Erzix Jol

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Erzix Jol

Title: Lord of Contracts
Race: Hutt
Sex: Male
Occupation: Gangster
Profession: Hutt Lord
Homeworld: Nal Hutta
Organization: Hutt Cartel
Ship: Slabooda


Erzix Jol is the newest to claim the Throne of Trade, proclaiming himself the Lord of Contracts. He deals in stocks, commodities, bounties, and loans.


Current Contracts

Watch this space for PRP ideas that could ingratiate you with the Cartel and earn a reward!

The Krewe

JackloreHaylowsl.jpg Jacklore "Jack" Haylowsl was a street rat from Nar Shaddaa that Erzix lifted out of the filth and washed off, polished, and turned into his Majordomo. She now serves as his right-hand woman and can frequently be found about the planet on his errands.