, good race!" His voice is booming out now as he claps his hand over and over again as he moves around the pod trying to see if it is beat the hell out, and then he then he kicks it for a moment with a wicked little chuckle."Now then, now then it seems our sleeply little troublemaker is back up!"

"Kriffing hell, how many times do I have to go through this with you people," Tarion grunts up at Thais as he is rudely prodded before clambering upright to his feet, rubbing dust and dirt and some blood from himself. Coated in grease as he was, there's a lot of it stuck to him. "Your boss knows where to find me and I've had this kriffing stuff longer than any of you assholes, ok ka, he knows my price if he wants my services, a small bribe of two million credits," the trashman rants. "I told Suki Mora all about it, don't you people talk to each other while you're busy unionizing and destroying free enterprise? I mean, don't you have a sense of business? WAKE UP, people, they don't care about you! They just want their fingers in your wallet! I don't know what kind of Rebellion-sympathizing share-fest they got going on over in the guild but I've named my price and I'm sticking to it. STICKING TO IT," much like the dust and debris is sticking to his body. "Now where's my prize, I won this farce!" he shouts, stumbling off towards Hex and Kasia with an indignant expression.

As the race comes to a close and the racers start to settle out of their vehicles, the woman in blue and her Wookiee with her, step down the pathways of the stands and make their way out toward the flow of pedestrian traffic again. The Wookiee speaks something in his native tongue to the shorter Human with him and she speaks up in turn. "Finn." She says to him. "He's probably arrived by now, we'll have to head back to the ship to check, I'd rather he be with us for the meeting than not with us." She says from beneath her mask as they follow what audience goers are head toward the grounds exit.

The Wookiee makes another little gruff rumble of a noise to her and she waits a moment before responding. "No, you were right. It was... interesting. I liked it, I promise." She says as they walk together. A random person approach the Wookiee and shovers a handful of coins at him, into one of his furry paws. The Wookiee accepts it out of shock and then looks to the blue hooded girl with him. She exchanges a look with the Wookiee and his handful of credits. "Okay, maybe you -do- look like a begger. I'm sorry." She states as they seem to be headed out now.

"Oh no." All of Ilpani's affectations of joy melt away, when she receives that comment from Oozlevort. Her posture loosens, her shoulders tense, and she turns about on the ball of one foot to glare at him. "Oh, no you don't, roach." Her electric-blue eyes narrow into a glare, and she thrusts one hand out to point a manicured nail towards the crowd. "I just spent the entire race jumping around like a excited child and flirting like a whore and---" She catches herself, takes a deep, delibrate breath into her chest to steady herself. "Fine! Have it your way." She huffs, balling up her hands into little fists, then turns and stamps away towards Thais. As she comes up towards her sister, she folds her arms beneath her breasts, then pulls them away from her body with a start, to look down at the film of drying liquor that coats her skin. Her eyes lid shut, she takes another steadying breath, the cocks her head towards Oozlevort before leaning in to have a private little chat with the Cathar.

Thais snarls down at Tarion, as he begins to go on a highly dishonorable rant, equating the ancient Bounty Hunter's Guild to some tawdry union. Something that she had wanted her whole life to join, and which he seems to regard as a joke! She tells him simply, "A Cathar will see about that!" There's a flash of her liquid golden feline eyes that suggests this won't be the last time he hears from her! She's going to be abruptly distracted by Ilpani, when she comes flouncing over to her, awash in icy distress. She initially greets the Zeltron with her usual sisterly affection, confiding to her with a low, laconic purr, "You look like a whore." She then turns away from her, as if evidently nothing more needed to be said! Its' only when Ilpani whispers something to her, that Thais will suddenly growl, and then reach into the pod, where her modified, cut-down blaster carbine had been stowed. She checks the blaster, charged it up, and then brings it to her shoulder, stalking after Oozlevort, "A Gand will pay my foolish sister for dishonoring herself, as promised!" She growls loudly. Clearly on a hair trigger in case the roach goes for his own weapon.

Doc Fermi continues moving his hands between his supplies and Mae's infirmaries. It's not long before the splint is secured to her arm, protecting the awkwardly colorless synthflesh and the site where it meets the natural azure of her own. Doc bends down and turns his head so one of his ears is against Mae's chest. Up and down. Up and down. Thump thump. Thump thump. Good. Lifting his head, Doc slides against the dirt and closer to her head, taking it in between his hands and using his thumbs to smear dollops of bacta against her temples. He seems relieved as Mae begins to return to this world and asks about the state of affairs.

"Well," Fermi manages, "You didn't win the race."

"Look lady, like five Cathars have already seen about that, but sure, add one more to the list," Tarion quips as she withdraws, eyes widening as that same Cathar goes on to pull a gun on Oozlevort, the bug of the hour. "Oh kriffing hell," the hunter mutters under his breath before cupping his hands around his mouth.


Mae offers a weak grin and an even weaker laugh. "Kinda figured..." she says and swallows hard. "Any water?"

Her eyes flutter some and the feeling of passing out is strong, but it fades. "... thirsty..." she says.

Oozlevort raises a hand to Thais as she starts waving around that Boba-blaster. "Please avail yourself of calm, feline female! Oozlevort has not even received the money to a banking account yet! You and your sister must wait for payments. But the sponsor must be dealt with first!" His cylindrical security droid hovering in the crowd starts to beep.

David perks up at Kaelyn's offerings of admiration. "I can see the race from all perspectives?" he asks excitedly, then his eyes grow big. "I can SELL holovids of the human race's greatest accomplishment in decades?" he continues. He runs a hand through his hair, grinning. "I'm going to go grab a drink and soak in the admiration of the crowds." he states. But first, he puts a gun belt with a DE-10 blaster pistol around his waist again, having kept it in a side compartment in his pod-cockpit. If he's being looked at funny, he answers it with "Well, I don't want to get robbed. I'm popular now."

Kae blinks and pauses, then motions to David "Looks like someone's upset the Kathar... You armed in case this spreads?" She asks David as she slides behind the pod and casually unhooks the catch on her carbine...

Kae then notices Hex and re-connects the catch and calls out to the Twi'lek "Heeeeey! "She calls out cheerfully "David did great in this speeder we made from a wrecked N1 didn't he!!" She calls out again, and yes now Kae's back to being Kae, and she's like swaying back and forth with hands above her head "Yaaaaay! David!!!" She then blinks, shrugs, locks down the racing pod and proceeds to try and follow David around for now.... Kae's not really got much better to do and all.

Kae then nods "Yus you can sell the vid on the holos if you want. I also have an in-cockpit view. thought you'd want that.. Also it even has telemetry too..."

Thais keeps the modified blaster carbine levelled right at Oozlevort - and there is very little doubt that if the security droid comes any near or does anything besides beep, she will fire just as readily as if he'd drawn a weapon. She repeats to him in a determined, purry growl, "A Cathar demands you pay her stupid sister what was promised. Otherwise, she will be dishonored twice over." Presumably, the first time for dressing like a whore, and the second time for being both dressed like a whore and naive. She flexes her gauntleted finger on the trigger, "Her deal was with a Gand, not with a Hutt."

Kasia moves along with Hex as he continues down to the track, dark brows arching higher as the weapon comes out. "Would anyone care to elaborate on what is going on here?" she asks, gaze coming to rest Thais, and then over to Oozlevort. "What's going on here, Oozlevort? Did you insult their shop too?" As she's speaking, some assistant type trots up with something in their arms, covered in a cloth of some kind.

"It doesn't matter, no shooting here, we're still live and that's going to look pretty bad for all involved." As she speaks, she smile pretty for the cameras, even if her tone is stern enough to suggest that arguing with her is a bad idea.

The cloth is pulled back to reveal a silver and gold trophy, which she holds up. "For winning the First Kasia Classic, this is for you, Oozlevort." A pause. Does he have any kind of last name? She has no idea. Moving oooonnn. "Congratulations."

"I /know/, right?" Ilpani flashes a cheeky grin at Thais, in response to the comment about her attire. She glances down to what she's wearing, then looks back to her felinoid sister and offers up a self-admonishing shrug with a roll of her eyes. With another pivot on the ball of one foot, she stalks back towards Oozlevort behind Thais. She'll stand there, with her arms folded over her chest, glaring at the bugman, until Kasia and Hex make it down from the stands. "He's refusing to pay me." She thrusts an accusatory finger toward Oozlevort. "I've got the agreement in writing if you wanna see." She offers, then casts her eyes back over to the lockers she stowed her things in, before donning the ridiculously skimpy outfit she's in.

Hex might have liked to chat that girl in the blue hood -- but... there are more pressing matters to attend to, namely, that one of his racers is pulling a weapon on one of the others. He's made it to the track floor though, so the big man just tsk-tsks and shakes his head at the Cathar, reaching out a cybernetic hand to gently point the weapon's tip doooowwwwn. "Not in my house, ai'jou."

"Water!" Doc exclaims. He fumbles with the contents of his bag and produces a small vial. He slaps it into the hand attached to Mae's uninfirmed arm and clasps his hands around hers to keep the vial held tight, if she'll allow it. If she does, Doc guides their hands to her mouth. Before there's a chance to drink it, Doc yanks the vial away. "Not that!" He shoves the vial back into his bag and repeats the process with a new vial, which absolutely positively contains water this time.

Although Thais is clearly upset at Ooz for being both dishonorable, and tricking her sister into being a foolish, prancing whore for the camera - she's not going to shoot through the people who are paying her like a 150k. She'll make a growly sound, and then lower the blaster rifle as nudged down by Hex. She then turns and fixes her liquid golden feline eyes on Hex and Kasia, telling them in a very sincere and solemn purr, "A Gand owes my sister 5% of his winnings. Before the Hutt's cut! As promised."

Oozlevort says as an aside to Kasia Ashkuri, "Just a tedious contractual dispute." To Ilpani and Thais he says, "Oozlevort will pay her! But the money must go into the bank account! You cannot just wave a blaster in the face of a winner second after his victory, it looks poorly!" He politely takes the trophy with the... interesting... rendition of his species, and raises it above his head. VICTORY

Mae allows the Doc to do what he needs to do. She swallows a sip or two of the water, gratefully. "Thank you.." she says to the Doc.

Thais growls at Oozlevort while he celebrates, but she does not raise her carbine again. While the cameras are on, anyways.

"Shoot him!" Tarion's voice yells from somewhere.

"Work it out someplace that's not under my insurance, ok ka," Hex advises Ilpani and Thais. "Shoot him in an alley and rob him there," big shrug, "Not my problem. Here, my problem. Don't make problems for me, ai'jouku. Enjoy the festivities. Enjoy your winnings." He points at his eyes with two fingers then points at them with the same two fingers and reminds, "ALLEY," in a stern voice before he goes off to celebrate with the crowd, enjoying the success of the FIRST ANNUAL KASIA CLASSIC!